Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 03, February of 2015
A cornered and injured tiger.
The idea of killing Me to "solve" problems.

It is reasonable to think that now that I have covered a wide range of defense procedures some people feel cornered because they are all out of options. That may prompt for them to want to kill Me thinking that with that they can slow Me down, or rather slow the Re-integration of the world towards a more sustainable world in order to buy some time, or so they might say.

But there is one simple problem... Coming just a few days ahead in history there is going to be a very serious resource crisis in the world and the pressures are going to be much worse than they are now. The pressures will grow faster than the solutions and the integration would be lost, meaning that debate will be much slower. Debate a lot slower but the world's problems a lot faster, which means an overall bigger disaster and a far more uncontrollable situation in the future since the common Elemental Fact Link has been broken.

Meaning that getting rid of Me now has the powerful potential of making future consensus far more difficult than it would otherwise be since nobody would be recognized as the official common TRIBalance Institution. It only exists today because I keep it together and thus I speed the debate greatly. But without a TRIBalance Institution not only will the debate be more difficult, but it will be far more unpredictable.

Killing now Me is going to hurt future consensus and the world crisis is not about to stop to wait till people can agree. The less consensus, the more potential for a bigger and uncontrollable disaster in the future. The less debate, the stronger the hate, the less transparency in the core the less people would agree to show what they are doing, creating a far greater risk of unpredictable attacks in the future with no central agreement. It might happen that the broken consensus actually creates ideological "tectonic plates" that crash against each other because they won't recognize a common point but their own point.

It's not going to buy them time, it is going to drastically reduce the debate time and thus make the problems even worse than they normally would because the ecological and resource problems are not going to wait, they come like an unstoppable Tsunami in the horizon and humanity has a very limited amount of time to debate and prepare for the coming ecological reality shock. I function as an Institution, as a great way to speed channeling and debate, but that gone would just make the future worse, more full of hate, more conflicts, more wars, more terrorism, more hopelessness and less consensus. It's not that leaving the speed of debate out is going to make the future better, it's that making the debate slower is going to make the disasters come faster.

My situation in Venezuela.

1) Today I work in a private company.
2) I have no work contract with the government.
3) I have no work contract with the military.
4) I have no work contract with the police.
5) I did authorize Law enforcement to give Me job titles, but I have not been informed of those jobs.
6) I am just a civilian, working in a private company, unrelated to any and all Public Institution.
7) Venezuela has totally respected My freedom and I am in no way jailed.
8) Venezuela has totally respected My freedom of speech.
9) I do not ask Venezuela for money.
10) I earn close to a minimum salary.
11) I am not in any way in a Police, Government or Military job that I know of.
12) Venezuela has not bothered Me at all, respecting all My human rights at all times.

I am just a programmer working for a private company under a close to minimum salary enjoying My Constitutional Rights, which have been totally respected by Venezuela. Venezuela has given Me more Freedom of Expression than (I think) any country in the entire world would give.

About My friends Delta and Emma.

