Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 28, July of 2014
Respecting a woman's choice.

From My posts to Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt:
Friends humanity is still very barbaric. :I There are ways to fight the women slavery market place.
1) Make it's marketing illegal, not the activity, but the marketing. Why? It is better for children that way. :)
2) Remove all signs from brothels in countries where brothels can't be closed yet. Let people find it. :I
3) Make Porn illegal and use Computer Graphic Porn instead, in countries that can't abolish porn for some reason.
4) Eliminate porn from regular culture by using an Academic Regulator. A guide for parents.
5) Do an Academic Internet where sex material is walled out. If cannot remove Porn then at least make a Porn regulator. It's like Medical Marijuana. :I It's bad for health, but at least needs a doctor. If can't remove all the drug, then at least control it. It means creating a regulation entity to remove dangerous porn such as:
a) Rape Porn.
b) Necrophilia.
c) Incest Porn
d) Disgusting Shit or blood porn only sick people see.
e) Anal Porn (Helps save millions and even billions in medical care for Governments) since girls badly educated do not know that anal porn can transform into very serious health complications.
6) Remove celebrity porn or proxies celebrity of normal culture I mean, of course.
7) Remove user uploaded porn (Amateur porn).
8) Have a limited amount of artists of porn and make sure they can retire.
9) Do not use age 18 artists, but 21 instead. New adult age.
10) Create games that are not meant for porn but can be transformed into porn through back door procedures in a special private area of the game, like a house. So that the user stops seeing cartoon porn as well. XD Such a game is Sims 3 for example. Normally it is not porn. :I Have to hack the shit out of it to make it porn. :P
11) Remove porn from network and move it to a special isolated domain name or network.
12) Remove the escort web sites and their publicity.
13) Fix the Internet explorer to be able to block the "darkness web", or non Academic Internet that has the porn. Safer for children! :D
14) Set a moderator-police entity in chats & social networks to remove the horny users, specially women that sell web cam sex. Done all that, prostitution starts to decrease.
15) Close the stripper bars and sex orgy bars.
16) Boycott countries that do not want to do anything about women slavery.

Slowly and with a good strategy it is possible to reduce Bunny fever. XD It's a sickness, it can be cured and most importantly: Corrupted British OUT! Out, out, out! :I GO AWAY! HORNY BRITISH EMPIRE OF SEX! :I Women slavers!

It is possible friends to save millions of women from a sad life after 40 years of age. :) Just have to try! How to start trying? With Academic Media. :D Of course! Yay! Hahaha. Academic media requires moderation, regulation. It is not like normal media or normal internet. It must protect children! Of course. XD

I have been fighting bunny fever all My life because I have defenses against it. XD Bunny fever is deadly yet thankfully it can be if not totally cured at least partially reduced. :) It's never going to go away as long as the body wants sex, people are going to want to see sex. :I But it can be regulated with education.

Eventually it will become Medical Porn. :I LOL! Just like there is Medical Marihuana. To control the sickness.

I can think of things to remove fast. BDSM (Bondage Domination Sado Masochism) :I

Which is high sickness levels of sex. It comes from Europe & USA. There is some in Japan. It's very destructive and shows the sickness in the Europeans. :I Of course the CORRUPTED BRITISH are very known for that sexual depravity and the Germans. :I Sick people, without doubt.

Do all those things and you see women are happier, healthier and BOSS. :D Yay! Hahaha. We stand for that!

Without doubt humanity today is barbaric. :I Science cannot deny it is even more barbaric than when Rome. :I Could a Roman show dead people to it's children? :I Would he even try? No. I doubt it. Would a Roman dedicate his time to show crime to a child? No. I doubt it. :I Would a Roman show sex to a child? No. I doubt it and even so if he did, it would be with just one person. :I So today the world is far more depraved than, I think, any other time in history. :I

A world wide moral crisis. World rotting in a crisis of values partly because of the CORRUPTED BRITISH & THE CORRUPTED GRINGOS that promote GARBAGE like GAME OF THRONES. :I Fact! Undeniable! But I bet you Game of Thrones is not allowed in China. XD LOL! Of course not, because Game of Thrones is concentrated junk.

Once the moral crisis is being tackled, then automatically politics are improved see? :D Yay! & corruption is less. Less corruption, less Polarization, less polarization, less political and media conflicts. :D Yay! Less media and political conflict, happier families & more responsible people. More union. :)

That is how respecting women can help save Venezuela from a horrible future or a civil war. :D Yay!

No sense in taking the dumb Marco Rubio or Illeana Ros way. :I Trying to cure Cancer with a BASEBALL BAT! When the real problem is deep into morality, it's an educational problem. It's a moral corruption problem. :I It's an Academic problem. Due in part to Academic colonization of our country by Imperial powers. :I

So... Corrupted British OUT! :D Out, out, out! GO AWAY! :I We need OUR HOME to solve our problems between us. :) We don't need to know problems of other countries and not pay attention to our own! :I That is crap. First thing in the morning Venezuelans need is to read our totally national Academic Media. :) The: "This is our home news" :) or "Where we stand news" :D We must focus on our identity. Keeps us together see? :D

Then we have to have the choice to decide what news of what country we want to see. :I We don't have to know about Camel Fever in Arabia :I LOL! Wasted work of Neurons. Redundant info also gets the brain tired & lowers concentration. So we get to choose what country we want to read news from. :P No more "International News Agencies", get news fresh from the source. :)

Network of Academic Media, freedom of expression of Academics in all the world :D Science! Because there is a lot of space for fools, assholes, pimps & ignorant idiots in this world to communicate around the world. :I But frankly no space for Academics to network seriously between countries. :I The wise are censored, the fools are set loose and naked fucking everything they see. :I LOL! Barbaric society!

