Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 28, October of 2014
Filling the letter variables.

Letters have a value attached to them when they are presented individually. Even of those values should not interfere with the process of scientific thinking, some people might want to use those values anyway.

It is the System Enforcers that define what the symbols are going to be and what are going to be their uses. The names of My friends need a new definition for the symbolic meaning of the letters in their name in order to fill a space that is currently being used for other purposes.

I am going to Introduce Delta to the letters in the name of My friends.

Definition of Delta:
1. the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Δ, δ ), transliterated as ‘d.’
modifier noun: delta
"delta hepatitis"

the fourth (usually fourth-brightest) star in a constellation.
noun: Delta
"Delta Cephei"

2. a code word representing the letter D, used in radio communication.
symbol: δ; symbol: Δ; symbol: delta

variation of a variable or function.

Symbols in Delta Goodrem.

Delta = Variation of a variable of function.
D.E.L.T.A. = Delta enforcer link to first quality TRIBalance.
G = As a drawing, it is something that had an orbit, stopped, proceeded in a straight line and then falls into.
Gravity = The attraction to a stronger balance of consciousness.

Delta Goodrem as in Delta variation to enhance gravity.

Delta Goodrem redefined as Academic Evolution.
G : Gravity
O : Cycle
O : Cycle
D : Delta
R : Ra(Sun) or Randal
E : Enforcer
M : Mother Academy.

Two eyed Gravity Delta in Sun Enforcer Mother Academy.

Two Eyes: One Eye in Academy of Art (Relative) and One Eye in Academy of TRIBalance (Common).

Symbols in Emma Hewitt.
E : Enforcer
M : Mother, Mother Academy
M : Mother, Mother Academy
A : First Quality or Art
H : Bridge

When people in English, as well as in Spanish want to extend a language bridge to initiate a conversation the first thing the can do and usually do if they use their language correctly or at least universally is to use the letter H.

H for Hello, in English.
H for Hola, in Spanish.

In regards to the graphical representation of the H, it is a river with two shores and a bridge.
E : Enforcer
W : Sin
I : ID
T : TRIBalance
T : TRIBalance

EMMA = First Quality Enforcer for the Enforcer Academy and the Academy of Art (MA).

HEWITT = Bridge Enforcer, System Moderator (Sin ID) using TRIBalance in a TRIBalance System.

EMMA HEWITT = First Quality Enforcer for the Enforcer Academy and the Academy of Art (MA) and a Bridge Enforcer, System Moderator (Sin ID) using TRIBalance in a TRIBalance System.

As you can see, the letters fit mathematically, they can stand alone or then can be combined, which means the values of the variables are correct.

Notice Hi, Hello, Hey, How do you do, all extend a good will bridge to debate, to communicate. NOT HOOKER!!! :S

The letter for Hook as in Fishing is J, like in Jack Off, Joy, Jewish (NOT fishing sex of course! In that case fishing
G-D, yes that is how they spell it, without the O sometimes), Jewel, etc.

Symbols in Randal Pinto.
R : Sun (Ra)
A : First Quality
RA : Sun Core
N : No, Negation
D : Delta, Variation
A : First Quality
L : Link


Sun Core (First Quality of the Sun) with no variation of his first quality link (No negation to the TRIBalance).
Sun Core that does not deny his links to the TRIBalance.
P : Penis or Male Enforcer Elemental Reproduction, Elemental Evolution
I : ID
N : No, Negation
T : TRIBalance
O : Cycle

PINTO: Elemental Evolution that identifies in not trying to Cycle the TRIBalance.

Note: Not trying to Cycle the TRIBalance means it is not in orbit, but in the Core.

RANDAL PINTO: Sun Core that does not deny his links to the TRIBalance, Core Elemental Evolution that identifies in not trying to orbit the TRIBalance.

This is just the Mathematical charge of the letters and should not be used as clay to drug people in Intellectual Extremism. Of course not all names are mathematically accurate under the translation table or programming language that one decides to use.

Symbols in Bibi Netanyanhu.

Take a look at this curiosity, in the name of the Leader of Israel:

B : Breast, Education
I : ID, Common
B : Breast, Education
I : ID, Common
N : No, Negation
E : Enforcer
T : TRIBalance
A : First Quality
N : No, Negation
Y : Triple Angle, Woman
A : First Quality
N : No, Negation
H : Bridge
U : Elevating what has fallen, Recovery

BIBI: Educates that the Identity of Education is based on common (Intellectualist).


Negates the TRIBalance Enforcer.
First Degree Negation to Woman (Misogynic).
First Degree Negation to bridging Academic recovery.

That is exactly how I conceive him, so it is totally accurate in My table of conversions.

Note: Careful with a Common Overdose! Always use TRIBalance to avoid Common Extremism.

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