Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 26, July of 2014
Apocalypse is now. Let there be Light.

The tale of the beginning of the end for an unsustainable system.

From My social network post to Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt:
Hi :) Yay! BOSS Delta happy. :) Remember back in the old days where people thought good girls were boring? XD

The tide was strongly against the good girls. A very dark and dangerous world for the good celebrity girls. :I Was very scary to be sexy and a good celebrity, well you both know that. So much sexual harassment. :(

But thanks to your bravery and My "medical" skills that consists basically in kicking demon ass... XD LOL... I now can say we turned the tide the OTHER WAY. :D Yay! Hahaha! :) Now Latin America, the biggest market for the US cultural Industry wants healthy soul food, integral spirit bread XD Good healthy music :) That is only going to GROW. Can't see it much today, oh but it will grow. :D Children start to matter, their health and as days go by, they will matter more. Because to survive the future one must be sustainable and it is not possible to be sustainable without a brain. :I So brains matter a lot more as the days go by. :D

We just managed to transition the system in the best, lest violent, less traumatic way. :) Peacefully.

Yes I know, to some I might not look peaceful. :I LOL! But take into account that very few ever saw Me do it, saving the future drama of a system crash for everyone to see. :) Hidden evolution for most people in the world and I would have been very hard to do if you were not brave and BOSS. The change is irreversible now. We Latins know what we want and we have friends like China who will work to convince us even more that it is what we need.

It is called: Decency, in culture. It is called family values. It is called Human Values without which there cannot be any Human Values. Values is what one gives, Human Rights is what one gets. If a society does not give then there is nothing to get. It's like tax. XD Can't claim money if no one pays to raise the money. :I

Yea I know My chronology was deleted AGAIN :I It's a feature of My freedom of expression... LLOOLL!!!

Anyway I don't see how any serious scientist cannot see the urgent need for an Academic Core in society. :I It's kind of hard to explain why we don't need a brain... LLOOLL!!! In an age where schools must go online. As they go online, everything is going to change. Internet changed the very core of humanity, I just gave an instruction manual of how to surf it. XD How to survive in it, the Science of Cosmos. :) Because I am a Cosmos, duh.

A new age of High Tech, specialized celebrities for medical purposes in society is just opening. The Anti-Cancer drones. XD Of which you two are the first pioneers. :) But there will be thousands later on. Medical celebrities, specially in countries that want to take full advantage of their moral advantage in culture, like China. :)

China has the right to ask everyone to trash junky US culture because China produces better products. :) Nothing wrong with that. Food Industry does it all the time. XD "Low on fat, low on sugar, 100% natural, etc". Green culture! :D Yay! Hahaha. There is no way to stop that, no way to stop people from wanting to eat healthy and nature is going to push with ecology to force humans to be sustainable. :) The message is not subtle. Nature says, kindly, lovingly, cuddly, motherly, cutely: "EVOLVE OR DIE!!!" Like she does so often to all creatures. :I Specially when they insist on being unsustainable. XD It's nature's way to nag it's naughty children. XD As you can see this is the time nature says "Evolve or die!", what TRIBalance called APOCALYPSE. Simple really.

Because even the fire of corruption has a limit. Even the evils of hell have a limit. No wood, no fire. :I

So how can BOSS not be happy? :D We changed human culture around the planet for centuries to come! :D

It was a very dangerous world to be a decent women celebrity, now the tides have turned and it is becoming a very dangerous world to be a bad girl in culture. XD Sure, slowly, but the tide has changed and I am not dumb, I know perfectly well Little Britain is behind much of the cultural corruption in the USA or WAS behind. :I Because gringos are starting not to like it at all. I can see the rift opening, a breach in trust in a world where the health of children starts to be very important to be able to survive the future. :)

In a world where even if they don't say it China is going to start to shit on the USA for it's criminal, irresponsible behavior towards children. Because simply put that is DISGUSTING & REPULSIVE!!!

Then as Schools and Academies propagate on the Internet more and more teachers start to express concern. Teachers will start saying: "What? You going to put children to swim in THAT LATRINE? :OOO!!! SICK!!!" and it will happen the day (for example) that due to lack of physical schools the third grade elementary school must be offered over the internet with home schooling. Better strategy to recover the ones out of education.

