Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 06, August of 2014
A call for the freedom of journalists (Anti imperialist media).

This is from My internet posts:
I am always thinking of new ways to destroy the BBC, FoxNews and others. It occurred to Me a simple solution :P

How did I not see that? :I I realized it reading some post on the social media about corrupt journalists. Then I asked Myself, reading about underpaid journalist marionettes of rich assholes that own media. Then I realized that given there are so few media and so many journalists graduate... Must be that at least 90% are unemployed. :O! Or doing something else.

That not fun because if they don't have a job they have to write to prove they are still good at that. :I But if they all publish crazily it becomes a mess. So I am thinking of making an Academic TRIBalance web site that requires full TRIBalance method, for scientific journalism and an awesome ethical methodology.

Then I add the "reply to" button where the person that is mentioned gets the right to write a reply. :D Law! For example lets suppose that Delta Goodrem was made fun of by a mean media that says racism is so funny and that abusing Delta is fun and justified. Well, Delta Goodrem would be in common index for that news so you login as Delta & you AUTOMATICALLY have the right to post a response comment! :D Isn't that SO COOL? XD
In the Venezuelan Constitution, Article 58 is says: "as well as the right to reply and corrections when they are directly affected by inaccurate or offensive information". :I See? It is LAW! :D So make a system that complies with the law. A TRIBalance system. :) It also says: "Everyone has the right to timely, ruthful and impartial information". Perfecto, the TRIBalance requires evidence in the limit section. :) So it fits into the law like it should be. Evidence and reply are required see?

Then we make Academy and the Government do publicity for FREE to that news web site. XD Hahaha! But there is one condition though. :I If you post there, you do so under an open license. XD Hahaha! So everything can be questioned! :O! How cool is that? :O! Following proper procedure of course.

The users can also post complaints on a news and prove why. Feedback media. XD So we have a new TRIBalance site that is a blog for ALL LICENCED JOURNALISTS see? XD With a search engine by locality. :D A site with ONE THOUSAND JOURNALISTS or many more. XD Under a scientific method & open licence. :D Yay! Drools in coolness! :D With proper ethics and no crime circus, but with the open creativity of thousands of people I think I can easily CRUSH media dinosaurs and eventually DESTROY FOXNEWS AND BBC! :D Yay! Hahaha! Down with TYRANNY!

Is it illegal to make a blog for the 90% unemployed journalists? :I Is it? I do not think it is illegal AT ALL! And best of all: No Copyright. :D Except if commercial media want a material, then THEY PAY!!! Very expensive!!!

Blog for the 90% journalists. :I Freedom to the users, bringing back media accountability and freedom to question! :D There is NO LAW as far as I know, in Venezuela that deems that illegal in ANY WAY. :I It is 100% legal and possible. Since FoxNews cannot possibly compete with those monstrous news blogs, it will simply die off, they go EXTINCT! :D

Then the Academic Networks apear, with the respect for thy neighbor and the fun of exploring countries. XD It's FREEDOM! :D Freedom media we can call it. Not illegal to question! Or we can call it Democratic media! :D Yay! So cool! When people realize that CNN does not have the same freedom to question, people won't like CNN any more. XD Effectively destroying CNN. :D Yay! How cool is that? XD I can call that: Share Media! :D Cool name huh? XD

I can add into a custom explorer or object the calling of a news from share media to be inserted into a web page.

So for example people can make their own media, well I mean journalists of course. XD and just call the news, creating like a News Agency but with Share media. XD They get to pick what news they like and insert it into the web page.

A simple command like: <seek: Tag 777 0-40> for example would tell the custom explorer to search a web site, seek a news by the given code and insert the text from letters 0 to 40. Which could be the title. That way journalists can create their own media :D Using the Share media's database. How cool is that?

Oh and users will be able to choose the kind of news they want to see. XD For example a no violence filter, or a child safe filter. XD Or a good news filter or just news about scientific progress in the country. Fully customizable media for what the user wants to see, not what the media wants to force him to see.

It's totally legal. :I In fact it is totally legal in the United States too! :O! Yes, I mean, why not? :I Freedom for the 90% journalists! :D Hurray! Hahaha *Fire crackers* :) Freedom to question the media! Hurray! :D It's bringing light to the world and fighting corruption with programming systems. :) Journalists no longer have employers! XD

So freedom to the journalists! :D Hurray! How cool is that? XD Free the journalists friends! :D


:I Hey gringo. Is that a TERRORIST ACTIVITY? :I LOL! Is it? Fuck you evil slaver gringo! We make FREE MEDIA! :D No more being scared for questioning media. :) No more TERRORISM, no more media TYRANNY! No more tied journalists!

The control is made by an Academic Center that regulates it. It controls the front page news. The rest you search. XD We don't have to like tyranny media. :I In Venezuela we can do a no-boss media like a DRIVERLESS CAR! :D With an Academic regulatory system. :) Democracy coming back again! :D Yay! DOWN WITH TYRANNY!!! :D

:I Cut it out evil gringos that is NOT a terrorist activity or a leak. :I We deserve to be free to question media and since you asshole slaver gringos cannot provide that, more reasons for us to do it! Share media! :D Yay! Just more detail into the Academic Scientific TRIBalance Journalism I have wrote extensively about. :) With any luck and a procedure we can pump up some serious amounts of good news into the Blog. :D Healthy people! :D

99% of the United States would want that. :I Just 1% would not because it reduces profit due to slavery media. Pff. Fuck them! XD And fuck the evil slavers too! :I Questionable media is possible and LEGAL! Time to do it! :D I assure you that whatever comes out of it is going to be so much more healthier than BBC, FoxNews, etc. XD Then I can launch a campaign: "Boycott media you cannot question". Campaign. XD Why not? Is it illegal? :I

The 90% journalists deserve to write too! :I Without being puppets! :I They can write about their locality as well. Don't like unquestionable media slavery? :I NO VIOLENCE! We make better alternatives the healthy way! :D If the problem is media tyranny then make Open Media. :I Well DUH! XD LOL! See why I am no TERRORIST? :I

Terrorist are THEM! :I With BULLSHIT news about Russia stealing passwords with NO EVIDENCE. :I I'm no terrorist! I am sure that if I talk with at least 90% of all gringos and they would ALL AGREE WITH ME. :I Open media, Share media!

BBC uploaded a news about another baby hurt. See what I mean? IT'S SICK AND THEY ABUSE!!! HORRIBLY ABUSIVE! But we the people have the power! We can make decent, good, attractive and DEMOCRATIC ALTERNATIVES! :D Healthy! :D One day we will hold BBC accountable for all it's BRUTAL ABUSES, we will shun them and abandon them for something with more respect for the user and with more concern for the users. :I Something questionable. :D

The fact that it is questionable makes it VERY ATTRACTIVE. XD Nothing illegal with that! Nothing at all! :D

Share Media is the future, for a good, honest, healthy, happy society with morals, compassion and empathy. :D

I already have enough material to convince people to leave media like BBC ON A MASSIVE SCALE!!! :O!

Replacing it with media that is:

1) Democratic.
2) Questionable.
3) Scientifically Ethical.
4) Concerned with mental health.
5) Concerned with social values.
6) Accountable media (The best catch).
7) Full of good news. :D

So what are freedom fighters waiting for? :I CHARGE!!!

Let the winds of FREEDOM fill the land!

boston tea party! Boston Tea Party! BOSTON TEA PARTY!!!

Tea to the water! We start NOW!!! :D


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