Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 15, May of 2014
An obvious solution.

There is a way to solve the problem in Venezuela. It is actually very simple and consists of the following steps:

1) I get the Ad Honorem that I have around the world and in My country.
2) I get named a UNESCO ambassador.
3) I am made the Director of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).
4) I get the money I earned suing and offer it to the kids.
5) I get International help and money to offer to the kids.
6) The kids accept Me as the new director of the UCV.
7) Then I make all decisions with the UNESCO and the UN, Government, Student body and Political parties.

I short, I become Director of the UCV so that UNESCO can channel through Me in a way that it is made with adequate world supervision. I just serve as the Eye and Channeler of the UNESCO and it's main advisor.

In other words, connect the Unesco to the UCV for repairs through Me, and together we can fix it on a global scale and with global democracy under international supervision, which is the very best way to do it for the United States and America in general, all of it anyway and it solves the University corruption problem in a way that is not dangerous to the Venezuela or the USA and others while we set up Brain systems in the Americas.

Fix the extremely corrupt Central University of Venezuela with the UNESCO though Me. Best deal possible.

If the offer is indeed accepted money can be used to BUILD A POLICE ACADEMY INSIDE THE UCV as well, so the kids learn to work in collaboration with police as friends and Police Academy do not have to have weapons anyway. So it also serves the police.

If the offer is accepted I take the job, then I fade into the background and let others read the words I say, like a speaker, kind of like the White House has it's speaker. That way it is safer because it avoids my natural intense behavior and we can discuss what will be read on the table before it is published.

An Independent Academy in Venezuela working with the UNESCO directly is the way to calm the students in Venezuela, no matter what political party. Just have to trust in Me like they have trusted in Me so far for all these years in an ethical defense of Venezuela.

Then I can work in the background which is almost like retiring and let others function as speakers, others than are not volcanic... LOL!

Channel UNESCO and the UN through Me in the UCV as a Director and it would be possible to fix it, being that the kids will be happier and the student energy gets channeled in TRIBalance systems.

I think it is the best possible solution, lets clean the UCV with UNESCO and the UN. :D

How can that be bad for anyone and who better than Me to do it?

Garcia Arocha is not qualified anyway as an honest person and she has a Boycott over her. To make it fun I can offer the kids since day one to be totally transparent on everything I see of the money flow in the University even if money is missing or insufficient. I think the kids would love to see light return to the UCV and who better to do that than a Light Master Angel? Also since UNESCO supervises, Mary is Boss. :D Yay!

I think that is the very best way to do it, and it upgrades the UCV, something that police all over the world would appreciate and I am already an expert in Academic Systems. Besides Garcia Arocha is already over her time as a Director, she had elections due two years ago.

I can sign a paper granting her Amnesty a far as I can.

That I think is the wisest solution since if one is fixed, all the others want to do the same and then the network if upgraded.

So lets do a UNESCO, UN and TRIBalance alliance to upgrade the Venezuelan University! :D Yay! Kids get what they want, more freedom and everybody happy. Being done like that solves the problem and as a prize for being transparent we get invited to join in networks to other Universities, making kids even more happy to be honest.

I think it's the best possible solution to land that plane in the best way and I can upgrade the UCV to a very awesome University. :D


I will not accept ANY legal charges if it is not done that way. So the evidence is here that I stand by the ship I accused of being corrupt in the full intention of repairing it if responsible people help Me.
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