Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 06, February of 2015
Explaining that I am not abusing Delta Goodrem.

I want to make something clear so that everybody understands. I am writing to Delta in a friendly way and it was never My intention to bother her, nor is it obligatory for her to read Me. She can always block Me or do as Emma did and express her discomfort and as soon as she did I stopped writing to her, it took only one picture for Me to understand even if it is far easier just to block Me.

Others want to portray Me as a monster, a horrible person only because I write to Delta when actually the monster is them who are rudely interfering with My personal communications with Delta. This is not something new, I have been writing to Delta for more than a year now. If there is a problem with that I solve it, I always have and I constantly repeat that I totally respect the will of Delta. Delta is not a vegetable, she has fingers and she can use a mouse to block Me on the computer.

All this time all I have done is call for respect to Delta and respect for the human condition of all women. All My communications have been decent and very respectful with her. All I have ever asked of her is to continue to be a cool role model for the youth and join @UN_Women because I believe she is good enough to be a world women empowerment celebrity.

Some people might get annoyed but they have to stop being rude. It takes two to send anything in Twitter, the sending end and the receiving end. I have tirelessly written to Delta saying that she can block Me at any time she wishes and that I would not retaliate in any way. I did the same thing with Emma, she decided she did not want My communications and now I do not write to her even if provoked by the media because I believe in the dignity of the human person, the dignity of women and the No is No.

I think it is very rude to be accusing Me and only Me simply for sharing My points of views like I have done so for so many months. If people do have complaints they can also send them to Delta Goodrem's account at @DeltaGoodrem and I have no problems with that. People that do not like My ideas, the ideas I am sharing will also try to force Me into censorship just because they do not like what I say or are forced to act because someone is not interested that people read what I want to say.

It's not that every person that complains cannot have a hidden motive of simply trying to shut Me up in a disgraceful way for Me. Specially accounts that make it clear all they want to do is shut Me up. For example I recently got a complaint from an account with a picture that says: "Hey, why don't you just shut the fuck up". It means: "You are saying things that I dislike and I wish to silence you". Nobody can say that an account that has such an image as it's main avatar image is a fan site for a celebrity, on the contrary it looks like an account of haters that do not like what I have to say.

I have been totally honest, I try not to bother anybody, I am just sharing points of views with someone who I tirelessly say She can always tell Me not to write to her. I want the campaign of intimidation and harassment against Me to stop because I do not deserve it and because it is totally unfair. I am not in any way forcing anybody to read Me and I am not in any way forcing anybody to keep silent. I have also encouraged Delta very many times to write to Me if she wishes because there is no reason why she can't since I am in no way forcing her to read Me or be silent.

Anybody that wants to claim I am abusing Delta will have to prove it because I am most certainly going to sue them or at least denounce them for defamation, attacks against My dignity as a person and an attempt to destroy My reputation.

Like I said, Delta has ten fingers, all of them are fully operational and she is a very smart woman. Nobody here is forcing anything onto Delta Goodrem and nobody here is forcing Delta to remain silent, I know because it's just Me here. As soon as Delta expresses discomfort with My messages I will stop writing to her upon her request, like I did with Emma.


I have not received any complaint from Delta Goodrem, not directly by using her account and not indirectly by using pictures, written messages or art work that indicate discomfort, directly or indirectly. I pledge to stop writing to her as soon as she wishes and that I will respect her decision and not retaliate in any way. I believe No is No.

Any other complaints send to the twitter account @DeltaGoodrem. for I am totally convinced I am not doing anything morally, spiritually, intellectually or legally wrong. The least I would ever want to do is bother Delta or inconvenience her in any way.

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