Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 24, May of 2014
Bitches and babies.

The use of babies to get prostitution into a woman's mind.

Baby pictures go deeper into a woman's mind than most of the content in a corrupt celebrity sex web site like TMZ. So babies are used to enhance the attraction that women feel towards the web site which is heavily related to sex, thus using babies to increase the immorality of women.

Take a look at this:
TMZ's Beachin' Baby
5/24/2014 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sand filled photos poured into the TMZ newsroom for our annual Beachin' Baby Contest -- and one thing is for sure... they are SPF-in' adorable.

Be sure to check back on Monday to vote for which beachin' baby will score the $250 prize and some super-awesome wicked-excusive -top-secret gifts from TMZ!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**

Provided TMZ is the Island in the middle of a sea of people the babies help to "shore" or attract people to the web site and the depraved sexual life that is often portrayed in such web sites, specially to women.

Beachin' in that sense is literally "Bitching babes" or "moral corrupting babes".

Sand is just the things in common between the people and the island. The use of the word adorable tries to enhance the attraction of women.

The picture itself is a baby, or deep subconscious of the woman consuming a leaf, which in this case it the web page.

The secret thing is to try to make it less obvious, the mind of the woman focuses in "trying to find" instead of seeing the obvious use of babies to bind them to prostitution or the presence of babies where they should not be and this avoid a scandal. The use of the word wicked is just a distraction so that women do not think the use of babies is wicked in a sex and crime web site like TMZ.

Now, let's look at the first four pictures that were displayed to understand the message a lot better.

Picture number 1 and it's meaning:

The main feature of that first picture is the glasses, the eyes. It says: Look it is so adorable see?

That is the catch.

Picture number 2 and it's meaning:

Baby is about to eat something. Be about to eat this, it says. Be ready to consume green it says.

Picture number 3 and it's meaning:

A baby crying. That image has one powerful effect on women, it increases their attention. When a baby cries like that women immediately activate their awareness in the brain.

Message says: Be very aware of the next picture.

Now let us see that about the consume green message in the second picture.

Picture number 4 and it's meaning:

It says: The environment (green) you have to accept is vice. Vice is represented with a bottle of liquor.

So as you can see the messages are:

1) Look it is so adorable.
2) Be ready to consume green.
3) Be very aware.
4) Consume vice (Be vicious).

So as you can see the first four pictures are totally in line with the "corrupting babes" text on the page, trying to link babies to vices, using the subconscious mind of women to pull her into vices, and vices is what TMZ is all about.

It is to use babies to pull women into drugs and prostitution.

Now that has a very different effect on the common male brain.

Babies are vices message on the male brain makes babies vicious thus increases PEDOPHILIA in weak male minds, thus increasing child sexual abuse in all of society.

As you can see there is nothing innocent about all that, it is deliberate, it is a psychological crime, a mind crime that helps destroy society by promoting vices, depraved behavior and pedophilia.

Just because of that and the collective damage they are doing, the Staff of TMZ should GO TO JAIL and as a matter of fact they would if they were in Venezuela because here that is clearly extremely illegal.

Babies simply do not belong next to drugs, sex and violence.

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