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Baptism of TRIBalance
Agua Bendita (Holly water).

Honesty can be educated: Expressing a Token of Appreciation and Compromise for Core Academic Values.

It is required that all TRIBalance members make a essay of each of the topics shown below in order for them to be initiated into the TRIBalance. Every TRIBalance member must do the essay once again every ending of a year. I set the date for the essay to be started at December 29 of every year (2 days before the end of the year). The essay can be short or long for each topic but each topic must have more content than the content of this page. Every essay must have the signature of at least seven witness that certify it is good. The person sends or uploads the work on that day and has had potentially all year to do it.

No TRIBalance can be initiated if they first do not do the essays. The initiation essays must have more content than what is required at the end of the year essays and it must have thirteen times more content than this page, for each topic. Everybody that does not do the initiation essays cannot be a TRIBalance and will not receive the initiate certification until that requirement is satisfied. All the people that want to institutionally debate with the TRIBalance including those that work for media organizations must do the essays as well.

Students of a TRIBalance can have access to the Token of Compromise of their teachers. Elementals do not do the token of compromise because their compromise is every day and their job is to observe.
The Token of Compromise.

Young sex for the old people.

The older men in a society must not be forced by culture to give a disproportionate attention to young women that might cause the young men to find it harder to find a good young women.

Porn for the kids.

Everything that is related to sex that cannot be shown in a classroom in the school for children is pornography.

Academic Philosophy delegating.

Academic Integrity is the same as Academic Independence. An Academy that has Integrity does not have to depend on the Integrity of another foreign Academy.

Violence in the media for profit.

There is no need for crime on the media. An ethical, accountable media does not rely on torture.

Vice in the media.

A media that gives space to promote vices is a media that asks the people to be vicious.

Freedom of Expression.

Freedom of expression consists in the freedom to express oneself in relation to the expression of another, taking into account the level of responsibility.

Casinos and gambling.

Schools educate people to be honest students in order to become workers with merits for society. Easy money without the need for studying or without the merit of working is not promoted by any school or active academic that works for a school that is true to it's principles.

Corruption in the media (Hidden messages).

An accountable media and thus a not corrupt media is transparent in it's intentions. Art is allowed to have symbols.

Using the media to send occult messages to somebody else without the user knowing about that is using the media to lie to the user and abuse the trust the user has given to the media. An Institution that uses this practice and promotes it's use also helps propagate lack of accountability and thus corruption.

An accountable media on the internet (Responsibility of a media).

To be responsible is to respond for the actions that were made in the past. On the internet a responsible media is that which gives access to the memory of it's actions, including the form of the pages on a given date.

Temples (collective consciousness institutions) and Pornography.

A Temple is an Institution of Collective Consciousness Integrity. Human values are the pillars of social and individual Academic Integrity. A religion is an Academy and like all academies it's first compromise is with the human values educated to children.

The opinion of a news author is not a news.

News is about presenting the actions and opinions of others. Personal opinions must be located in a separate section.

Being fair and balanced.

To be fair is to allow the people that are subjected to opinions to be able to reply back, even if on a linked web page. To be balanced is to have a debate where all parts of the debate have all the time they need to debate. Internet has plenty of space to detail a long debate in text form, even is some of it is not on video.

Fairness is also about the type of relations that exist between the TRIBalance.

There are the TRIBalance that depend of the Merits of other non-elemental TRIBalance.
There are the TRIBalance that do not depend on the Merits of other non-elemental TRIBalance.

The TRIBalance that do not depend on the merits of another non-elemental TRIBalance still have to do the token of compromise, but does not need to show it to another specific person.

The TRIBalance that do depend on the merits of another non-elemental TRIBalance must show their token of compromise to the other non-elemental TRIBalance involved.

Educating dignity (Allowing others to express themselves).

A part of educating dignity is about educating the need to allow other people to express themselves.

Collective Social systems are transparent.

Among the types of systems in a society some systems are selfish social systems, others are collective social systems. The collective social systems are transparent.

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