Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 13, March of 2014
Free ideas.

This page is some free standing ideas and quotes.


These are relative quotes so they apply sometimes.

Trust and love.

Quote I saw on a social network:

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... but trusting them not to.


Sometimes love is not giving anyone the power to destroy you. Sometimes love is about giving another person the power they need to make them stronger. Sometimes expecting the power to make someone vulnerable can hardly be love. Sometimes trust is not needed when there is the certainty of transparency and accountability, when there is honesty and debate.

Sometimes trust is most needed when there is uncertainty, an honesty relationship does not seek uncertainty, it seeks honesty, where the trust is less needed.

A quote about honesty.

Sometimes a person that truly feels he is being honest and righteous has no reason to fear debate. - Randal Pinto

A quote about idiocy.

Sometimes non common sense Political Correctness is a sign of idiocy. - Randal Pinto.

A quote about hate.

Sometimes hate is a very bad advisor when it comes to common sense and can easily turn into stupidity if unchecked. - Randal Pinto

A quote about channeling.

Sometimes channeling is evolving into Academic Integrity. Sometimes denying is going extinct. - Randal Pinto

A quote about Empires.

Sometimes an Empire is the ultimate type of Organized Crime Institution. Sometimes you fight it with Law. - Randal Pinto.

A quote about Science and Law.

The TRIBalance Enforcer is not only an Enforcer, but also a Strong Scientist. That is how Law prevails. - Randal Pinto

A quote about quality of thought and happiness.

Say this on a social media:

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

The quality of thoughts is based on common, on the indexes, on the order of ideas while happiness requires common, limit and relative, it requires the integrity.

Sometimes happiness depends far more than just thought. Sometimes when happiness is conditioned to ideas only then madness is a risk, when it is not being used to try to brainwash someone by trying to show off a superior organization of ideas, be it real or illusory.

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