Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 24, September of 2014
TRIBalance Roles.

The TRIBalance Academic Enforcer Supervisor.

Emma Hewitt promoted from actress to new TRIBalance Academic Enforcer.
Today I promote Emma Hewitt as an Academic Security Supervisor (Security Supervisor GM) or Supervising Academic TRIBalance System Enforcer. (Enforcer Eye).

She has the knowledge to supervise TRIBalance security at a good level and has been extensively trained. I am sure she can be an excellent TRIBalance Academic Enforcer as she works with Police forces for the Enforcer Academy.

Security critic for TRIBalance systems.

I am sure Emma Hewitt can make an excellent police officer, with some additional training and experience. It also provides her of the security she needs in the present and in the future.

1) Is to the TRIBalance what a SOP (Supervisor operator) is to a Chat System.
2) It is what a Social GM is to an online game.
3) In charge of overseeing the discipline and moderation of a TRIBalance System.
4) Ensures the rules are followed.
5) Supervises the behavior of the system in general, the users and the social moderators.
6) Supervises the security and healthy experience of users, specially women, that they are treated well.
7) Function is to observe and comment on system security issues and moderation systems.
8) The scope of the role is inside the TRIBalance system.
9) Also reviews and comments on security cases.
10) Supervises the security complaints of the users.
11) Main security supervisor of a TRIBalance system.
12) Forwards requests for investigation to Police Enforcers.
13) Supervises feedback to Police Enforcers.
14) Supervisor Reports are internal to TRIBalance, Enforcer Academy and the Police Department.
15) TRIBalance System security overseer and supervisor.
16) Does not have any relations with the media.
17) Does not handle money. 
18) Reports on a Blog with limited access to users. 

All Internet systems should have a Security Supervisor.

The TRIBalance Art Supervisor.

Delta Goodrem promoted to Art Manager and Supervisor of TRIBalance systems.
Delta Goodrem is promoted to Academic Relative Supervisor, which is basically an Art Supervisor for TRIBalance Systems. She has no administrative functions and does not deal with money but she helps define the art in a TRIBalance system like an Art Manager and Art Judge. (Art Eye).

She has no direct teacher to student personal educational activities and does not work with students directly, giving all Academies a chance to shine with their own light. Delta is ready to supervise the art present in a proper TRIBalance System, most of the work is done underground (not visible by everyone) between Academic debate under transparency.

She does not have to worry about students. She is an art supervisor for TRIBalance Systems working with Enforcer Academy. Low profile and secure for her.

Art critic for TRIBalance systems.

1) Supervises the TRIBalance Art System. 
2) Supervises the art the TRIBalance uses, which is not the same as the art posted by Academies. 
3) In TRIBalance games the role is to comment in the art of the game and supervise it. 
4) Does not do art criticism of art that is posted into the system, only on the art that is under control of the system itself. 
5) Supervises the feedback systems for the users, when related to art. 
6) Does not decide which user content is good or bad, pretty or ugly. That is up to the users to decide. The scope of this role is only on art that forms the TRIBalance system itself, not the art submitted into the system by a third party.
7) Art Supervisor of Art that is officially linked to the TRIBalance system and can also function as an Art Manager.
8) In an game the role would be the same as the role of Art director. 
9) Is not related to administration or handling money, but is related to creativity and art. 
10) Does not contact the students as a required function of the role. 
11) Helps focus all the art of all graphic designers, singers and other artists that form part of the artistic staff of employees or collaborators in a TRIBalance system.
12) Needs not have any relations with the media. Just like any Art Director in any Internet system. A TRIBalance System uses a lot of art for the Relative part of it.
13) Reports on a Blog with limited access to users.

The TRIBalance System Enforcer.

I assume the position of System Supervisor (Kind of like Main General Manager and Programmer). (System Eye). In charge of System Integrity.

All the Eyes do is say what they see. It helps keep the system correctly channeled, it's basically a Supervisor.

1) Supervises everything software and hardware in a TRIBalance System.
2) Supervises all the Core Philosophical Procedures in a TRIBalance System.
3) Supervises the core rules of a TRIBalance System.
4)  Supervises the Laws inside the TRIBalance System.
5)  Supervises and can change the Enforcer rules for the users. 
6)  Oversees all Software Development. 
7)  Reports on a Blog with limited access to users.

Every TRIBalance System has those roles, however the amount of systems there might be. Those are basic roles.

