Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 15, May of 2014
The concept of reality.

Reality is a brain's perception of consciousness integrity and it is achievable through a process of determining the balance of all that is (TRIBalance).

Delta Goodrem enjoys liberty, she is a free women.

I saw Emma Hewitt under British chains just recently, she is a free women, she enjoys liberty now.

May reality be no excuse to be used against My friends to trick them into surrendering to slavery once again.
Godsmack- the oracle

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem Emma and Delta I stand by you even if you have worked for Spy agencies or tried to compete or even dethroned Me. XD Remember

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem That I said you could make errors while you learn :) As long as you did not commit a crime or tried.

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem I made a mind map of all possible errors you might have been in, I think I can ignore all of them. :)

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem There cannot be a trojan horse in a fully transparent organization. :I What the fuck is the point? LOL!

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem And I do not care what they say :I I chose who I want to have as friends :I I am Me, Me is I. XD I decide for Me ok?

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem Governments do not decide for Me, Congress do not decide for Me, Spy agencies do not decide for Me...

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem Priests do not decide for Me, Kings and queens do not decide for Me. I decide for Me. :) Let Me decide for Me. XD

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem And I decided you are cool friend that also has the right to decide for yourself. :) Is that bad? :O That is not bad

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem I'm not in this for sex Emma in case pigs oink and they do, a lot. :S LOL! You know you channel Mary's liberation.

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem And if one thing you have done best of all is exactly that. :) Thanks you Emma :) Decent Women deserve the best. :D

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem Thanks to the channeling of both of you today millions of women are better than they would have been without you. :)

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem The day you decide to leave, I will not stop you. You think for yourself, free woman. :) Good deal :D

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem Even if I can have 1000 wives, I am not in this for sex in exchange, and I already have a GODDESS wife. XD

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem I just concentrate in liberating Mary. :D Liberating the good, educated mother, for a better future. :)

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem It's either that or a criminal, painful, horrible future of barbarism and chaos. :S 1 choice for intelligent men.

@emhewitt @DeltaGoodrem I say this because some are thinking about forcing you to say I raped you. :I LOL! You always had & have free will.

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