1) I have never spoken to Delta.
2) I have never spoken to Emma.
3) Delta has not for once written Me ANYTHING.
4) Emma only ONCE wrote Me ANYTHING and it was to ask Me if I could translate.
5) Both Delta and Emma have been involved in very serious situations that cannot support a vote.
6) Both Delta and Emma have been suspended for terrible behavior.
7) Not even by removing Me could that suspension be removed, on the contrary it seals all their lives, permanently.
8) To much of My knowledge all the suspicions about them towards Me was they attempting to destroy Me.
9) Both Delta and Emma were used as Counter Intelligence hunters to try to eliminate Me on My role.
10) Both Delta and Emma are highly unresponsive and irresponsible.
11) They both have been bridges to debate, about Academic Debate but did not show their face.
12) No amount of twisting and bending can give leadership merits to them about My work up to this moment.
13) They do not have any merits because they never did anything positive for the TRIBalance at all.
14) What they did do was try to destroy it, very many times between both of them.
15) They earn merit only when they actually work for it in an accountable way.
16) Not for once did they care to tell Me a single word, not a word is due to their merit.
17) Non of the content of the TRIBalance to this day can give ANY leadership to Delta or Emma.
18) The content just speaks about their IRRESPONSIBILITY, which is negative purpose.
19) Their view towards Me seems to be: let him fade away and see what we can loot.
20) Delta and Emma Characters are NOT the same as the real world persons.
21) TRIBalance site was designed as a time capsule to be most efficient 100+ years from now. No copyright then.
22) Anybody that allows any unfair merit to them is praising doing nothing but wait for an opportunity to profit.
23) Delta remains only while she can be replaced, if so decided, by a Chinese debate bridge.
24) I consider both Delta and Emma very dangerous. Reasons are in My web site.
25) Most of their danger level comes from their servitude to criminal and military imperial causes.
25) They are about as trustable as playing Russian Roulette (only 1 bullet in barrel) every month.
26) They are more dangerous than sleeping in a king size bed with two coral snakes every day.
27) All My friends are mostly characters in a work of art. Like painted women.
28) Eva is the only woman real to Venezuela thus not a Statue.

Friend is just a saying because they care to read Me.

Special note.

From now on Emma Hewitt is not My friend. She is far too fascinated with crime for My liking and it's about time I put an end to culture crime in the TRIBalance. Emma was suspended anyway and for the same reason. Now she made a song for an horrible movie, song called Fallen.

Take a look at at the description of the video of fallen that she provided:
Published on 29 Jan 2015
Releasing on VOD and DVD 2/24/2015.

Hoping to score a hefty ransom, three amateur thugs kidnap Emma Rodriguez from the home of her father, drug kingpin Carlos Rodriguez, and force her to record a video of herself pleading for her life. But what they don’t know is that the murderous blood that made Carlos a name to fear in the underworld also runs through Emma’s veins. As time ticks away and the pressure mounts, the kidnappers find themselves in more and more danger from the police, hitmen, and crime bosses, and must find a way to keep their plan in order before all hell breaks loose.

Featuring standout performances, VANish is a high-octane trip through a no-man’s-land where trouble lurks behind every turn of its twisting and twisted plot.

Emma Hewitt has been thrown out of the House of TRIBalance and I am proceeding immediately to block her account at the social network. I don't want anyone to think that I support criminal culture and sick fascination for crime. She obviously does not care a flying shit about the TRIBalance and is trying to harm Me. I don't want to make any more attempts to write to her, if she wants to write to Me fine, but she is suspended and she forced Me to unlink her from the System in order to avoid loss of reputation. I have had it with the CRIMINAL ATTITUDE of Emma Hewitt.

Emma Hewitt's steps to disgrace.

Step 1: This is what I wrote on the social media:
TRIBalance Notify001 @TRIBalanceNote1 · 10 h Hace 10 horas
@DeltaGoodrem @evagolinger Point closed, I do not even want to mention her any more. :I That book is SO CLOSED!

TRIBalance Notify001 @TRIBalanceNote1 · 9 h Hace 9 horas
@DeltaGoodrem @evagolinger I can be a friend of someone, but if that someone decides to jump off a cliff there is nothing I could do. :I

TRIBalance Notify001 @TRIBalanceNote1 · 9 h Hace 9 horas
@DeltaGoodrem @evagolinger Nah, forget mode. XD :I Yep I am like that. Brain erasing quickly. Limit kicked in. XD

TRIBalance Notify001 @TRIBalanceNote1 · 9 h Hace 9 horas
@DeltaGoodrem @evagolinger Something in My brain says: Stop right now! XD LOL! Well kind of. :P I'm out of margin see? :I Bah.

