Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 08, July of 2014
What is an intelligent women?

There are several concepts of what an Intelligent women can be in three major areas:

1) The woman that is being managed in an intelligent way (The Puppet).
2) The woman that has a physical brain intelligence that is above average.
3) A woman that is socially treated as being worthy of being intelligent.
4) The Academic Intelligence.

The Bunny or the Genius.

Let us have an imaginary women celebrity we will call "Bunny Brain", of course I know Bunnies are promiscuous...  *Laugh*, of course, but that is the whole point. So lets make Bunny Brain very sexy and is capable of singing and dancing and also doing sexy publicity to lingerie on a bed like it is common in sex magazines like Playboy and Maxim male adult magazine of toys for boys or masturbation aiders.

Is Bunny Brain Intelligent?

Let us then see all four of the types of Intelligence areas I have listed before.

1) The Woman is being managed in an intelligent way.

There are a lot of people working for her marketing strategy and concert planning, she has good make up artists and good managers, all those people are intelligent on their own, regardless of the Bunny Brain celebrity so in order to respect those people let us say that they are intelligent. But to make it more fair lets say that the artist does not always do what her manager recommends.

It is possible that she is being managed in an intelligent way. But that is just being a puppet to an intelligent puppeteer.

So we go to the next point.

2) The woman that has a physical brain intelligence that is above average.

Now is where the fun starts. Lets see a list of activities that Bunny Brain can do: Sing, Dance and Pose for sexy photos in bed.

Singing is probably the one that requires the most amount of brain usage since it uses the language part of the brain. Even if intelligence is required to sing most likely any healthy average person in the world can have the brains to try to sing. Now that it is a good voice that is another manner. We are talking about the brain power to sing not the quality. Singing does not require exceptional intelligence.

The next activity Bunny Brain does is Dance. Well even a bird can dance. But the point is to have enough intelligence to repeat the dance movements. Again any normal, average person with an average intelligence can repeat a series of body motions previously learned and try to repeat it. Again I am not talking about quality, but brain power. Dancing does not require exceptional intelligence.

The next activity is posing for sexy photos. That is the activity that uses the least amount of brain power and if we help Bunny Brain with a 3D Laptop with a 3D rotating model of the pose she has to be in for the photo she would only need a little bit more intelligence than an average Chimpanzee. Meaning that it would be a little more smarter than a monkey and a little less than the intelligence required to put on some clothing, which can be done by the management team in much the same way dog owners put a cute doggie shirt over Fifi dog celebrity.

So is singing, dancing and posing semi nude or nude a sign of above average intelligence? Clearly not.

3) A woman that is socially treated as being worthy of being intelligent.

The people, due to being exposed so much to an intelligent or at least efficient marketing start spreading the world that Bunny Brain is intelligent. They say: "Look Bunny Brain is so Intelligent! It's so smart to appear in lingerie in bed without moving!". And another one says: "Did you see how she does her sexy dance? That is such a sex dance!".

And then there is a whole lot of vulgar celebrities saying things like: "You like Bunny Brain because she is the homie with the sexy shakes".

And then ignorant people say: "Oh yea Bunny Brain must be cool! So she is intelligent".

Countries like the United States have huge sectors of art that are well below the minimum standards of academic excellency and are very often aided with pornography to try to make it attractive and try to make something otherwise pretty much worthless even for vulgarity into something more attractive by making it more instinctual and in women that usually means more nudity and being closer to being depicted as a toy for boy.

Well it happens if the audience is not very educated and not very intelligent in terms of society. Vulgarity can be made with intelligence but that takes us to our next point, the Academic intelligence.

4) The Academic Intelligence.

The Academic Intelligence is the social school value of the celebrity, to make it simple.

Now lets take a look at Bunny Brain carefully to see if she really has Academic Intelligence.

Is the celebrity good as a role model for children as someone to look up to?

Is it good to teach little boys that the model for success for any woman is for her to be ready to have sex in bed?

Is it good to teach little girls that the way for them to be successful is to please men in bed?

Is the celebrity good for teens as a role model example to look up to?

Is it good to push most teens to sex offering social recognition and merits by doing so?

Is it good to tell a teen girl that if she wants to be someone that is smart in life she has to do like her celebrity recommends and learn to pleasure men and their sexual needs?

Is the celebrity healthy for chubby or fat women and their mental health?