Then the teachers will say: "WHAT? You are seriously thinking of leaving a child on THAT INTERNET? :O!". It's like leaving a child in a bathing suit under a radiant sun and tell him to take a bath in NY sewers, for a teacher. :I If the world cannot make a safe internet for children then they will have to leave millions of children behind & less educated. Country that does that, is bound to go obsolete fast in a competing world with countries that do aggressively pursue education on children that do not have a desk to sit on in school and as the schools go online there is a need for proper art good for children because computers are multimedia.

So as you can see the winners in the education race go for a cleaner internet & culture for winner kids! :D Hahaha! I do not think the USA wants to be winners :I I think they want to be very lame LOSERS :O! That is why China keeps getting high scores in education and academic achievement while the USA just falls & falls pathetically all the way to China being the first world nation of highly educated geeky nerds and the USA a third world country like Somalia. :I But is it China's fault? NO! Nobody told the US to shit on their kids & sexually abuse them! :I

The kids don't need Demoncrazy, kids just need to learn HOW TO BE COOL! :D Yay! Hahaha! To be BOSSES. XD

Think about a Chinese kid. XD He turns on the computer, the amount of junk is WAY LESS! XD Drastically less. XD He does not have to worry about adult problems all over the world, bombs, criminal marketing, CNN lust for blood, etc. He has a safer, better environment. :) So his brain is cleaner and learns more. :D Less infections. :) That is the REAL reason why Chinese kids excel. Simply because they live in a cleaner environment. :)

The USA Internet on the other hand is EXTREMELY TOXIC. It is a HAZARDOUS AREA. So the USA issues this look: …

They call it Parental Control Software. XD LLOOLL!!! Lame & stupid solution. :I Crippled.

I will translate to Rocker language. It means: "Don't like the POOL OF SHIT? Here, wear this: …"

:I A Hazmat suit to navigate in the shit... LLOOLL!!! What an awesome solution!... :S FAKE!!! Idiot's solution. It reminds Me of Cameron the Prime Minister of Little Britain the country of the BBC News, the pathetic child abusers where they eat dead babies as breakfast.

The so called world leader Cameron proposed to issue Hazmat suits for free for those that asked for it. :I Which would not let you wank over the shit, but you still have to avoid it. XD LOL! And it's full of shit! :I So people say: "Pff. I can't walk with that Hazmat suit! It severely limits My scope! And it's heavy!".

So I gave the REAL solution. :) Yay! See how surprising it is! So genius that Little Britain can't think about it! So genius the USA can't think about it! So here goes My great scientific solution worthy of ovation and maybe even a Nobel Science prize I don't want. *Roll the drums* for My spectacular solution! Get ready here it comes!:

It is...: "CLEAN THE SHIT!!!" :I Tada! :D

How spectacular solution! :) Hurray! I am so very smart, genius! :I

How to clean the shit? That is another spectacular solution worthy of passing into history! XD LOL! It is...: "WALL THE SHIT" :I So when it rains the sewers don't push it back to where you cleaned. :O!!! How genius! Surely thousands of scientists are taking notes on My awesome discoveries & solutions. :I LLOOLL!!!

After isolating the shit and sewers, you let children out to play with teachers to look after them. :) But not with HAZMAT SUITS! :I LOL! In a special ACADEMIC INTERNET. :I Hazmat the entire area! XD Yay! Cool!

The Eco Domes :) …

XD In a world full of garbage & filth, architects and engineers must build wonders. So as you can see Academic Internet is a reality soon to come. :) It is essential to survive as a healthy country.

That is what we stand for, that is the whole reason why: …
Emma Hewitt - These Days Are Ours

So gringos want their children sick and playing in the shit. :I That does not mean China does. XD And so if the gringos like shit so much, they don't have to worry about there being less because: CHINA WILL SHIT ON THEM!!! :I LLOOLL!!!

Nobody likes people that sexually abuse, molest, show horrible things & sickens children! :S That is REPULSIVE!!!

The Chinese smell nice and clean. XD The gringos smell like shit. :S LOL! But it's true! LOL! Pathetic! My fault? :OOO!!! Going to blame Me for being a BAD PARENT? :I Wrong! Won't work. :I Not My fault! AT ALL! So blame Me for telling you the truth of what you are doing WRONG gringo. :I Further attack Science to live in a savage brutality and then see if that is the best way to build civilization and respect. :I Who's fault is it?

