Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 21, August of 2014
How to make the future smile.

Some call themselves Super Stars... Yes... But to whom and when?

Letting children experiment with what they like, sometimes. Giving them an artistic palette and freedom to question in a safe environment. Maybe even just letting them play on what they like that is safe for them.

There is no working for the future without a concern for the safe, healthy children. Teaching children is also making a better future.
Alexa Sings Girl On Fire | The Voice Kids Australia 2014

Let them play with many art forms available, even if it is simulated in a computer. Let them investigate and do research on simple planned things and let them question in colored letters.

Who can sing with all the voices of the mountain? Who can paint with all the colors of the wind if not Academy? Academy, the mother of the future for everything we like to believe will be better or at least civilized.

Let the children know how beautiful is education, let them appreciate school far beyond imposed lessons and into the fun of exploring new things and ideas. Art helps them link the ideas so we need to give them good art for better multiple and healthy linking.

And give them all the colors of the spring.

What if I told you that you cannot show your body form, your dress, your material things all of which will be devoid of you in the Cosmos of Internet. No pictures, no selfies, no videos, no sound. Only letters and sharing images unrelated directly to your material things?

Could you still be useful to the future being incorporeal and owing nothing but your own idea of what you are? Can you paint will all the colors of the dreams and not just the color of your belongings and skin? One way to do that is having something to educate, believing in the future, making the future smile.
The Voice Kids Australia winner-Alexa Curtis-Colours Of The Wind (CD version with footage from show)

I can dream with all the colors of imagination, I can fly the stars as My home, I believe in Academic Integrity and Consciousness Integrity of an every dreaming Cosmos. I am a TRIBalance, I believe I cannot exit without believing.

For the future, all that matters is what you did so it can dream and believe in a future. You can only be truly a hero for the future if the future can believe it can be a hero with you, by believing in a future for themselves and in that sense it does not matter your body any more, or your material belongings, none of which will remain yours after it's time to return to the cosmic dream.

Can you be a hero to people with their own bodies and their own material things, who many years from now think about your gains as their own gains in the path to believing in a future?

Can you be a hero in such a way that the future believes they can be a hero by believing in a future?
Alexa Sings Hero | The Voice Kids Australia 2014

Because it is something far beyond just a body, a smile, a fortune or a place, it is also to help the future dream of a good future and fill it with hope and sometimes it is not even necessary to be seen in the material to do just that.

It's not something anyone can do or has the means to do on a very noticeable scale to a large number of people, but believing in a future in itself is something we can all share.

We would not study if we did not believe in a future. We would not prepare ourselves better if we did not believe in a future. We would not be a able to win most merits if we did not educate and learn for a future. Part of the winners of the future need that we believe in them.

And so we believe someone else can win and it's not just about us, how we look in the material world and what money or objects we have because... We are talking about the success of other people who we helped believe and who we helped become winners for a future.
Congratulations Alexa! | The Voice Kids Australia 2014

Sometimes it is as simple as believing in the future and inspiring others to believe in a future.

Sometimes all that is needed to make a better future is to show you believe.
Delta Goodrem - Believe Again

We inspire the future with their own possessions to believe in the future.

Inspiration to live and love.

That is why I believe in the future and My friends Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt.

There is no good time for the future to stop believing in the future.

There is no good time for the children for us to stop believing in Academic Integrity.

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