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Narco FoxNews and Narco Celebrity evidence.

As I wrote in a previous vision, FoxNews is determined to promote LSD and Marihuana drugs using Narco Celebrities for that purpose and as I predicted they would continue to do so even if LSD is illegal in the United States & Marihuana is illegal in some of the states of the United States, which should mean a renewed action to sue FoxNews for every single offense that promotes such drugs in countries where those drugs are illegal.

I will record every single offense that I see on FoxNews in it's effort to help sell LSD and Marihuana. FoxNews is already a major marketing tool for alcohol.

Miley is just a tool of FoxNews:
Career Lessons from Miley Cyrus… Seriously
By Kate RogersPublished October 07, 2013FOXBusiness

It seems Miley Cyrus has “twerked” her way right back into good favor among the American public.

After a wild performance at September’s MTV Video Music Awards that included the scantily-clad 20–year-old suggestively dancing with 36-year-old singer Robin Thicke that drew heavy criticism, many say Cyrus redeemed herself with her recent performance on “Saturday Night Live”.

She hosted the late-night comedy show and poked fun at her recent racy antics, which restored some of her likeability, says Peter Shankman, author of Nice Companies Finish First.

Within those self-inflicted jabs, Cyrus proved that a sense of humor and savvy career moves can be a win for personal branding and help mitigate bad exposure.

Shankman says Miley’s transition was calculated and masterminded by savvy branding experts and while the pop star acknowledged her antics were a bit outrageous, she remained unapologetic about her choices.

“She knew what she was doing from day one,” Shankman says. “She shows it’s important to believe in yourself and to ignore the haters. People will always say that what you are doing is crazy, but if you know it will work, then give it everything you’ve got.”

Career coach Roy Cohen, author of The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide, says Miley has remained true to herself and really admitted from the start that there would be bumps in the road, just like in any early-staged career.

“She was unapologetic, and it was acknowledged that this was a rebranding exercise. She didn’t deny anything,” Cohen says. “They said, ‘yes she is trying to redirect her career as a grown up now.’”

And as she faced pushback or criticisms, Cohen says she stood by her choices.

“She won’t apologize for this; she is young and still new at this,” he says. “And no one can deny that she is working very hard. She is demonstrating that.”

Also, despite the controversy that has engulfed Cyrus’ career moves as of late, Shankman says she clearly trusts her advisors.

“You have to be careful who you trust,” he says. “This wouldn’t work for everyone, but she is clearly in with some smart marketing people.”

And a final takeaway from Miley’s transformation? Don’t take anything too seriously.

“It’s always business, never personal,” Shankman says. “Let things roll off your back—if you can’t laugh at yourself you will never make it. Also, America has a very short attention span, so feel free to screw up once, they will forget in two days.

Cohen agrees and said her good-natured turn as host on SNL only helped the entire situation, twerking and all.

“She keeps putting herself out there—visibility is good too. Sometimes when people trip up, they disappear, but she hasn’t done that. Madonna is a good example of this too—she has had embarrassing situations and PR fiascos, but she keeps putting herself out there,” he says. “What will happen cumulatively is that the good stuff will outweigh the bad stuff.”

Let's take a look:
4 Things Miley Cyrus Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Branding
By Nellie AkalpPublished July 14,

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve got to admit that celebrities like Miley Cyrus (or the Kardashians, even) know a thing or two about branding themselves. While it might not seem like the Queen of Twerk could teach you anything about running your business, I encourage you to dig deeper and find the lessons.

1. It Is Possible to Reinvent Yourself

Think back about 7 years. Miley Cyrus wasn’t known for her onstage antics, but for her cute face on The Disney Channel. She had a successful career as a young actress, but decided she wanted to tarnish her pristine image and get a bit of grit under her nails. The result? Constant press (not much of it positive) and a booked-solid singing tour.

Takeaway Lessons: You don’t have to stick your tongue out and wink to reinvent yourself like Miley. Just set a goal for what you want to be known for, and work your tail off to shift into that reiteration of your brand.

