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Let them die, it is good for us, says Holland.

A murder that could have been avoided, that was not because it served a supposedly "higher moral cause".

I will not say anything new, I will say what is so obvious it is already in the media. The day Holland said: "I don't care if those people die, if they do it is even better for us".

Take a look:

MH17 is the third plane this week shot down over Ukraine under mysterious circumstances
Updated by Max Fisher on July 18, 2014, 11:44 a.m. ET


We don't yet know who shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which went down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday. There's no conclusive evidence so far, but speculation is centering on the pro-Russia rebels who have been operating in the region for the last few months.

It's not hard to see why: they are, after all, anti-government rebels who have been attacking Ukrainian government forces. But it's more than that. Rebels have shot down planes before, although they were all military aircraft. And, very recently, Ukrainian military planes in the area have been getting hit with missiles while flying at high altitudes — which suggests that, as with MH17, whoever was shooting at them had some awfully advanced military technology.

Planes have been shot down with increasing frequency over eastern Ukraine

Four Ukrainian military planes have been shot down since June. Two of those incidents appear to have almost certainly have been caused by rebels, apparently demonstrating that they have the ability and willingness to shoot down a plane. But the other two were shot down at a high altitude, like the MH17 flight was, and it's not nearly as clear who was responsible.

On June 6, rebels shot down an Ukrainian Air Force Antonov AN-30 surveillance plane — a medium-size, two-propeller military craft that's typically Russian-made. This was near Slavyansk, in eastern Ukraine. Ten days later, on June 16, rebels shot down a big Ukrainian Air Force transport plane, an Il-76, killing all 49 people on board. An Il-76 is much larger than an AN-30 and has four jet engines, more the size of the Boeing 777 that was downed on Thursday.

There's a "but" that makes these two cases very distinct from MH17, though — the AN-30 and ILl-6 were shot down by MANPADS, which stands for man-portable air-defense systems, a small missile launcher you carry on your shoulder. It can only fire to an altitude of about 11,500 feet, but MH17 was flying at 33,000 feet. That's way, way outside of the range of shoulder-fired MANPADS missiles.

That's why, at first, people were wondering if rebels even had the capability to shoot down a high-flying commercial airliner like MH17. But there was another incident just on Monday, July 14, that did not get very much attention at the time. That day, over eastern Ukraine, an Antonov AN-26 Ukrainian military transport plane was hit by a missile while flying over eastern Ukraine — at 21,000 feet altitude. That's far beyond the range of a shoulder-fired system like the MANPADS.

Ukraine has been blaming Russia — not rebels — for high-altitude shoot-downs

The Ukrainian government didn't blame the ragtag separatist rebels for Monday's shoot-down, though: it suggested that the missile had possibly been fired from Russia, which borders eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian rebels took credit, though, and Ukraine has not presented public evidence pinning the shoot-down on Russian forces.

The BBC's David Stern wrote at the time, "The accusation that Russian forces shot down a Ukrainian transport plane is potentially a game changer. If Russia is indeed targeting Ukrainian aeroplanes from inside its territory, it is an act of aggression of the highest order." Still, Stern acknowledged, "For the Ukrainians not to respond would raise the suspicion that their charge is false — or demonstrate that the Ukrainian military is completely powerless."

Ukraine's lack of a stronger response or presentation of evidence blaming Russia may explain why the Monday shoot-down got comparatively little attention. On the one hand, Russia does have thousands of troops — as many as 12,000 — amassed along its border with eastern Ukraine, and Moscow has actively backed the eastern Ukrainian rebels. On the other hand, firing missiles at Ukrainian aircraft across the border would be a remarkably provocative move, even for Russia.

Then, on Wednesday, a Ukrainian Sukhoi SU-25 fighter jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government did not at all equivocate in blaming Russia. "A Russian Federation armed forces plane delivered a missile strike at a Ukraine armed forces Su-25 jet which was carrying out tasks over the territory of Ukraine," Ukrainian government official Andrey Lysenko announced at a press conference.

High-altitude shoot-downs like MH17 require complicated, high-tech military hardware

The first few planes shot down over eastern Ukraine were all shot down at low altitude, and apparently by rebels carrying shoulder-mounted MANPADS. While tragic, this was not shocking: eastern Ukraine is an open conflict zone, the rebels are firing at every Ukrainian military target they can find, and MANPADS are basic enough for ragtag irregulars like the eastern Ukrainian rebels to operate.

But the technology of shooting down a high-altitude plane such as MH17, or the high-altitude Ukrainian military aircraft shot down earlier in the week, is much more complex. Analysts are saying the most likely tool is the Buk surface-to-air missile system, typically Russian-made but also used by the Ukrainian military. The Buk system has an altitude range of about 50,000 feet, but it is much more complicated than a shoulder-fired missile. That may be why US officials are now saying they believe the plane was likely shot down by an SA-11 system, which is the American designation for the Buk.