TRIBalance Notify001 @TRIBalanceNote1 · 7 h Hace 7 horas
@DeltaGoodrem @evagolinger I'll sleep a while. :) Don't be an Emma, stay very far away from crime & darkness ok? It's safer that way. :)

Step 2: I find a mystery account that says:

And it is Blocked.

Step 2:
A reminder of what I said yesterday.
A Purple Amethyst for Emma Hewitt.

Rebellion inside the blue. Quartz Root like Trance.

So as you can see what I said is linked to the new message to call Me to shut up. The P is colored as to say: No hole in the P, that is, no Me, so it is an intimidation and a provocation at the same time when it asks why.

Step 3: Today, 03 of February 2015 I enter her account because I see suspicious activity.

1) I find a video where she says she is going to do some Twerking. I do not record the videos.

Twerking is a dance that consists of raising and lowering the butt.

I then go to eat.

Step 4: I reply to the True_Indigo account.
TRIBalance Notify001 ‏@TRIBalanceNote1 2 h Hace 2 horas Ver traducción
@Do_IKnowU Let Me see, you ask Me a question and then you block Me? OH WOW YOU ARE SO SMART! XD LLOOLL!!!

Step 5: I notify I have seen an irregularity.
TRIBalance Notify001 ‏@TRIBalanceNote1 36 minHace 36 minutos Ver traducción

Step 6: Emma tries to cover her tracks and tries to run away.

Emma Hewitt proceeds to Block Me to try to hide evidences including one evidence that relates tax with a man that used to be on a musical group called POISON right after she posted the video that calls her dad a Drug Smuggler, like you saw above. Which is evidence of the Video being poison against Me as tax.

Step 7: The Indigo provocation. An attempt to fraction Me.

The True_Indigo account was blocked and even so it asked a question and it challenged Me to shut up, which means it is an open invitation for Me to use another account to enter and see what it says, using multiple personalities when I very recently made a vision against using multiple accounts because they cause schizophrenia.

So the intention was to try to destroy My credibility against using schizophrenia inducing accounts by pushing Me to use underground tunnels even if I said not to use them because they can cause psychological damage, right after I already said I was not willing to write to Emma any longer.

Step 8: Evidence Emma knows how to do that and has known for a long time.
Serge Devant feat. Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix) [Official Video]
That is the Academic Enforcer. He is doing fine walking in the light of day (totally legal) in the roads of analysis.
The sun of clarity and transparency. He has freedom to walk and to work.
But there is a lady spy behind the cameras that record him. She cannot talk to him because her purpose is to spy him everywhere he goes and she makes a bed "a comfort zone" out of spying on him.
This is the point where the Academic Enforcer finds a "TRUE_INDIGO" Room, as you saw above. The red star is a crash that invites. He was invited, just like Me:
There he sees the multiple personalities of the Spy after he crossed the door to the indigo room. That is what they wanted Me to fall into. That Room you see there is non other than the "Relative Overdosing - The Gas Camber".

Notice that he is surrounded by what looks like a green gas.
I mentions the framing. That is why the screen is in four parts. In order to frame the enforcer as a criminal that is drugged and crazy in Schizophrenia and it is also where he gets framed with poison material.
This is the point the Academic Enforcer ways no. It says: No, Emma is not real, I have had it, like I did.
The reason why he does not appear is because he is not there. What advances is his legacy under her control, thus looking back at the point he was killed in THE GAS CHAMBER.

As you can see Emma Hewitt is painted as a Fascist Falcon Criminal in that video.


Subjected to inflation like usual.

For the crimes of:

1) Conspiracy.
2) Attempted Reputation Poisoning against Me.
3) Attempted Reputation Break against Me.
4) Trying to hide her tracks to avoid Me getting evidence.

I want a restraint order on Emma to avoid her crimes against Me including Twitter clone accounts.

That is how friend Emma Hewitt is now finally free from the curse of having to haunt Me.

My true friend is the future Academy which I address when I address My work.

