Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 26, May of 2014
Thunderstruck by an Australian BOSS.
Shame on the disgusting thing gringos have become.

Find a star for the innocent eyes:
Innocent Eyes - Delta Goodrem

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt First time I see that video for BOSS women :) :D Yay! Hahaha! That is art for BOSS countries

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Non lame art makes non lame people. XD You do not normally see such quality in the USA where junk is the norm :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Junk makes poverty & crime, leading entire population to be BLATANT LOOSERS ridiculously lame. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That is how the USA passed from being a cool Cultural leader in the 60s, 70s & even 80s to what it is now:

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt The laughing stock of disgusting SHAME AND VULGARITY of the world :S You think gringos care at all? :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Oo You think Obama cares the USA is the number 1 shit culture producer in the world? :I Or the US academy?

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Shit culture helps train people to be shitty people. Misery, shame, defeat & ignorance is what they get. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Used to be the USA lead the good Academic music. :I Now it leads the shitty music vomits of art.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt They threw their children in the garbage bin, and what they get is a garbage society. :S Free fall into poverty.

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem :) Emma :D You BOSS :))) Go, go, go Cancer fighters :) You show Aussie women are BOSS :D Yay! Hahaha!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt :I Hey pervert Gringo irresponsible parent so lame and shitty... You gonna be THUNDERSTRUCK! XD Shame on you. :I
AC/DC - Thunderstruck

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