Ok, first part colored. As you can clearly see Holland knew there was a shark in the water. There is no doubt about that. The United States and the entire European Union knew there was a shark in the water and as you can see the shark had already eaten a swimmer (The high flying military plane). From that news you can clearly see that there was NO WAY AT ALL that they did not know there was a KILLER SHARK in the water. They were very well aware of it.

They did not close the beach even if there was a killer shark that just killed a swimmer... In Australia that is GROUNDS FOR BEING THROWN IN JAIL! Is it not?

That friends is called: CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE and it is a crime simply because it causes, as you just saw, hundreds of deaths. Even if we use the laws of a basic Australian Beach, you can clearly see something is VERY WRONG. Why is it that if it is a shark that can attack and maybe eat just one person laws are strict and it can send people to jail for criminal negligence but if it is a MISSILE LAUNCHER that can kill HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE there is no law?


You can blame the shark of course, but that does not mean there was no criminal negligence anyway. The shark is just an animal.

They even saw the shark breaking away from it's cage:
Ukraine Rebels Stole Same Type Of Missiles That May Have Taken Down MH17

From Foxtrot Alpha: It seems clear that the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile defense regiment A-1402 was overran and looted by pro-Russian forces on June 29th. This unit operated the SA-11/17 "Buk" medium-range mobile air defense system, an advanced decedent of the SA-6, that is thought to have been used in the MH17 attack.

It seems clear that the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile defense regiment A-1402 was overran and looted by pro-Russian forces on June 29th. This unit operated the SA-11/17 "Buk" medium-range mobile air defense system, an advanced cousin of the SA-6, that is thought to have been used in the MH17 attack.

Since then, "Buk" components have been seen and photographed around contested and rebel controlled areas in Eastern Ukraine, one was even photographed near the impact point of MH17, in Snejnoe, adding to the theory that pro-Russian rebels shot down MH17 by mistake. While another, seen below, was spotted traveling on a highway near the area.

Meanwhile, Russia's news agencies are implying that it was an assassination attempt on Vladmir Putin who was flying in the region on his way back from South America. Such reports seem coincidental at best.

Nada más desaparecer el avión B 777 de Malaysia Airlines la autoridad militar de kiev nos informo del derribo, como lo sabían?

— ✈ Carlos. (@spainbuca) July 17, 2014

Even an air traffic controller claims MH17 was being escorted by Ukrainian fighters at the time of incident. Also, there is supposedly a radio transmission between pro-Russian militants that says they shot down a civilian jet by accident, although the authenticity of the conversation is suspect. So there is a lot of conflicting reports out there, although the taking of missile defense unit A-1402 by separatists and the newly surfaced pictures of "Buk" systems in the region add a lot of evidence to the possibility that the downing of MH17 was a rebel operation.

With all this in mind, one has to wonder how Western intelligence agencies did not alert ICAO that there were SAMs in pro-Russian rebel hands capable of reaching up and taking down airliners flying high-up in the flight levels. This is especially relevant considering the downing of a high-flying the An-26 just days earlier, not to mention Russia's massive buildup of air defense capabilities on the border. If the airspace was indeed open, then this whole disaster could have been averted by simply warning civilian flights to steer clear of the area.

Tyler Rogoway is a defense journalist and photographer that maintains the website Foxtrot Alpha for You can reach Tyler with story ideas or direct comments regarding this or any other defense topic via the email address

Now it is not just one shark, it's MANY SHARKS that have been seen in the beach, and one of them even ate a swimmer and even it that is undeniably true, HOLLAND the life saver of the Beach game total authorization for a new swimmer to swim in the shark infested beach fully knowing about the presence of a killer shark.

What would happen in Australia if a life guard knowing full well the beach was full of sharks and that the day before a swimmer was killed a swimmer tells a swimmer he is clear for safe swimming?  That swimmer trusted in him and put his confidence in the capacity of the life saver to save his life. The life saver told him it was safe to swim producing even if all scientific evidence strongly indicated otherwise and that produced the death of the swimmer. And what if it is not just one swimmer killed by the shark, but MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED?

You think the courts in Australia would not find him guilty and lock him for the rest of his life for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE?

When there was tragedy of 9/11 in the United States, everyone blamed the Terrorists from Al-Quaeda but even so there was a massive scandal as to the capability of the Intelligence community to protect the people of the United States from such attacks and the scandal of the alleged gross incompetence of the Intelligence community was huge.