The Republican Party Conservatives mostly. Conserve the traditional TRASH, waste the Academy is their pledge, in the name of leadership. Let the junk destroy society & children eat toxic garbage is their pledge. False? Conserve the garbage! Destroy children education as a tool to achieve leadership, so promote prostitution and the assholes clap and allow FoxNews to be called Conservatives. Conservatives of GARBAGE AND BRUTALITY!!!

So hate Me if you want conservative, for doing what is supposed to be YOUR FUCKING ROLE!!! FRAUD!!! :I

Like if that is going to stop Academy on the Internet. :I It's not. Not bombs, not sanctions, not killing Gazans and that is how Seol dies. It cannot live in Cosmos, choked to death, burned to ashes, impossible to sustain for long.

So now BOSS you understand the AWESOME LOGIC behind the Apocalypse. :) IT IS REAL!!! It is happening right now! Apocalypse is when Seol is exposed to a Cosmos Sustainability Environment that eventually destroys it.

Example of deliberate women corruption to enslave them in sex (Socially destructive brutality bomb).

It starts with an offer, a Trojan horse that looks acceptable to children:
Christina Aguilera - Pero Me Acuerdo De Tí

Then it pushed the children, specially the girls towards prostitution and sexual slavery and boys towards sexual abuse:
Christina Aguilera featuring Redman-Dirrty

The damage is done, the education is lost:
Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me

It is not a coincidence, it is DELIBERATE. It is the practice of enslaving the population and make their intelligence level fall in order to control them in tyranny.

The point is that if it falls too much, the country is lost and society destroyed with social cancer. This is no time to keep using IQ reducing techniques which should be a crime and are on purpose. Usually in the United States those that call themselves Liberals (I do not use that system) are not linked to that kind of dark leadership practice of increasing brutality in the population to control it. That kind of practice is done by SOME corrupt so called "conservatives" because it is a leadership issue.

That is why so called Liberal media does not usually promote sex or prostitution and FoxNews so called conservative does. So there you have the scientific reason and conclusive evidence of cultural crimes.

The so called "conservatives" are heavily infiltrated by the British Empire and worship the British Monarchy, which use conservative media as a free marketing platform for the British Monarchy Brand. There is more evidence of the heavy British influence on the "Conservative" machine of the United States at My vision: Gringo serves British master as dictionary sheep.

Explain this:
24 July 2014 Last updated at 11:04 GMT

#BBCtrending: Meet the 'Women Against Feminism'

Young women around the world have been posting selfies in protest against feminist ideas.

The movement started on Tumblr, before moving to Twitter and Facebook. There's been a strong reaction from feminists, who say their ideas have been misunderstood.

BBC Trending meets some of the women involved on both sides.

Video Journalist Greg Brosnan

You can follow BBC Trending on Twitter @BBCtrending

All there is to Feminists is to believe that females need more protection than men, specially young girls. That is very easy to understand these days. There are no such two sides in a polarized debate, it is the British BBC who is trying to push it's views to make women cultural slavery as what half of the population wants.

So as you can see Women Cultural Slavery is deliberate and it is promoted and protected by the British at the BBC News as a legitimate point of view that is exposed as if it were half of the population who thinks that way. Feminism was not even described at the BBC. I described it above.

The "I don't need feminism because I love chivalry" is a sick, twisted way of showing what some British consider chivalry to be, which is just one big brothel where men pay dumb prostitutes, further expanding on the topic I have shown on DELIBERATE WOMEN CULTURAL SLAVERY PRACTICES.

Conservatives will have to change. In the United States they must become people of the United States that respect their women and children and for that they need their academic space. Can't jail them all, that is impossible and certainly all of them are not responsible. But they must evolve if they want to have a country worth working for or even civilized at all.

I consider myself a friend of all honest, law abiding, child protecting, good parent and good citizen conservative in the United States and this vision was made for the intention of expressing My worries and care by showing the dangers of an evident fatal error in the system and the importance of evolving into the Internet Academic Age or Brain Age.

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