Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 01, February of 2015
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This is a polished version of what I wrote on a social network:
Letter sent to: Delta Goodrem, Emma Hewitt, Eva Golinger

Hi friends. :)

Delta you are more than a vocalist. You are Academic Art, not just simple art. Any woman can sing, even little girls can sing, well who better than Delta friend to know that? But do they mean something to Academy and to the future? Oh, that is a very different story!

Delta friend means something to Academy and the future regardless of her errors, same for Emma and Eva. Some celebrities are far more famous than Delta at the time I wrote this, way more famous, at least FOR NOW! But they come and go because that is the business of show business, looking for something new to sell a lot.

Delta means something even if she decides not to sing any more in public, so does Emma and Eva means something even is she does not appear working for a media any longer. In fact friend Delta, some women we do not even know what they did still mean something, Sometimes for good reasons, some times for tragedy, sometimes they did not even exist!

For example at the time I wrote this good examples are:

Scientist and Artist Leonardo Da Vinci's Gioconda (Good).
Artist Vincent Van Gough's Love (Tragedy).
The Juliet character of writer Shakespeare (Did not exist).

At the time I wrote this who is going to say they do not mean something? They did not even sing at all. So whatever you do, or do not do Delta, is still going to mean something to the future, from this view, after all I am a time capsule. Made to last more than one thousand years! Easily way more! In one thousand years everything we see at present times, almost everything will be different. Almost all if not all buildings you see at present times will be long gone as cement buildings cannot last that much.

Oil as we know it now will be long gone, the resources map will be very different, it will be another world and even so, you like it or not, they like it or not, you, Emma and Eva will still mean something. The Gioconda was painted more than 500 years before I wrote this. She will easily mean something for the next 500 years and that is no small thing. That is no small achievement. Few humans ever get to that point.

That means that Delta, Emma and Eva are the three most Future Valuable celebrities alive at present times. What does that mean? That means than in 500 years almost all celebrities you know at present time will be forgotten because they will not mean something for the people five hundred years into the future. Why would they remember them? Why remember a silly nudist or a spoiled rich girl for so many years? What's the point in that?

Why would the kids, of our kids, of our kids, of our kids, of our kids even care for child molesters? Well I mean the kids of these generations of course. So people don't invent things I did not say.

I am writing about Historical Value. Delta Goodrem, Eva Golinger and Emma Hewitt have the most historical value among the celebrities of the world at present times. So you friend Delta, Emma and Eva are kind of like a living Greek Statue.
The Four Statues of the Elemental.

Delta Goodrem, Emma Hewitt, Eva Golinger and Cosmos Yemaya (My Cosmos Wife). Made to cross centuries into the future. A very long lasting memory and thus, a Fixated Relative Fact Link. Yay! As opposed to a Temporal Relative Fact Link. Fixated Relative Fact Links that last so long are extremely valuable.

So valuable that they become LIVING GEMS. Not because of what they are worth today, but because of what they will be worth to the future, see?

Each of you is a Gem, a real human walking Gem. Hmm, maybe I can play with Gems and give one to each one of you. Let's see...
Me the Transparent Diamond.
A Green Emerald for Delta Goodrem.

Personality like Nature, Naive and Strong.
A Purple Amethyst for Emma Hewitt.

Rebellion inside the blue. Quartz Root like Trance.
A Red Rubi for Eva Golinger.

A Gem of Revolution, Revolution is Red. Revolucionaria.
Art, Science and Law, with Human Nature and the Historical time. Something worth remembering for the future.

I still believe that at present times people do not believe enough about the need for debate. I see too much evading it! Well if they reject debate in the proper space then they want violence. It's as simple as that. I propose debate.

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