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Chinese inspired Gazan Solution linked to women.

From My social network posts:
Hi :) Well I looked into the media & have some comments to make. But first I wanted to make something very clear. The people that are in Gaza are being killed only and exclusively because Israel is a murderer country, because the USA is a murderer country and so too Europeans are murderous countries.

No other scientific reason. Israel is a crusade. :I A religious crusade. The problem has not been discuses by serious scientists. That problem is under control by crazy, insane people rotting in extreme bigotry and fanaticism. :S

There are solutions that can help solve the issue that are not even considered and it is because Israel is a murderous nation. Those solutions require compassion & Israel is not willing to have it.

The solution is: Open a vacuum of hope. Even if Gazans reject it, a vacuum of hope should always be open.

How do to a vacuum of hope? Build buildings, new, cheap but comfortable on the East side of Palestine. But those new buildings are NOT for the people in the East side of Palestine. XD They are for the people of Gaza. Build a lot of them, to host at least 1000 families. Ok it might seem impossible... Really? Is it so? :I

:I It's not impossible, it is totally possible, see the invaded Tower of David in Venezuela is being evacuated. All the families there are being moved to houses, there are 1000 families. :I IN JUST ONE FUCKING BUILDING!!! The building had just 29 floors. :I Out of a possible 40+ floors! :O! So let's do the math here. XD

So one freaking tower of 40+ floors can host THE ENTIRE GAZAN POPULATION! :I Make as wide as needed, add running water, add elevators, add good electricity, add AN AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, add a POOL! Add a School, add a video game center and give EVERYONE a Laptop computer and STILL it would not be as expensive as the horrible mess they have today. :I In fact it would be far cheaper to maintain that that stupid war of hate!

Just one, ONE interceptor rocket costs 60,000$ :I That is what a whole cheap apartment costs! :I AND THEY THROW 1000! So if you ask Me how to solve the issue, I create the hope vacuum building. XD A nice very cool building on the East side. Make it as cool as possible and as wide as possible.

Tower of David used up little space, no reason why it can't be double or four times the width. The space it occupies is small. I put all the commodities mentioned and throw in furniture too! XD And even electro domestics appliances. LOL! Then I close the new building. XD Yay! No one allowed!

I use the building as a bargain chip with Gazans. XD That is called a Vacuum of hope. :P It's not meant to work in the short term, it is meant to work in the LONG term, because you have to wait for people to get it into their brains. It's on the east side of Palestine but it is Palestine anyway! :P You put the building too far from Israel to be used to launch rockets and no windows towards Israel just in case. XD

Then you tell Gazans: "You are living in misery because you want to!" :OOO!!! "Look at this nice apartment you could have easy!" XD LOL!

After some time of that Gazans will start revolting against Hamas leadership. Because they are being moved to Palestine so no problem with that. :I But a prettier side of Palestine. XD Far more comfortable. XD Temptation builds up. XD Then offer to move 200 families at a time as long as they agree to taking down the old buildings they leave behind. :P After some time, most likely 200 families will accept the pressure. XD The least stupid. :I LOL! For real. XD Then they move, buildings taken down on the Gazan side. Makes it easier for more people to want to move. :P

And if they do not, then they understand they live in misery because they want to, not because they are forced. :P Eventually as the Gazans see how the people that moved live they believe in change, so more move, until all of Gaza is evacuated. XD The East side has nice and cool with comfy super buildings. :) Which are far less expensive to maintain than a constant war and tensions. XD Then you build more such buildings for the rest of Palestinians. XD

You put the Palestinian army at bottom floor for control & police and a surveillance system. You put birth control using cheap methods women can agree on. You give them a good life, which is cheaper to give than the bad life they now have. :P The cost of the entire building is less than the losses of the Israeli economy in one year. :I LOL!

To trade bad land on the west for good land in east Palestine. XD Even if the Gazan leadership does not want to, does not matter! XD At least the "lack of compassion" argument won't work any more! XD "You suffer because you want to" the new idea. :P

So why not create the temptation of moving to a better life that builds up in time? Why not even try? Simple.

Because Israel has only one interest. TO KILL EVERY SINGLE PALESTINIAN. GENOCIDE is what they want. Murder they need and of course the Criminal Crusaders in the United States and the Nazis in Europe support that massacre.

You think they don't? You think the Europeans are still ethical? :( That's sad if you do, I will prove they are not.

