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I offer peaceful, legal solutions.

Take a look:
Roban equipos a Fox Sport en la UDO
27 ago, 2014 Fuente de la noticia: El TiempoCrédito de imágenes: Archivo

Aproximadamente 50 encapuchados armados sometieron al conductor de un camión que transportaba equipos televisivos, valorados en 300 mil dólares, que habían sido alquilados por Fox Sport a la empresa Avcom.

Estos equipos fueron arrendados para la transmisión del partido de la Copa Sudamercana entre en Deportivo Anzoátegui y la Universidad Católica de Ecuador.

El hecho se registró este martes en Anzoátegui a las afueras de la Universidad de Oriente (UDO), reseña en su página web el diario regional El Tiempo.

El conductor y sus acompañantes posteriormente fueron obligados a ingresar a la casa de estudio y allí los despojaron de sus pertenencias y varias maletas con cámaras, micrófonos, consolas de sonido, trópides, pantallas, entre otros equipos.

Luego, los encapuchados dejaron ir a los tripulantes del camión. Sin embargo, otro vehículo de carga también fue secuestrado y aún se desconoce su paradero.

De acuerdo al inventario que realizaron las víctimas, registran una pérdida de al menos 80% de los equipos de transmisión.

I want to make something very clear.
1) I do not support violence against FoxNews, or anybody for that matter.
2) I believe violence is limited only to Law Enforcement and the Military, who have the monopoly of armed groups.
3) I do not support crimes being done inside Academies.
4) If civilians do not like FoxNews and other criminal media then make an Academic Media network that offers something better to people.
5) I also warned the world that Venezuela has a serious academic problem that needs Academic systems.
6) I am not part of, nor do I support the latest attack against Fox Sports in Venezuela nor do I support it.
7) I do activism to find alternative solutions that do not require violence or crime in a University.
8) Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can Academies be forbidden to study the media.
9) A License for Fair Use is needed in Venezuela for Academies to study the media.
10) In order to channel the outrage in a constructive way, the youth must has access to participating and supporting Academic Media.
11) With Academic Media is it less likely the normal media would abuse and less likely the students will abuse. They will channel their passion building constructively.
12) No amount of crime done by criminal media can justify stopping Academy from studying the media.
13) With Academic media the students can be educated to relieve outrage on criminal behavior and corruption.
14) FoxNews is NOT going to use that crime as an excuse to try to justify an informational and academic blackout in Venezuela.
15)  It is clear by our laws, specially our Constitution that FoxNews, Fox Sports, News Corporation, and TMZ are NOT WELCOMED IN VENEZUELA. I consider Fox's presence in Venezuela to be a PROVOCATION but I repeat, I DO NOT SUPPORT VIOLENCE.
16) Yet not supporting violence does not mean accepting media RAPE! We find peaceful academic ways to express our outrage at media crime and corruption.
17) Leave the Academic study of the media to well trained Academic Enforcers who are professionals in the very delicate profession of dealing with intellectual corruption.
18) Venezuela has the right to study the media in an Institutional form and no amount of outrage at Rupert Murdoch's crimes or any other media can justify that we abandon our rights.
19) If I get to know about anybody that is participating in illegal acts against any media I will call for their immediate arrest.
20) A web site like mine can only be done by a Licensed Academic Enforcer. Do not handle copyrighted material openly if you are not an Academic Enforcer. Use or support open media instead.

I call for the complete closure of FoxNews and the arrest and jailing of Rupert Murdoch all the time for the crimes he has done against My country but that does not mean I am calling for illegal violence. My call is to law enforcement and the strict respect and adherence to the laws, the same laws that allow Me the human right to denounce serious media crimes against the Venezuelan people.

Others might feel outrage and opt for the violent way, but they can rest assured I am not going to support that and of course I can not be held responsible because people get angry at the crimes of the media.

I offer a peaceful, constructive way to find alternatives to criminal media and that is why I say:

Academic Media is the solution.

Not robbing Fox's equipment or doing any crimes against criminal media.