2. Bad Press Is Still Press

What should have been an embarrassing moment for Ms. Cyrus (I’m referring to her behavior at the Video Music Awards, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock) ended up launching her career full-throttle as a bad girl. Today, months after the offending event, she’s still getting fresh mentions of the twerk-a-thon, with more than 7.4 million search results. Tell me that’s not boosting record sales.

Takeaway Lessons: I certainly don’t encourage you to seek negative publicity, but rather, if you end up with it (in the form of a negative Yelp review, a nasty Tweet, or a less-than-rosy product review), make the most of it. Find a way to leverage it to get your brand back on top.

3. Stay Relevant to Your Audience

So whom does Miley appeal to these days? Certainly not parents. No, she’s catering to those same tweens and teens who grew up watching her on “Hannah Montana.” They’re older and crave something less bubblegum, less safe. And Miley delivers.

Takeaway Lessons: Are you capturing your audience as it evolves? That’s one lesson we’ve taken to heart at my company, CorpNet. While we initially help entrepreneurs start a business, we’ve found ways to remain relevant to them on their journey through business ownership by offering more products. Our great customer service is what keeps our customers happy and coming back for other products. And our customer reviews are always helpful in helping us keep track of what our customers want.

4. Stay Connected with Your Fans

No business — least of all a teenage singer — will thrive long without interaction with fans and customers. Miley’s big on social media (her 18.2 million followers on Twitter are a testament to this), and her fans avidly read what she’s got to say.

Takeaway Lessons: No matter how big or small you are, stay connected to your network. Respond promptly to messages on social media, and be accessible.

Miley may not be your cup of tea, but you’ve got to admit: she’s got the branding thing down pat.

Constant press (not much of it positive)

It means socially destructive press that causes social rot.

launching her career full-throttle as a bad girl

Pushing all her Disney fans into prostitution, promiscuity & socially destructive behavior against family values.

Tell me that’s not boosting record sales.

It boosts pornography sales. And that's that.

Find a way to leverage it to get your brand back on top.

It means that FoxNews is recommending that if someone is accused of causing serious social damage with culture the best thing to do is make a profitable scandal out of it even if it hurts society.

No, she’s catering to those same tweens and teens who grew up watching her on “Hannah Montana.” They’re older and crave something less bubblegum, less safe. And Miley delivers.

She is using her fan base which trusted in her as a child to promote the crave for Marihuana and LSD drugs. And Miley delivers.

Miley’s big on social media (her 18.2 million followers on Twitter are a testament to this), and her fans avidly read what she’s got to say.

It means that 18.2 million people get to see publicity to illegal drugs like LSD and Marihuana supported by the Narco Media like FoxNews.

Miley may not be your cup of tea, but you’ve got to admit: she’s got the branding thing down pat.

But you have to admit, she promotes prostitution, promotes drug abuse, promotes promiscuity, shows nudity to children, sexually abused her fan base with the support of the criminal media and uses gore, nudity and drugs which are being promoted from a so called family friendly media.

Miley is not Miley because of her own merit, she is Miley because the criminal media support the marketing of illegal drugs, support the usage of family friendly media to market prostitution and because they support the industry of moral decay that eventually destroys the families in society helping to have the population drugged and sexually abused.

Miley is not paying got the free publicity, her relevance comes from the criminal interests of the criminal media.

The citizen promoting drugs, prostitution and family value destruction is portrayed by FoxNews as the ideal type of citizen and role model for society.

FoxNews is contributing to murder, prostitution, drug abuse, family destruction, child pregnancies and violence in society, thus actively helping to increase crime in society and across the world.

That is why it is time to Tax FoxNews for it's socially destructive behavior.

In any decent Academic System Miley would have simply be deemed inappropriate for children and thus be banned, with a web page that explains parents why she was banned in the effort for a far healthier education for children.

That is why Academic Media is the solution.

Note: Any further marketing to Miley Cyrus or what is the same: Narco celebrities by FoxNews will be added to My site for further documentation of the criminal activities of FoxNews.

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