Game of Thrones. A Pornographic, bad taste show full of violence, blood, intrigue, sin, filth & staffed in part by prostitutes of the Porn Industry... Sponsored, supported & marketed by non other than THE QUEEN OF BRITAIN!!! It's a Queen, yes, A QUEEN promoting a FUCKING BROTHEL SHOW!!! You know, I have had enough of that BULLSHIT!

That is the ethics people expect them to have towards the Palestinians? For God's (Consciousness Integrity) sake they can't even have ethics with their own people!!! What are we talking about here?

What is the Game of Thrones exactly?

It is an attempt to make CRIMINAL MONARCHY FUN!!! :I That is really all there is to it. Simple really.

So if they have no compassion to their own people and do not even CARE about the basic rules of DECENCY then there is no hope at all they could even care about the Palestinians. I proved My point. Simple as that. Do not ask for compassion from countries that run a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR PROSTITUTION INDUSTRY selling their own daughters in the market place. :I With the rulers doing nothing about it AND NOT EVEN TRYING!!! So as you can see if there is a brutal unethical attack against the poor in those countries, it is obviously going to happen in Gaza.

If they don't care about morality & example with their own people, obviously they won't care about Gazans and if they don't care... THEY JUST LEAVE THEM TO DIE!!! And that is exactly what is happening as the Porn states send millions of dollars and business to Israel to help it KILL PALESTINIANS. No compassion at all.

That is to all the fools that think there is no solution to the problem. The problem is INTENTIONAL!

Jail to Queen Elizabeth of Little Britain for very severe crimes against human values, social principles & ethics.

Game of thrones could hardly be more DISGUSTING, REPULSIVE, SOCIALLY DESTRUCTIVE and of BAD TASTE!!!

That is the kind of weasels Chinese supports? :I I am sure China will be wiser. Ethics is MOST IMPORTANT!

So today I offer as a consultant My solution to My Chinese friends on the Gazan problem. :D Yay! Hahaha. I will call it: The compassionate Chinese solution to the Gazan tragedy. Dedicated to Chinese friends. :D

Because if compassion is needed, YOU DON'T TRUST PEOPLE THAT SELL THEIR DAUGHTERS IN THE MARKETPLACE! :I You find people that care about their women and children and you know they have compassion and EXAMPLE of it too! I can't think of a better country to showcase respect to their daughters than China, so I dedicate it to them.

It probably takes just four or five buildings to solve all of the Palestinian tragedies and miseries. :I

Selfishness, Arrogance, Hate, Discrimination, Lack of Compassion & Lack of ethics is why those people suffer so much and the suffering is more expensive than the solution. But they don't care. See the truth clearly. Not a window of hope for the Gazans... BUT TO DIE!!! I do not stand for that crap! A hope vacuum must be made.

The Angel solution is giving the Palestinians a decent life & all their human rights. Education and health.

The Israel solution is to make their lives as miserable as possible and punish them because they are not Jews.

I still can't find a single Jew in Israel. NOT ONE!

I only find a fake, Commercial Jew Brand made in USA, copyrighted.

Hebrew Me. King of Hebrews. TRIBalance Cosmos and the source of all that is real in the Jewish. Fake Jews are Pharisee. Corrupted Jews by Empires are Pharisee. The Bible says it clearly, I should not have to repeat it.

Jesus is considered a Prophet by Islam. Islam recognizes Jesus. Islam does not recognize the USA Jew Brand and the people of Israel must stop being victims of religious fraud & slavery in a fake Corporate Demonic religious sect.

I am not Anti-Semitic, I am the REAL Jewish and Hebrew. Semitics are Palestinians. Invaded by EUROPEAN AND UNITED STATES GREED.

With the real Scientific Christians, the real Scientific Hebrews & Jews and the real Scientific Muslims I demand Netanyanju steps down for his war crimes against Humanity and against the Jewish people, who he has as slaves in that religious demonic, corporate sect he runs who violates most of all the Cosmos Laws & Angel principles.

Give dignity and rights to the Palestinians and the problem gets solved. They just don't want to, they want DEATH!

We stand for Cosmos in the Sky, Justice in the clouds, Earth of Human Rights and Academic seas.

The United States is one of the countries that takes down Christian crosses all around the country in the name of Human Rights for the benefit of Atheists and at the same time support religious discrimination, religious slavery and religious extortion in Israel in the name of religion.

Lack of ethics of European Leaders fuels the Gazan tragedy.

Allow Me to prove such lack of ethics is very real.

The despicable sex show and cultural conspiracy against the people of the United States.

