Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 27, May of 2014
Academic culture.

Some ideas I posted on the social network:

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Academic Angels stop being an Academic Angel as soon as Academy expels them, they become Fallen Angels of course.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So Angel is really just an academic title for teacher. XD Academic Celebrity or teacher celebrity. If misbehaves...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Is thrown out :I And won't be an Angel any more, at least not an Academic active one. Only good teachers allowed :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt :) Angel is really just a child safe certification but for art teachers. XD Professional celebrity educators.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt For example Whitney Houston would have been one, but to be one she would have to be drug free, could have saved her.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt The idea is to protect the best celebrities for children, to keep them safe from harm :) It's a simple concept really

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It also tells parents what are the most recommended celebrities by that academy of art. Usually a graduated there XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So Academies compete to have their art Olympics so to say XD flooding the world with a Renaissance :D

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Could be one celebrity teacher, or many more. I suppose at least 1 celebrity teacher. XD On any art. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt As long as it is safe for children. :) It's like a: "This academy recommends this teacher" certification. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And teachers go around educating too :) A good role model & example for young artists see? Easy to understand.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt For example Master Abreu of Venezuelan Orchestra would have it, so too Gustavo Dudamel orchestra director. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt They have a license to talk to kids as educators and are safe. They are celebrity teachers. XD Yay!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Most celebrities it's best to keep them away from kids, except if teacher celebrity. XD Educator.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Only Angels can go to schools and talk to kids because they are also trained for that. They are real teachers.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt In a performing art Academy it would be a Singing teacher XD Does not have to be famous at all. :P Just sing. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Then there are the graduated artists, but those are not angels XD They just celebrities, no matter how famous!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Because Angels are Academics. XD They have to work for academy. If not they can go to private sector. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Adele, Celine Dion, Whitney, that kind of people could have been certified as Academic Artists. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Thus Angels. With permission to go to schools and fascinate little kids in art :D No normal celebrity can do that.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So that wraps up the idea. An Art Angel is just an Academic Art teacher recommended by an Academy.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Does not matter how famous they are, they just have to do their job well. XD And also they are the only ones...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt authorized to go to an elementary school for example, in a safe way without worrying too much. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Usually commercial celebrities are far more famous XD Pff, beats Me, they can't be around kids :I Nuuu!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt They can be millionaires, with mansions, whatever, famous as can be XD But that does NOT make them an Academic teacher

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Even if the teachers are poor XD And not famous, they can be Angels = Teachers of art. Simple, more simple impossible

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt If any one does not know what an Art teacher is... :I Needs to be taken to emergency in an art academy XD LOL!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt As you can see commercial celebrities continue to exist just the same. XD with gossip and shit, and stuff.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It's just a new "Educator Celebrity certified safe for children" is created over what already exists. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That way parents can have a recommended artist safe for children :) Avoiding Miley or Rihanna types. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And that already exists :I Duh, all art academies have artist teachers. Anything new? DUH! Hello! XD LOL!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt The only difference now is that they will be recommended on the internet :I Oh WOW! What a big change! LOL!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So don't worry TMZ :I You'll still have how to fill your filthy junk yard of garbage :S LOL! And gossip magazines...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt continue to exist just the same. XD The only thing new is Academic Teacher Celebrities. And that's that. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt On I forgot to mention that Academies form their own art syndicate XD And can sue the media REAL HARD :I LOL!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Or they can all get pissed off and ban ALL academic celebrities from appearing on a nasty media. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt But for that they have to be REAL PISSED OFF! :I LOL! And with democratic vote as well. Hard to happen really.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Delta, Emma an Enforcer can simply name you both Angels. XD You already are as a matter of fact. :D

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Because you are part of the Academy of TRIBalance, and I am it's main principal. XD So I can name you teacher :P

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt You are TRIBalance scholars. A recognized philosophy. I just need to find a place where to put the Academy.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt I'll rest a bit. :) Love you both. We are in this together. :) As long as you want of course. Obviously.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt I'll go sleep a while. Don't listen to fools trying to trick you. XD Things are sorted out with logic, not rumours.
The British Newspaper the Guardian.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt LOL! :I People are dumb. :I LLOOLL!!! The Guardian. I forgot to mention one little detail :I XD Obvious...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt The Academic Angels do not have to pay to appear on Academic media or Academic social networks :I XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt While normal celebrities to have to pay. :I Which would give Academic Angels a powerful marketing tool of control.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Mind over muscle. XD In Venezuela for example, new social networks give free marketing to Angels :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Making the normal celebrities BORING and the Academic Angels fun because... It's an Academic space :I Duh!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That means that most youth systems will be under cultural control of the Academic System see The Guardian? XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt kicking your British crap out cause Mary is Boss. XD Angels get unfair publicity? No, Angels have wings... XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So what else is new The Guardian? :I Pff. Teachers RULE Academy, do you need to be reminded of that? XD LLOOLL!!!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Anyway, I'll sleep a bit. :) Love you both free and with beautiful angel wings. :D Power back to Mary! :D

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