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Fascination for Gore.

Why do people who are supposed to have healthy minds have to read this?:
2 June 2014 Last updated at 15:29 GMT

Tahira Ahmed case: Wife 'found decapitated after row'

A mother of two found dead at her home in west London had been decapitated, the Old Bailey has heard.

Tahira Ahmed, 38, was discovered by police on 27 May in the living room of her house in Merton Avenue, Northolt after neighbours heard an argument.

A post-mortem examination found both her arms had been broken. It also found she had been stabbed and decapitated.

Ms Ahmed's husband, Naveed Ahmed, 41, has been charged with her murder and was remanded in custody.

He will next appear on 18 August.

During the hearing, the court was told the couple had lived together for 14 years.

The war against public mental health does not stop there, take a look at FoxNews today:
Girl, 4, drowns at Ohio party as guests sing 'Happy Birthday'
Published June 01, 2014 Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Police in Ohio say a 4-year-old girl has drowned in a pool during a party, apparently while guests were singing "Happy Birthday" to another child.

Columbus police say the family of Sinaia Moore found her at the bottom of the backyard pool Saturday evening in Columbus.

Authorities say many of the dozens of partygoers were singing "Happy Birthday" to a 1-year-old before adults spotted Sinaia at the bottom of the pool.

They tried reviving her until paramedics arrived and took her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Police say the girl had been wearing a float vest while in the pool, but it had been taken off.

Family members told police they thought the girl had gone inside or was playing on a trampoline.

Using dead babies again... Profiting from dead babies, nobody needs to know that, it does nobody any good, but they do it anyway to profit from the death of a baby.

It does not stop there:
Ex-con kills Virginia teen, police officer before being shot dead
Published June 01, 2014

A Virginia teenager was shot and killed on the way home from a high school graduation and a police officer gunned down by a raging ex-con who was later killed by police, authorities said.

Mark Rodriguez, 17, was killed by James Andrew Brown after he began shooting from his jeep around 11 p.m. Friday. Rodriguez was struck by a bullet while he was sitting inside his own vehicle, WVEC reported.

Rodriguez had just finished his junior year at Norfolk Christians School. He was driving home from the school’s graduation festivities when he was killed, according to the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot.

Police told the newspaper that after the teen was shot, Officers Brian Jones and Curtis Allison responded to the call, pursuing Brown to his home.

Brown, 29, opened fire from his doorway with a high-powered rifle, hitting Jones and killing him, the newspaper reported. Allison was wounded when he came to the aid of his fallen partner.

"He did everything he was supposed to do."
- Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith
Steve Koptchak told WVEC he was outside when Brown started shooting at the officers.

"It was instantaneous," Koptchak told the station. "As soon as the dude stopped the vehicle, gunfire started raining down," he said. "There was probably 30 to 40 gunshots; there was an awful lot of gunshots."

After the officers were shot, Brown fled in his jeep. The chase ended when he rammed his vehicle into a parked car. He was shot dead as he struggled with a police officer who was trying to arrest him.

Jones was on the force for five years. He leaves behind a wife, two sons and a daughter.

He's trained, he responded, he did everything he was supposed to do," said Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith, according to WVEC. "My heart goes out to the family, my heart goes out to anybody that worked with him. I'm a cop just like everybody else is. This hurts...when one of us goes, especially in the line of duty like this, it's tough."

The Virginian-Pilot said Brown was convicted of an assault on a police officer in 2010. In June 2011 the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and he was sentenced to one year in prison. In July 2012 he was convicted of carrying a loaded weapon and received a one year suspended sentence.

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim said at a press conference Saturday that police were trying to determine a motive for what sparked the violence.

There are going to be a lot of questions,” Fraim said, “and right now, there aren’t enough answers.”

In April, Rodriguez blogged about Heaven, WVEC reported. He wrote: “God is super good. I can’t wait to be with him forever."

"He was so looking forward to heaven and that is what Mark would want people to focus on and that's where he is right now. He is with Jesus," school spokeswoman Janita Smith told the station.

Dead police officers are so good for FoxNews I guess, that they gave special attention to it to maximize profits.

The colored part are parts that are somewhat related to Me.

As you can see it is highly toxic, wound producing material that depressed people and gets them mentally sick, and they do it for profit, they do it on purpose, even if they are fully aware such behavior is very damaging to society.

People who want to have healthy minds do not need any of that crap.

That is why: Academic Media is the solution.

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