Empires of immorality, sex as a slavery tool.

Look at the Candy the British are marketing in order to make monarchy fun:
At least six current or former porn stars have appeared in Game of Thrones
4 MONTHS AGO APRIL 08, 2014 11:41AM

THE guys behind Game of Thrones have gone to interesting lengths in their efforts to cast the right actors.
For example, in season four, the character Gregor Clegane will be played by an Icelandic strongman competitor called Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. The man has never acted before in his life.

Meanwhile, at least six female characters on the show have been played by current or former porn stars.
Warning: Their may be some spoilers below, depending how much Got you’ve seen.


Kekilli appeared as a guest star in season one, and has since become one of the show’s regular characters. The German native plays the role of Tyrion Lannister’s mysterious, headstrong lover, Shae.
Kekilli appeared in a series of adult films more than a decade ago.


Bentley is a British porn star who has won several awards for her work in the adult industry. She was even crowned “Best Female Performer” at the UK Adult Producers Awards last year. Bentley has been named in the show’s official cast, but her role has not been specified yet.


Jensen entered the adult industry in 2011 and was named “Best Newcomer” at the Producers Awards the following year. Much like Bentley, she has been included on the list of cast members for season four, but we don’t know who she’ll play.


Walker is an Australian amateur porn star with a penchant for “costume play”. She will appear as one of Craster’s wives in season four. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you’ll know Craster as that creepy wildling who lives north of the wall.


Dee is another British porn actor. She played the character Daisy, one of Petyr Baelish’s prostitutes, after joining the Game of Thrones cast in season two, and was famously on the receiving end of King Joffrey’s sadism. Dee will not be appearing in season four.


Knight worked as a clothing technologist for six years before joining the adult industry. She was then hired to play another of Baelish’s prostitutes. Knight appeared in one of the show’s most controversial (and popular) sex scenes, alongside Esme Bianco, but her role ended in season two.

Now doing activism against the culture of sexual exploitation & sex slavery is a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY ACTIVITY? :I

What is this trying to sell?:
Samantha Bentley, Cast of Game of Thrones.

A Real Feminist believes Porn should be removed from regular culture. That is a must. Women deserve respect.

Sex in Game of Thrones.

Now take a look at the kind of material that is shown in the "Game of Thrones". These images I got from the miniature view of the list available at the video site Youtube:

Now you can better understand why they needed six Porn Actresses in the Game of Thrones movies.

Now for the textual description of parts of Games of Thrones:
Why That Controversial ‘Game of Thrones’ Rape Scene Was Supposed to Be Disturbing
by Britt Hayes

Much discussion has been sparked today following an eyebrow-raising sex scene (to say the least) in last night’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘. In “Breaker of Chains,” incestuous and morally corrupt siblings Jaime and Cersei Lannister do what incestuous and morally corrupt siblings do best, but there was something very different about the dynamic between the two this time around: namely, it played out as a borderline rape (watch the scene in question here). But, things are much more complex than that in ‘Game of Thrones,’ particularly between these two characters. Given the world’s proclivity for the graphic exploitation of women, the scene is definitely scandalous.

“Breaker of Chains” finds Cersei mourning Joffrey’s corpse in the holy sept, where her father, Tywin, comes to claim her last remaining son, Tommen, and immediately begins instructing him on his new duties as king — it’s a moment that adds insult to injury, and we see Cersei more vulnerable and broken than ever before, a far cry from the typical calculating ice queen. When her brother Jaime comes to comfort her and the pair are left alone in the sept, she kisses him before retreating, looking upon the body of her dead sontheir dead son — and it’s a world of complex feelings in Lena Headey’s face: a grieving mother, a lover who felt abandoned when her brother went off on a quest, and since he’s returned, things haven’t been the same between them romantically, especially since he’s missing his sword hand, a symbol of masculinity lost.

Things take a turn in that moment, and Jaime forces himself upon his sister, who seems to reciprocate his kisses but says “no” several times and adds “it’s not right” before eventually relenting. Under real-life circumstances, regardless of whether or not the two were in a consensual relationship at all, no means no, and what Jaime did would be considered sexual assault. But, this is the world of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and this is Westeros, where women are subjugated for the pleasures of men and men are locked in an endless battle over lands and titles, the things that define them, in their world and often in our own, as men.

