Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 18, May of 2014
Angel & Normal culture.

I have an idea of good roles that Delta and Emma can have in a TRIBalance System.

For Delta Goodrem: Angel culture.

Meaning culture that is based on Angelic lore. Good to bridge new cosmic movements like the Star Seeds, the Ascended, Indigo children, Metatron, Light Bringers, Humanity Healing and other Love and Light systems. The work of Delta will be about providing and sharing true Angel culture based on TRIBalance that other Love and Light movements can use.

Delta Goodrem is NOT adequate for fashion or magazine business, that would be a waste of her love & light formation. New spiritual movements need to return to the Angel cosmic laws and Delta can help focus them back into real Cosmos Angel art which is also compatible with normal theocracy. But it is done slowly, providing the material needed to such movements but conserving the angelic cosmos standards.

Angel culture could us a powerful help by Delta, and the Angel movements love Delta, it is a new area in the internet as well that needs to be developed and in some cases focused into the Cosmos law of how angels should really be with the angel science.

For example, there is a group called: New Age Light Jumpy Frog movement. It uses angels a lot. Well in Cosmos jumpy frogs are not accurate, to say the least, or enjoyable by normal religions but still Delta provides true TRIBalance Angel culture to them to help clean the culture and bring it back from getting lost too far off from the Angelic standards.

Groups like Humanity Healing in California would love to work with Delta, also India and Mexico among others, to provide Angel culture with the TRIBalance standard which is also compatible with Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The goal is to clean the ambient and provide more accurate Angelic culture based on Cosmos.

For Emma Hewitt: Regular Academic culture.

She administers normal culture done by Academies as a manager. The Culture manager of the TRIBalance Network. Even if every country has it's own academies, someone has to put it all together in an international site, kind of like Armada Music, and that is easy for Emma.

Both of them should stay away from fashion culture.

Anyone can have a magazine and they go broke fast as well, it does not last and it is easy to sabotage. My proposals for them are long term, very stable and fulfilling roles that empower the intelligent woman and help gain wisdom. I am sure those two are the best roles they can have and they would even enjoy it very much.

Both of them SHOULD NOT fall into the trap of a fashion business, they fall as fast as they are created and often rely on pushing the limits in a dangerous way. The goal is that Delta manages Angel culture and that Emma manages normal culture, a good job they can grow old with without having to worry about their stability and that fully complies with the high standards of the TRIBalance systems.

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