By the way, I recall I did denounce Paris Hilton...

Posted yesterday.

How curious.

Here is another curiosity:
Even cockroaches have different personalities, scientists find

Different personalities are thought to help the survival of the species because it increases the chances of at least some surviving when disaster strikes

[Photo of a Brown Cockroach]
The Amercian cockroach, Periplaneta americana: some are shy, while others are bold, researchers found. Photograph: Alamy

Lewis Smith
Wednesday 4 February 2015 00.01 GMT

Cockroaches may be ugly, they may be among the most loathed creatures on the planet but at least, scientists say, they have personality.

Researchers studying the behaviour of the insects have discovered that far from simply being a homogenous mass they have individual character traits.

The discovery is unlikely to change perceptions of them from skittering vermin to desirable beasts but it could go some way to explaining their evolutionary success.

Scientists observed the character traits as they studied the way the “gregarious insect” seeks shelter when they come out into the open.

If they had the same personalities they would all behave exactly the same when in the open but observations have revealed clear differences.

Some, those classified as shy, keep hidden as much as possible and seek the safety of shelter while the more adventurous are keen to explore their surroundings.

Isaac Planas Sitjà, one of the researchers from the Université libre de Bruxelles which uncovered the personalities, said: “We have categorised the observed personalities. We call them “shy or cautious” and “bold or explorers”.

“Shy individuals are those that spend more time sheltered and explore less the arena or the surroundings. Instead, bold individuals are those that spend most part of the time exploring the surroundings and spend less time sheltered.”

In a statement summarising their findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the research team said: “From studying the way they find shelter, we show that individuals have consistent behaviour which can differ between individuals in a group - cockroaches have personalities.”

Different personalities are thought to help the survival of the species because by driving different behaviour it increases the chances of at least some surviving when disaster strikes. The personalities of individuals can also, the team found, affect the behaviour of groups of cockroaches.

Cockroaches used in the tests were measured for the speed with which they found shelter and the time they spent exploring and seeking out new supplies of food.

In their natural environment the differences in personality could improve the chances of adventurous cockroaches finding extra food but simultaneously increase their chances of being preyed upon.

For the experiments researchers attached radio tags to American cockroaches, Periplaneta americana, to monitor their movements. They were kept in darkness during the experiments and were released in batches of 16 in ‘arenas’ surrounded by electrified wires to prevent escapes.

Take a look at this Maybe, maybe, also from The Guardian:
Psychology Oliver Burkeman column
Believing that life is fair might make you a terrible person
Oliver Burkeman

Faced with injustice, we’ll try to alleviate it – but, if we can’t, we’ll do the next best thing, psychologically speaking: blame the victims of the injustice

How much sympathy you have for this woman probably depends on whether you feel the universe is a just place. Photograph: Alamy

Tuesday 3 February 2015 15.15 GMT

If you’ve been following the news recently, you know that human beings are terrible and everything is appalling. Yet the sheer range of ways we find to sabotage our efforts to make the world a better place continues to astonish. Did you know, for example, that last week’s commemorations of the liberation of Auschwitz may have marginally increased the prevalence of antisemitism in the modern world, despite being partly intended as a warning against its consequences? Or that reading about the eye-popping state of economic inequality could make you less likely to support politicians who want to do something about it?

These are among numerous unsettling implications of the “just-world hypothesis”, a psychological bias explored in a new essay by Nicholas Hune-Brown at Hazlitt. The world, obviously, is a manifestly unjust place: people are always meeting fates they didn’t deserve, or not receiving rewards they did deserve for hard work or virtuous behaviour. Yet several decades of research have established that our need to believe otherwise runs deep. Faced with evidence of injustice, we’ll certainly try to alleviate it if we can – but, if we feel powerless to make things right, we’ll do the next best thing, psychologically speaking: we’ll convince ourselves that the world isn’t so unjust after all.