Cersei, like some of our favorite female characters on the show, is different than the naked prostitutes decorating the background of many episodes: she’s a woman who knows that her sexuality is a weapon in a male-dominated world, and so to see her weakened and taken advantage of in this scenario is meant to be jarring and uncomfortable, especially since she’s being taken on the floor next to her son’s corpse. She’s a woman who typically has full agency over her body and goes to great lengths to manipulate the circumstances around her to remain in power — to see her in mourning gives us pause, but to see her relinquish full control of her body to a man is alarming.

It may be even more difficult for fans to digest the scene, given Jaime’s story of redemption over the last two seasons and his journey with Brienne, which allowed us to understand his motivations. He’s gone from the ruthless villain who pushed young Bran Stark out a window for catching him having sex with Cersei, to a fully human and empathetic character — a guy you can actually root for. This is why it’s so hard for people to believe when star athletes are accused of rape; you don’t want to believe the guy you’ve been championing is capable of such a horrible thing, so you start to rationalize the situation and blame the victim.

But, there it is: Cersei’s not really a victim here. Part of the sexual dynamic between Jaime and Cersei is that they’re both getting off on how immoral their relationship is — they have to or else they wouldn’t be engaged in the relationship at all. When Cersei tells Jaime in “Breaker of Chains” that it’s not right, we’re meant to understand that she means that it’s not right to have sex in the sept, where they could be caught by their father or one of the priests, and especially not next to the dead body of their child. It’s not that Cersei doesn’t want to have sex with her brother – as evidenced by how she kisses him passionately and grabs him – it’s that she doesn’t want to have sex with him then and there. But a no is still a no, and even though she relents and seems to enjoy herself, we’re meant to understand that this is Cersei being taken against her will.

George R.R. Martin’s portrayal of the scene in ‘A Storm of Swords’ makes Cersei’s feelings more clear, as it is written that she is enjoying herself, only protesting “about the risk, the danger, about their father, about the septons, about the wrath of gods,” before she instructs Jaime to have sex with her quickly before they are caught. In that way, Cersei is given more agency, but the show’s portrayal, while seemingly very similar, becomes vastly different in tone with the change in dialogue. In an interview with HitFix, episode director Alex Graves does nothing to illuminate the intentions of the scene, and his comments are a bit irresponsible given the subject matter:

Well, it becomes consensual by the end, because anything for them ultimately results in a turn-on, especially a power struggle. Nobody really wanted to talk about what was going on between the two characters, so we had a rehearsal that was a blocking rehearsal.

Critics have accused the show of exploiting women, but to be fair, the world of Westeros is one in which women are often and unfairly exploited and have little to no power, which is why characters like Cersei, Daenerys, Margaery, and Ygritte are so compelling. For those who have been offended by the rampant female nudity on the show, the Cersei and Jaime sex scene does nothing to quell fears that ‘Game of Thrones’ has a problem with women. But, the world they’ve established is a mythical one evocative of medieval times, and given the strength of so many of their female leads and how hard they fight against the male powers that be, it seems unfair to accuse the showrunners of misogyny when the misogyny itself resides in the fiction. Yes, the treatment of women is unfair, and yes, the women are exploited, and yes, it is uncomfortable to watch Jaime forcefully have sex with his own sister next to the body of their dead son (who was born of that incest, no less) — we’re meant to be discomforted and bothered by these things.

If ‘Game of Thrones’ wasn’t inspiring these endless debates and conversations about singular plot points, then it wouldn’t be a very good show at all.

As you can see aside from Incent the Game of Thrones is used as a tool for the cultural colonization of women and thus women slavery and sexual exploitation.

It is on purpose and it has endorsement.

Endorsement of the Game of Thrones movie series.

Take a look at who is endorsing the Game of Thrones, which as you saw is a terrible, bad taste, vulgar, disgusting, immoral and socially destructive movie that also promotes abuse towards women:

That if the Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, endorsing, supporting, shaking hands and doing international marketing on the press to the Game of Thrones, which promotes sexual abuse, rape, incest, sexual exploitation of women, prostitution, endorses pornography and promotes the slavery and oppression of women, as you clearly saw with the material above.

Conclusive evidence of the practice of Imperial Cultural Colonization of Women.

As you can see My words are well explained and with conclusive evidence of a crime against women to help enslave entire populations and have them worship Monarchy. A terrible damage has been done to women rights in the world and the right of women to live a life without violence.

That is why:

Academic Integrity, Academic Media and Academic Independence is the Solution.

We stand for the well being of all Women, their human rights and their right to live respected and in happy families where culture does not incite sexual abuse against them.

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