Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 21, May of 2014
More than two coffees.

This vision is about the women that have been in the darkest of places and have hope in the emancipation of the women.

There is a rumor, I do not know if it is true or not and frankly I do not care that says that Emma has some pictures of her participating in an orgy, some claim they are real pictures as well.

Let Me tell you something, and I want people to understand it. When you have a country with extremely corrupt leaders that even allow their daughters to openly and legally sell themselves and sex parties in the market and when prostitution becomes a profitable business out in the open, you can hardly blame the girls for the decay of a society that is immoral al the way up to the leaders of that society.

This is not just a case of Emma, I repeat I do not know if those photos are real and I do not care. This is a case of THOUSANDS of women all over the world, specially in Europe, the United States and Great Britain that at some point of their lives they fell victims of a sick society and are always afraid of Revenge Porn, living the rest of their lives in fear because at some point they made a porn video in countries where porn videos are a huge industry, specially in the United States of America, which is the main Porn Producer in the world.

Those women, victims of a sick society need help to surface from the dark, cancerous mud of a sick and very corrupted society and in order to do that they need people that have overcome discrimination and fear. Think of it like if there is a plague of alcoholic people, you would want a person that was at one time an alcoholic and is not any more to be an example to the people to make it easier for the alcoholics to leave the vice. Emma is an example of female emancipation, an uplifting experience for the women that want something better than the darkest mud in sick and corrupt societies.

This is not about Emma, this is about, I repeat, hundreds and hundreds of women that are thrown in the garbage by a sick and immoral society and leadership. That sick and immoral leadership that is typical of societies that have porn industry and then logically many more women will get sick and fall into moral disease.

Thankfully Venezuela does not allow Porn Industry or throwing women to the garbage of a criminal industrial machinery. Nor do countries like Iran and many others in the Middle east and China. That is a good example, the China case. If in China a woman does porn then the blame lies squarely on the women because the society does not accept it. But if you see a woman in the Netherlands with it's horny king promoting, benefiting and even sponsoring sex tourism, then you can clearly see it is a social problem on a grand scale, so the blame does not fall completely on the woman. You see when a social father likes to have sex and allow prostitution with her daughters, her daughters will probably grow up sick in a sick society, so it is totally unfair to stop women from wanting to leave that sick reality and stand as an example of women emancipation.

That is why I ask MILLIONS of women around the world that have worked in places deemed immoral like bars, sexual workers or that have worked in the sexual industry and the sexual media as models or at any job related to the sex industry to support Emma's relentless push for a better women, an emancipated women free from sexual slavery, a women that fights the darkness to fight for a pure Mary even in hell.

Emma is a hero of women that want something better, that want out of sexual slavery, that are mothers and want a better future for their daughters.

So, like I said, pictures or no pictures, they exist or they do not exist, be it rumors or not rumors, I DON'T CARE.

Emma is a living Hero for the Emancipation of Women, an uplifting example of female bravery and determination.

And if you want just want to blame someone of being immoral, blame the leaders of corrupt, immoral societies for what they are doing to their daughters. Leave Emma alone, she is a symbol of freedom for women that are against sexual slavery and I expect women stand by her in her courage.

As to Myself, I know better than to be a blatant fool in celebrity magazines in the sense that I do not go around having sexual orgies all happy and crazy.
Even if I can have 1000 wives, I do not like the idea, the most I can think of having is two wives and that means taking care of the kids too and see them grow, being a responsible parent. So you would not see Me fucking around the place to feed the demented hunger for celebrity gossip in the vulgarity industry.

I love both Delta & Emma for their brave effort to free women from sexual slavery and I think they are My heroes because of that. I thereby ask for full support for them in such noble cause. Pictures of any of them in their past slave lives really do not change a thing at all, for they are symbols of women emancipation.

So stop sponsoring the rumor industry of vulgarity and privacy rape and lets focus on what really matters: To get women out of the slavery sexual industry and thus stop the Revenge Porn.

I call upon all the real Feminists to support both Delta & Emma, true Feminist heroes for an emancipated women and thus a better and safer world.

Note: One thing is women in a private setting and another very different thing is a women promoting porn in schools and in front of children. Children are sacred and women that do engage in immoral acts in front of children have to at least be removed from the sight of children and all Academic systems for the health of the children. Little girls deserve good role models regardless of the intentions of the female celebrity, same applies for boys.

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