Initial Rules I can set on The TRIBalance Systems and maybe change later.

Initial Rule Set (IRS Prefix).
IRS001 Every rule in the system must have a prefix. 
IRS002 Every rule in the system must be integrally described so it can stand alone. 
IRS003 Enforcer employees like chat channel operators cannot have personal intimate relations or sexual relations in public with the online users.
IRS004 Any new sexual relationship between an enforcer of an online system and a user from the public is grounds for immediate termination of job.
IRS005  All the incoming and outgoing money use is transparent to the users.
IRS006  Enforcers can make rules but they must be authorized by the System Enforcer.
IRS007  Nudity is not allowed in TRIBalance systems.
IRS008  All content in a TRIBalance system must be appropriate for children by default, to adults by exception and under proper security.
IRS009 TRIBalance systems, when in public cannot use private public media material. It uses only material that comes from other Academic sources under Academic Licence.
IRS010 Private Public Media is not welcomed in Academic TRIBalance Systems.
IRS011 Any person that is graduated as a Journalist can participate in TRIBalance Media Systems as long as the person follows the TRIBalance Principles of:

A) TRIBalance Scientific procedure in Common, Relative and Limit.
B) The Journalist's work is under Academic License.
C) The News or material must be correctly Indexed in all it's parts (Common).
D) The News or material must be properly supported with scientific evidence (Limit).
E) The News or material must be properly referenced (Relative).
IRS012 Semiotics is forbidden in TRIBalance Media content outside of artistic expressions.
IRS013 All Celebrities are Academic inside a TRIBalance System.
IRS014 If an Academic Celebrity strays from the Academic Standard and is a public celebrity he or she is banned from reference to children in the system (blocked in common).
IRS015 TRIBalance systems work with parental organizations and can provide Parental Culture Guides.

The raise of the Academic Media Systems.

As you probably know the Internet that is considered "Open" in much of the world is highly toxic and even poisonous for children. The idea is to create an Academic System where children can play safely, a necessary step for the future schools online.

It not only provides space for children, it also provides a space for Journalists, where they can communicate using Ethical Methodology and share their works when they feel it is appropriate for them. It is also a platform for unemployed journalists to enjoy their profesion.

With a limited national and regional scope the TRIBalance Systems would provide non redundant information for the Internet Information Era, covering more news and variety than normal commercial media to this day and teaching the students and society in general to respect the space of others. It is that respect that is a fundamental part of keeping children away from crime.

With media accountability and transparency the entire society learns to reject corruption and the benefits of working together as a team to face the enormous social challenges that present themselves as a crisis.

Better information, better data for research, faster communication, a variety of sources and more journalistic freedoms provide a good tool for an educated society which is free to explore the world around them, helping to keep people, specially children, away from crime, depression and drugs.

A different point of view.

Here I will explain some important differences between a TRIBalance media system and the normal toxic-poisonous media for children common at the time I wrote this. Lets take a look at the Garbage Cans of the British first.

BBC News country rape garbage (You say what we want you to say) says:

BBC News to Iraq: "I FUCK YOU so good Iraq because I am BBC News the Pathological Rapist!"
24 September 2014 Last updated at 04:15 GMT
Islamic State crisis: Yazidi anger at Iraq's forgotten people

Now I have important questions:

1) Did the Iraqi people loose their fingers so that they cannot type?
2) Do all the Iraqi people not know English?
3) If they don't know English, can't anyone translate from the language spoken in Iraq?
4) Why are the Iraqi people not allowed to say what they want to say with their own words?
5) Why the CENSORSHIP to the Iraqi people?

In a TRIBalance System you would not see such a news for the following reasons:

1) Out of Limit. A British media has no business commenting on Iraq news. Education for world respect.
2) Disrespect for the Iraqi people. The people in Iraq can tell their own story. Education for world respect.
3) Media trampling over the Iraqi people. Imposing by force what should be said by the Iraqi people instead.
4) Hidden Imperial Agenda. Showing only what is in their interest about Iraq.

If I am for example in a country like Venezuela the TRIBalance System is only about Venezuela. If it wants to show news about Ecuador then it links to the system of Ecuador that does not refer to Venezuela but just links back to us, creating an Academic Media much like the United Nations General Assembly. Education for world respect.

TRIBalance Systems respect the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and the DIGNITY between countries.

BBC News to it's users: "Come eat my cadaveric shit!"

