Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 19, May of 2014
Fair use and the TRIBalance.

My web site is made under fair use, it means that it does not produce Me income and it is for academic purposes and so it is under open academic rights to My name.

Up till this day I have not made a single penny out of My work since I do not profit from media crime. It is a Fair Use web site and that is why it is using copyrighted material. If I used copyrighted material and was not Fair use then I would be breaking the law and profiting from media crime and that is seriously not the case.

But one thing is the Fair, Academic use of media material and another very different thing is My rights as an Academic author which I have not sold and which I have not renounced. It is an Open Academic License, but that does not mean others can use it for non Academic and commercial purposes.

So if I see anyone has been auctioning My work I am going to sue them for the amount of money they paid for My work, each and every single one of them with the help of the Venezuelan state, who is also the owner of My Academic work.

It is Academic License, that does not mean it is free, and that does not mean others can own it, it is just that Academies can share it, but it still belongs to Me, the Venezuelan state and the United Nations and no one can claim property over My work, if they did they are doing something illegal and they have to be subjected to legal procedures to reclaim My rights and what rightfully belongs to World Academy, Venezuela, the United Nations and Myself.

I do not know if anyone has illegally bought My work but if they did we are going to have trouble and I will sue them for appropriating a Fair Use material that did not make Me any money and was intended to be free for Academic use as long as the Academic procedures are followed.

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