You don't see not one comment on the equally gross incompetence of the Government of Holland which was several times better informed about the risks than the United States ever was on the 9/11 terrorist attack. Why is the alarming incompetence of European and specially the Dutch Government not even mentioned? Because the mass media is covering up for them, simple as that. The same media that want a conflict with Russia, no coincidence.

Now for the covering up.

The media war propaganda machine (Now lets profit says FoxNews):
Malaysia Air crash: Missile launcher used to down jet likely back in Russia, US official says

Published July 19,

The missile launcher used to down Malaysia Air flight MH17 is probably back in Russia after it was imported into Ukraine a few weeks ago, a well-placed source with access to the latest intelligence told Fox News Friday night.

Meanwhile, the same source said the missile that brought down the plane, killing all 298 on board, was fired from Schnidze, a town in eastern Ukraine.

"We are building a case," the senior U.S. official told Fox News. "It is damn near bulletproof at this point."

The U.S. intelligence community used infrared data, measurements and electronic signals, among other methods, to determine the origin of the missile's path.

A report by the Daily Mail showed the SA-11 launcher used in the attack missing two of its four missiles. A senior U.S. defense official confirmed the newspaper's report.

The local separatist commander who likely ordered the strike, Igor Strelkov -- who was heard in some of the phone intercepts released by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry bragging about having brought down the plane -- will likely be punished by Moscow, according to a well-placed source.

Pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian government-- who have engaged in deadly battles in several cities of eastern Ukraine in recent months-- have traded charges about who was responsible for the tragedy.

President Obama said Friday at least one American was among the passengers killed aboard the flight, and said the plane appears to have been downed by a missile launched from Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists.

The Boeing 777 bound for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam was shot down Thursday afternoon at cruising altitude about 35 miles from the border, according to Anton Gerashenko, an adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister.

On Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott called for an independent, international investigation into the downing of the jetliner, which killed 28 Australians, and demanded Russia's full cooperation.

"This is a problem — a very serious problem," Abbott said. "Australia takes a very dim view of countries which facilitate the killing of Australians. The idea that Russia can wash its hands of responsibility because this happened in Ukrainian airspace just does not stand up to serious scrutiny. We all know what's happening in the Ukraine."

Emergency workers in contact with officials in Kiev said on Friday that 181 bodies had been recovered from the crash site, of the 283 passengers and 15 crew members aboard the flight. Ukraine Foreign Ministry representative Andriy Sybiga said the bodies will be taken to Kharkiv, a government-controlled city 170 miles to the north, for identification.

The whereabouts of the plane's flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder remained unknown Friday. Separatist rebels who control the crash site issued conflicting reports Friday about whether they had found the plane's black boxes or not.

"No black boxes have been found ... we hope that experts will track them down and create a picture of what has happened," said Donetsk separatist leader Aleksandr Borodai.

Yet earlier Friday, an aide to the military leader of Borodai's group said authorities had recovered eight out of 12 recording devices. Since planes usually have two black boxes -- one for recording flight data and the other for recording cockpit voices -- it was not clear what the number 12 referred to.

Anatomy of a War Propaganda.

Data without a clear limit source:

back in Russia after it was imported into Ukraine a few weeks ago

The use of probability to help stimulate hatred and conflict:


A media does not use probability to reduce tensions in times where it is needed, such behavior stimulates hate & war.

The use of ghosts:

a well-placed source
A senior U.S. defense official confirmed the newspaper's report

Something like this requires full accountability and "leadership", not cowards so shy and unsure of themselves they cannot even face the people of the United States and that is certainly not what they are being paid for anyway. Of course it can all be just a lie of FoxNews, but ghosts are not accepted in delicate moments of world tension. It is a criminal irresponsibility of Rupert Murch of FoxNews to try to worsen the conflict irresponsibly for his personal profit and that of his disgusting business that profits from human tragedy.

Now to comment on what Tony said:

On Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott called for an independent, international investigation into the downing of the jetliner, which killed 28 Australians, and demanded Russia's full cooperation.

Tony Abbot is an Australian. Now, what does Tony want the Russians to tell them? They want the Russians to say that there was obviously sharks in the beach? Everybody knew that! I am surprised Tony did not know... But I am not going to complain to Tony yet he can't say the shark was not obvious. Tony already knows he cannot allow Aussies to swim in shark infested waters or Planes in Missile infested air. Yet he has enough troubles already.

"This is a problem — a very serious problem," Abbott said. "Australia takes a very dim view of countries which facilitate the killing of Australians.

Countries that facilitate the killing of Australians... What about countries that due to their criminal negligence cause the death of Australians? Are those just as bad as well? How would an Australian react if three Aussie tourists in the Philippines were bitten by sharks and killed and he is told a tourist had died the day before and the Philippines did nothing to alert the Aussies? He would have a conflict with the Philippines, obviously. So why not with Holland that took Aussies for a swim in the shark pool?