It says clearly in the Venezuelan law:

Parágrafo Segundo
: El Estado debe garantizar el acceso de todos los niños y adolescentes a servicios públicos de información, documentación, bibliotecas y demás servicios similares que satisfagan las diferentes necesidades informativas de los niños y adolescentes, entre ellas, las culturales, científicas, artísticas, recreacionales y deportivas. El servicio de bibliotecas públicas es gratuito.
Paragraph Two: The State shall ensure the access of all children and adolescents to public information services, documentation, libraries and other similar services that meet the different information needs of children and adolescents, including cultural, scientific, artistic, recreational and sports. The public library service is free.
Artículo 69° Educación Crítica para Medios de Comunicación. El Estado debe garantizar a todos los niños y adolescentes educación dirigida a prepararlos y formarlos para recibir, buscar, utilizar y seleccionar apropiadamente la información adecuada a su desarrollo.
Article 69° Critical Media Education. The State must guarantee to all children and adolescents an education aimed at preparing and training them to receive, find, use, and properly select the appropriate information to its development.
Parágrafo Primero: La educación crítica para los medios de comunicación debe ser incorporada a los planes y programas de educación y a las asignaturas obligatorias.
First Paragraph: The critical education for the media should be incorporated into the plans and programs of education and required courses.
Parágrafo Segundo: El Estado, con la activa participación de la sociedad, debe garantizar a todos los niños, adolescentes y sus familias programas sobre educación crítica para los medios de comunicación.
Paragraph Two: The State, with the active participation of society, must ensure that all children, adolescents and their families have access to critical education programs on the media.
Artículo 70° Mensajes de los Medios de Comunicación Acordes con Necesidades de los Niños y Adolescentes. Los medios de comunicación de cobertura nacional, estadal y local tienen la obligación de difundir mensajes dirigidos exclusivamente a los niños y adolescentes, que atiendan a sus necesidades informativas, entre ellas: las educativas, culturales, científicas, artísticas, recreacionales y deportivas. Asimismo, deben promover la difusión de los derechos, garantías y deberes de los niños y adolescentes.
Article 70º Messages in the Media in accordance with the Needs of Children and Adolescents. The media of national, state and local coverage are required to disseminate messages aimed exclusively at children and adolescents, that meet their information needs, including: social, cultural, scientific, artistic, recreational and educational sport. They should promote the dissemination of the rights, guarantees and duties of children and adolescents.

So Me doing something illegal for calling for Academic Media and Academic Regulation? Please, that is something only media that smoke Marihuana and are drunk would say! Academic Media is CLEARLY enforced by the law in Venezuela. The problem is that the law is not being taken into account, but that is another story.

As you can see it is not a matter if people get outraged or if they do not, it is a matter of complying with the laws.
Flawless Victory - Fatality (Sound from old Mortal Kombat video game)

We will not cease to have Academic Media just because people are too angry at media crimes. That would just make media crimes EVEN WORSE!!!

There are diferrent kinds of people that react to extreme media abuse. Some react with anger and violence, I hope those are as few as possible and to me it does not constitute a valid polarity of the issue.

Others react in a civilized way and want more accountability, transparency, civil behavior, respect for the laws and respect for human rights, human values and human dignity. Those want to find a better alternative, those want more civilized behavior and those are the ones that support Academic Solutions.

I will not be trapped by financed campaigns of infiltrated terrorists in order to accuse Me of being a terrorist. I cannot be held responsible for the outrage of people that feel brutally raped, abused and lied to. The only one responsible for that are the criminals that do illegal and even criminal actions but I try to find constructive solutions, civilized solutions, Academic solutions to the problem.

No amount of crime can justify the silencing of those that want respect to Human Rights and Human Dignity. Outrage is NOT an excuse to facilitate less control and accountability in society. The Germans for example once tried to justify the silence of the protests under the grounds of safety in the face of outrage and all they got was ADOLF HITLER and a HOLOCAUST.

Violence is not the answer, but ignoring crimes against humanity is also a wrong answer.

The Answer, the solution is to give the kids at the University the chance for them to enjoy their own alternatives and solutions that keeps them happy and passionate without needing to explode against anybody else.

To take off out of undercover sponsored terrorism? Not likely...
Die Hard 2: Fight Scene (End fight).

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