Hence the finding, in a 2009 study, that Holocaust memorials can increase antisemitism. Confronted with an atrocity they otherwise can’t explain, people become slightly more likely, on average, to believe that the victims must have brought it on themselves.

The classic experiment demonstrating the just-world effect took place in 1966, when Melvyn Lerner and Carolyn Simmons showed people what they claimed were live images of a woman receiving agonizing electric shocks for her poor performance in a memory test. Given the option to alleviate her suffering by ending the shocks, almost everybody did so: humans may be terrible, but most of us don’t go around being consciously and deliberately awful. When denied any option to halt her punishment, however – when forced to just sit and watch her apparently suffer – the participants adjusted their opinions of the woman downwards, as if to convince themselves her agony wasn’t so indefensible because she wasn’t really such an innocent victim. “The sight of an innocent person suffering without possibility of reward or compensation”, Lerner and Simmons concluded, “motivated people to devalue the attractiveness of the victim in order to bring about a more appropriate fit between her fate and her character.” It’s easy to see how a similar psychological process might lead, say, to the belief that victims of sexual assault were “asking for it”: if you can convince yourself of that, you can avoid acknowledging the horror of the situation.

What’s truly unsettling about the just-world bias is that while it can have truly unpleasant effects, these follow from what seems like the entirely understandable urge to believe that things happen for a reason. After all, if we didn’t all believe that to some degree, life would be an intolerably chaotic and terrifying nightmare in, which effort and payback were utterly unrelated, and there was no point planning for the future, saving money for retirement or doing anything else in hope of eventual reward. We’d go mad. Surely wanting the world to make a bit more sense than that is eminently forgivable?

Yet, ironically, this desire to believe that things happen for a reason leads to the kinds of positions that help entrench injustice instead of reducing it.

Hune-Brown cites another recent bit of evidence for the phenomenon: people with a strong belief in a just world, he reports, are more likely to oppose affirmative action schemes intended to help women or minorities. You needn’t be explicitly racist or sexist to hold such views, nor committed to a highly individualistic political position (such as libertarianism); the researchers controlled for those. You need only cling to a conviction that the world is basically fair. That might be a pretty naive position, of course – but it’s hard to argue that it’s a hateful one. Similar associations have been found between belief in a just world and a preference for authoritarian political leaders. To shield ourselves psychologically from the terrifying thought that the world is full of innocent people suffering, we endorse politicians and policies more likely to make that suffering worse.

All of which is another reminder of a truth that’s too often forgotten in our era of extreme political polarization and 24/7 internet outrage: wrong opinions – even deeply obnoxious opinions – needn’t necessarily stem from obnoxious motivations. “Victim-blaming” provides the clearest example: barely a day goes by without some commentator being accused (often rightly) of implying that somebody’s suffering was their own fault. That’s a viewpoint that should be condemned, of course: it’s unquestionably unpleasant to suggest that the victims of, say, the Charlie Hebdo killings, brought their fates upon themselves. But the just-world hypothesis shows how such opinions need not be the consequence of a deep character fault on the part of the blamer, or some tiny kernel of evil in their soul. It might simply result from a strong need to feel that the world remains orderly, and that things still make some kind of sense.

Facing the truth – that the world visits violence and poverty and discrimination upon people capriciously, with little regard for what they’ve done to deserve it – is much scarier. Because, if there’s no good explanation for why any specific person is suffering, it’s far harder to escape the frightening conclusion that it could easily be you next.

Serge Devant - Take Me With You Lyrics
(feat. Emma Hewitt)

Don't go underground without me,
Please take me to your world...
In the night I found you,
Now I walk without you

Thought I would be safer here,
But all I see is where you were...
Now the night surrounds you,
And I walk without you...

Where are you now?

I've waited so long...
With every word I called your name,
Though I know you're gone...

Where are you now?
I've waited so long...
With every word I called your name,
Though I know you're gone...

Take me with you.

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