What do I care? Is it My problem?
Alice Gross: Brother defends prime suspect Arnis Zalkalns


1) What do we care?
2) Is it our problem?
3) The BBC News is promoting FASCINATION FOR MURDER.
4) The BBC News profits from FASCINATION FOR MURDER.
5) Thus the BBC News helps increase crime not only in Britain but in the ENTIRE WORLD.
6) The BBC News profits from crimes and tries to take all the monetary advantage it can from crimes.
7) It can be proven scientifically that such news are harmful for the mental health of people, specially children.
8) Such news increases depression in people.
9) Such news increases drug abuse of people.
10) Usually the BBC News profits a lot more from a horrible crime than the criminal every did.
11) BBC News is a CRIMINAL MEDIA in war with social mental health and education in the entire world.

You would not see Crime Circus in a TRIBalance media because there is no fascination for murder in Academic Media.

FoxNews says: "Come smell My ASS Desperate Mother Fuckers!"

Here is another news that ought to be incorporated into a shit with worms:
Racy photos of scantily-clad VietAir flight attendants stir controversy
Published September 23, 2014


1) Is it My problem?
2) What do I care?
3) Why doesn't FoxNews just JACK OFF before working?
4) Does it serve any purpose at all to know that in some remote country some women did sexy pictures?

In TRIBalance people are not SEXUALLY STARVED PERVERTED MANIACS that go around the world looking for asses to smell because the people in TRIBalance are decent, educated people, not ANIMALS.

As far as I know those women could get naked, grab each one a DILDO and film a PORNOGRAPHIC MOVIE on the airport of whatever the country they want but they would not get any attention AT ALL from a TRIBalance Academic media.

We don't serve PIG FOOD in the TRIBalance plane because we are decent people and not public and notorious SONS OF A MEDIA BITCH.

FoxNews says: "I'm going to take my pants down and you are going to SUCK MY DICK!"

You know? I get sick of this shit:
Nude photos leaked of Amber Heard, Rihanna and more
Published September 22, 2014 New York Post


1) What do I care?
2) Is it My problem?
3) Why should anybody care?
4) The problem just gets worse by making a circus out of it, it is porn pushing.
5) Making a circus out of hack rape is still rape anyway.

In TRIBalance a Celebrity can take all the nude pictures she wants and have us to keep the copies printed on paper. We would not care and it would not even get published, not even a small news about that. In fact in TRIBalance there is:

1) There is no picture contracts. Each celebrity must authorize each and every use of every photo.
2) No picture ever gets to the public without the celebrity's explicit consent for that picture for a given use.
3) There is no PICTURE RAPE CIRCUS. Which is sometimes even worse than the hack itself.

This is the kind of behavior the criminal media educates in society:

BBC News to Iraq: "I FUCK YOU so good Iraq because I am BBC News the Pathological Rapist!"
BBC News to it's users: "Come eat my cadaveric shit!"
FoxNews says: "Come smell My ASS Desperate Mother Fuckers!"
FoxNews says: "I'm going to take my pants down and you are going to SUCK MY DICK!"

As you can see the bad example of the media is one of the main driving forces of sexual abuse against women in the world and one of it's main causes. I did not include promotion of harmful drugs.

These are the damaged social values that the media hurts that help increase sexual abuse in the world:

1) Dignity. The criminal media makes it very clear that the space of others and their will is not important at all.
2) Empathy. The criminal media drives people to be apathetic and get accustomed to crime.
3) Decency. The criminal media is at war with family values and thus social stability.
4) Modesty. The criminal media tries to make rape a fun, profitable and entertaining activity.

Of course if the media attacks society in order to destroy the values of Dignity, Empathy, Decency and Modesty the result will be a population that:

1) Does not respect the dignity of women.
2) Does not have empathy towards the feelings of women.
3) Does not expect any decency from women.
4) Does not expect any modesty from women.

Which causes a significant increase in CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN such as rape (increased with lack of respect for dignity), sexual extortion (increased with fascination for crime), rape (increased with sex circus in family media) and revenge porn and groping (increased with rape circus).

TRIBalance Academic Media is oriented towards educating the human values of: Dignity, Empathy, Decency and Modesty to society and specially to children in that society in order to reduce crime substantially and that also leads to a substantial decrease in abuse against women in society. Because there cannot be any Human Rights if there are no Human Values.

That is why Academic Media is the solution.

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