The idea that Russia can wash its hands of responsibility because this happened in Ukrainian airspace just does not stand up to serious scrutiny.

Holland cannot wash it's hands from responsibility and if we talk about scrutiny, what is begging to be scrutinized is the Dutch Government and the security it is offering to people. It was by all means a very serious and obvious intelligence failure even worse that the one that allowed the 9/11 tragedy and people should be made accountable for it so as to ensure such failures do not happen again.

We all know what's happening in the Ukraine."

That is the issue, that is exactly the issue! Everyone knew what was happening yet nobody did what had to be done, which makes the matters even worse. The existence of a shark does not mean a life guard is devoid of all security responsibilities, like I said before a shark is just an animal and much can be done and was not done to prevent the tragedy from happening due to a lax compromise with security at the best case, that ended up being a flagrant case of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.

We all know it was a shark. What is the point of fighting to determine it was a shark? We have to focus on why the shark was allowed to kill the swimmer in what is obviously a very serious security error in the best of cases. No point in accusing the shark, the shark is just a shark, it's an irrational animal, it's about what can be done from PREVENTING SHARK ATTACKS what really matters, but nobody seems to care. Which leads Me to conclude it was intentional and there is complicity, but I did not say Australia is involved and I will not fall into that trap.

Holland's silence on what is obviously a very serious security failure makes the Dutch Government very suspicious and the media covering up for it just makes the case even worse. All that provides the scientific ground to state that the Dutch Government simply did not care because any tragedy could be used against the Russians, so they allowed the plane to fly to it's imminent doom... A wonderful propaganda tool against the Russians.

I might be wrong but why the silence in the media about the security failure and why there is no blame on Dutch Intelligence? Coincidence? No such thing in science. At the worse case they allowed it, at the best case they are guilty of criminal negligence and covering up for it with complicity of the criminal media who want to use the news as a propaganda tool, something not strange for people that profit from crime on a regular basis.

Will Australia like or even allow Aussie citizens to be subjected to the crime of criminal negligence of other countries? Why is there no protest for what is by all means more than evident? Or is it complicity?

Back to FoxNews: War propaganda is illegal in Venezuela. This is just one more example of the frequent illegal activities that FoxNews does in Venezuela without us taking legal actions to stop those criminal activities. It is time we made FoxNews accountable for it's media crimes and if the Government of the United States does not care, at least block them out from Venezuela for being a criminal media.

FoxNews trying to use Australia.

FoxNews sends the War Cry based on serious violations to ethics in a time of great tension, using ghosts and suppositions at the worst possible time to throw gasoline at the conflict and raise the war hatred, that is why it is a war cry, I would call it a war crime. In times of great tension ethics must be increased, not decreased.

They used two people that had the potential to look like it was going to stop Me from denouncing the crime. Known that I am the main media critic around and the only one with the clearance to do it. The first person they might have thought about in trying to block Me is Tony Abbot, the Prime Minister of Australia.

Well whatever the plan I am not going to fight with Tony Abbott, Murdoch is Australian so there is no reason to believe that is not what he wants. Besides Australia has done Me no wrong and is a country that defends the dignity of good women. I will not fall for Murdoch's obvious bait.

But it gets worse and far more obvious they tried to block My intervention...

Emma Hewitt @emhewitt · 17 de jul.
CHEERS!!!! A giant coffee before heading off to the airport join the Electronic Family party in Amsterdam this...

Emma Hewitt
CHEERS!!!! A giant coffee before heading off to the airport join the Electronic Family party in Amsterdam this weekend…gonna be HUUUUGE!!! :)xox — with Zam Hernandez Bernardino, Ivo Marcelo Yañez, Maamar Houadef and 32 others.

For those that do not know Amsterdam is a Dutch city and the Dutch live in Holland.

Emma is a decent woman and she would never help cover up any crime and even less a crime related to airplanes since Emma herself is a very frequent flying. She has nothing to do with it and did not even try to cover up or stop Me from denouncing the Criminal Negligence of the Dutch Government.

But the Government could have used her as an insurance policy to make sure I do not say what is obvious, so they moved Emma to Holland to try to shield themselves and of course, Emma would never allow that because My BOSS Emma is not a criminal trying to cover massive crimes & the Dutch Government's complicity if it is the worst case and criminal Negligence at the best case, but a crime anyway.

It also shows that the Airline security system of Europe is not doing what it can to protect the civilian passengers and I believe that is a strong reason to protest to avoid any more cases like the tragedy in Ukraine from happening again due to a surprising negligence and incompetence.

It would save a lot of suffering for the world, contributing with peace.

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