Less of a Civilization and more like a Zoo. :I Animals communicate screaming, the more they scream the more they think they are being heard. :I But has anyone stopped to listen to the awful nonsense in the screams? :I That is why World needs to evolve and have an Academic Network :) Yay! Hahaha! To wise up! To get serious.

So today's topic is about taking media to a serious level, a scientific level so that women rights are taken seriously, because they are linked: Academic level and Women Rights are linked. The more barbaric & brutal a society the more Big Muscular brute force men:

Is likely to abuse skimpy & weaker women:,1319491414,1/stock-photo-woman-in-bikini-87322183.jpg

As you can see males are stronger. :I LOL! No doubt about that. Men are more Ape. :S So in ignorant corrupt societies women are a lot more abused. :I The more brutal the society, the more abuse. In order to make skimpy BOSS be respected, it cannot be done with muscle. :I Since women are too skimpy for that. It must be done out of BRAIN! XD So only education can protect women, not brute force. Even male enforcers need to be educated for their job.

Education is the best tool women have to have women rights, obviously and the Institution of education is... :I Academy! :D Well Super Duh. :I LOL! So in short, there is not going to be women rights if Academies are crappy and Academic regulation is weak. Forget it, it's simply a farce without it.

So we see the media :I Maxim, Playboy, Vivid, Porn Star Kim Kardashian, Porn Star Farah, soft porn star Rihanna the disgusting, Lady Gaga the nudist, Britney Spears the Cabaret dancer, etc... elevating male brute force and no Academy around... :I So what happens? :I Well women get raped, sexually abused, molested, harassed, exploited, they suffer violence like domestic violence and get extorted, drugged & discriminated. :I Why? No Academy. :I

The media brings out the brutal gorilla power in men for profit and the women get to do the sacrifice in pain! I don't think that is a fun activity for you girls or any woman. :I LOL! To be the toy of a crazy brute gorilla. So if women really want to have all their rights, they have no other choice but to use Academy for that purpose because as you can see without Academic Systems women will always be victims to instinctive sexual abuse of males who are the strongest when it comes to brute force and sex is a brute force. :I It's an instinct.

So who REALLY is the culprit of sex abuse of women in the United States? The answer is obvious friends. :I

The corrupt Universities of the USA, starting with the IVY LEAGUE Universities like the Harvard Prostitute who creates the demonic "Fake Conservatives" which are not enforcers & support women slavery. So in terms of that science I just showed you when you see a brutal society abusing women at any time in history and then you see a University doing NOTHING ABOUT IT and then claiming to be the best of the world... That is shocking!

Then you have to conclude that the best of the world does NOT ignore the importance of education to stop abuse against women and you have to conclude that the University has been corrupted by the power of male brute force to support or validate women sexual slavery. Thus you come to the conclusion that the University is a whore, a Prostitute and that is why we the TRIBalance called the City of Babylonia, THE GREAT WHORE. :I Serious reasons! As you saw. :)

Harvard University... THE GREAT WHORE!!! :I Fuck you too Harvard and your horde of demonic "Conservatives" :I

So now you understand the eternal fight between the Demonic Imperial Whore Universities and the Angel Virgin Universities. :I It's not something new! XD LLOOLL!!! No... in fact it is... ETERNAL! :O! Angels of Marian Grace:

Fighting the evil Succubus Demonic Prostitutes:

:I See the horns?

The horns of the beast. Left, Right. Conservative, Liberal. Communist, Capitalist. :I Horns are Polarization.

You can see the Succubus on FoxNews. :I Sexy, nudist, tempting, corrupting women and children, corrupting justice, always stimulating male corruption and brute force with her horns always saying: Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal! Her BIG HORNS! And her wings in the media. Horny, promiscuous, selling sex, tempting men, eating people for profit, horns of polarization on her head and Angels can see them. :I LOL! Well that's a super DUH! LOL! It's always the same shit. :I Through time.

Angels have Aureoles :)

No horns XD But the Circle of Cosmos. :) Yay! TRIBalance. :D

The rest is just bullshit. :I Below Religions, Politics, Art, Philosophy, Science, Technology or whatever Mother Academy makes there is the eternal Angelic Lore. :) The Philosophy of Cosmos, the meaning of Philosophy itself. Who always was, is and will always be. Forever and ever!

TRIBalance is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

XD Makes perfect sense. XD

So Netanyanju all you need to do is wait the small of time of... FOREVER and after that you get your so called "Jewish" state. :I Hehehe, Hahaha, LOL! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's why in Hell, all you usually see is SHITS OF GOD! LLOOLL!!!

The Marian Academy is the core essence of being a Female, the source of Motherhood, the very thing that allows women to be respected and have a happy life. TRIBalance is not only the base of civilization, TRIBalance is the women's choice when it comes to being protected and respected in an educated society. :)

The Art and Science of a Master in a timeless knowledge that spawns the Integrity of Academy is like the work of an Artist Master and Teacher who's merits are not only knowing the theory but also demonstrating his art and knowledge throughout the years with the example because Integrity and Mastership requires the experience and example.

Is it "Bring back our girls" or is it "Bring back ALL THE WOMEN IN THE WORLD?"

Check Mate.

Bye, bye Dinosaurs. Time to respect women.

That is why Academic Media, Academic Integrity and Academic Independence are the solution for a healthy, happy & civilized world for happy, healthy and dignified women.

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