Because I can tell you that if a celebrity sends a message to chubby and fat women that the only way to succeed in life and even as a woman is to get sexy on the bed then that celebrity is sending the wrong message to women and is actually hurting and depressing them, as well as indirectly discriminating against them of course. That depression then passes on to their children making the problem a lot worse.

Is the celebrity healthy for the elderly and specially the elderly women?

Same thing happens as with the fat ladies. The elderly feel or are told that they do not deserve proper respect or have a chance to show they potential because they are not young and sexy.

Is the celebrity healthy for unattractive woman?

The unattractive woman do not see themselves fit to be inside the model of sexy woman ready to sexually please men and that is being offered to her by celebrities like Bunny Brain, but they simply do not meet the requirements, so they conclude they cannot be successful because they want to believe in the path of success of their celebrity and the path she recommends.

Is it good for the celebrity to be offensive & working against the goals of feminists all over the world that fight for a decent education for young girls, for teens, for healthy women, thin, fit, chubby or fat and unattractive from a child to an elderly in order to reduce sex abuse against women in society?

Now, I have to ask:

Are Intelligent Academic societies civilized with the kind of celebrity Bunny Brain is?

And I have to ask again...

What is the point of being a celebrity and then deceive, educate terribly make some women feel like born loosers and hurt all her children, teen, unattractive or at least chubby and fat female fans and elderly woman?

Bunny Brian wants to be a celebrity to HURT HER FANS, make their life MORE MISERABLE and EXPLOIT THEM by PUSHING THEM TO BE SEXUALLY EXPLOITED in order to make MORE MONEY? Does that seem like something an Intelligent Academy would support?

Why would a female celebrity, a female role model offer pleasing men in bed and being a toy-for-boys or a sexual object as an intelligent path to success?

The only "success" (for a Pimp) that can come that way is to effectively contribute to women being treated even more like sexual objects, more disrespected as a human being, specially if unattractive, chubby, fat or elderly. The more disrespected and depressed a person is the more likely that person will be a victim of drugs, then contributing to the increase in crime in society that translates to murders as well and lives are lost as the society is corrupted in Social Cancer.

Now, who would want to surround himself with a lot of people that definitely do not have Academic Intelligence? A trip to the zoo maybe? Wild with the animals? Or someone enforcing vulgarity, bad manners, lack of family values and helping to multiply crime?

So does Bunny Brain have Academic Intelligence?

The answer is as simple as: Absolutely NO.

You see a women is not just the sexy young babes semi naked on a bed... A women starts from a little baby girl, becomes a girl, then a teen, then an adult where she can be a thin, fit, chubby, fat, attractive or unattractive mother and then she becomes an elderly women. To be a feminist is to see that something is clearly unbalanced and wrong with the way women are being educated and treated in society and to stand for all that a women is, the integrity of all the females throughout all of their lives.

A true feminist sees injustice against women through all of the female life. It starts from the Female Baby all the way to the female Elderly and seeing that they get a healthy, honest, educated and civilized life, and that is the purpose of Academy.

Abusing women is to transmit the abuse to children, which in turn are hurt and grow up with the social disease to further damage morality in society. Academy was made to stop immorality, the decay of values and to enforce the standards of civilization. If we do not treat our women right, crime will overwhelm society and eventually destroy our civilizations with crime. Protecting Mary (Academy) is not just a lovingly, generous activity, it is crucial for the health and even the survival of humanity.

We have to start being educated and we have to start asking:

Is that female celebrity INTELLIGENT?

Because ENOUGH is ENOUGH of abuse...

No serious Academy in the world would promote Women as sexual objects and sexually abuse little girls.

If you do not take care of your daughters... CRIMINALS WILL DO IT FOR YOU!

Time to let loose the Owls.

I see Bunnies RUNNING AWAY! *Laugh*

Special Note:

Both Delta and Emma are NOT Bunny Brain Celebrities. They have made little mistakes here and there but in General they are both awesome ladies that believe in Academy and their healthy fans. They both believe that their beauty is in their smile and not in their nudity.

That is the kind of women celebrities we should all support and protect, for by doing so we help support and protect a healthier education for our children and thus less crime in the future for a safer and better world for everyone.

This is My tribute to Lady Celebrities that have a real purpose, a real meaning and a real positive impact on society.

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