Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 01, January of 2014
Consciousness gravity.

The more individuals are present in an area the more control is needed, but it is relative to the limit (geography and resources) the ideas (common) and the social relationships (relative). The sum of the TRIBalance relationships is the total gravity.

The amount of individuals.
Their geographical limits.
Their resource limits.
Their common ideas.
Their way to organize ideas.
Their speed of communication.
The amount of relative links.
Their amount of social interactions.
The amount of people they communicate with.
Their social collective mind.

The sum of all those things is what enhances the Academic Integrity force, which is just another name for gravity.

Gravity = The Academic Integrity force in a collective.

Gravity = The TRIBalance force in a collective.

If you add the power of choice to gravity, you create love. :) Love thus has a scientific formula.
Love = Gravity + Choice.
Faith = Micro Consciousness Love for Macro Consciousness.
Religion = The sum of the Faith of the Micro or Macro or both according to it's Common.
God = The sum of all Micro and Macro Faith.
Angel = Individual with Constructive Faith.
-Faith = Micro Consciousness Hate for Macro Consciousness.
-Religion = The sum of all -Faith of the Micro or Macro or both according to it's Common.
Devil = The sum of all Micro and Macro -Faith.
Demon = Individual with Constructive -Faith.

Clueless = Was a human. :I LOL!

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