Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 29, May of 2014
About to retire.

I should be about to retire from the Battle phase. Finally.

The system phase is different. Which would be My next job.

A TRIBalance enforcer is not only a police officer, it is also a system engeneer.

Just like in a building engineer a part of a building is not done unless it has the signature of an engineer, just that in TRIBalance the engineer is the enforcer. It is like a Police computer engineer for Internet systems.

That means that I then dedicate myself to the limit rules of the web site and the site form. If you think about it, it is like an Internet system spermatozoon. XD It defines the basic limit rules and the shape of the creature in TRIBalance. It is just that in this case it is not just for creating, but to maintain it.

A TRIBalance enforcer is just a System Engineer for Cosmos systems, for TRIBalance systems.

As an Enforcer I can receive several proposals and sign the ones that I agree with on the system and basic rules or limit rules. I can refuse those that I do not like, sometimes explaining why or indicating what I would need changed. Think about it as the relationship between an architect and an engineer, the architect proposed the project, the engineer has to check to see if it is not going to fall apart but in a TRIBalance system the enforcer can reject projects.

The enforcer does not do the art himself, the art is part of the system. The art is done by the art director, which is in this case composed of three parts:

1) The Angel Art director (Can be Delta).
2) The Culture Center manager (Can be Emma).
3) The Human Right protector of celebrities (Can be MinMujer or Defensoria del pueblo or both in Venezuela).

All Angel art must be approved by Angel Art manager.
All Regular culture is managed by the culture center director.

Angel Art, Culture system and System Engineer Enforcer. (Pretty simple really).

Angel art department tries to clean culture a bit, to give it Academic meaning as well. Philosophical music.

As an enforcer I also authorize the creation of security and accountability software to make them official. Those systems are then used by Police if they want to, but before even being offered it must be certified by an enforcer.

That way I certify the systems and let police assume My job of fighting crime directly, which is what I am retiring from, to help others reinforce the police protection. It's like passing from being a soldier to a general with huge war experience and know how. To certify enforcement systems.

But to make it simply, I become something like a System Engineer for Cosmos systems. I can retire completely and only certify or I can help create projects I will then certify. The enforcer or the Eye of the system has channeled the system's structure so it has a good knowledge of how to keep the integrity of the system as one being, like if it were one creature or one tree.

And that's that, I simply become a System Engineer Enforcer and have a life, maybe a wife and kids and get to enjoy the world. My educational phase is done, the TRIBalance path of the ascended has been completed.

That is why I do not understand why people think about killing Me. :I LOL! Makes no sense to Me. I have said many times that I will retire from the front line but like usual, they so dumb they do not understand.

I'll just pass to a more centric, Black Hole core job, now that the Black Hole concept is a lot stronger, passing from conflict & defense to core system. So that basically means, I won't be fighting more media and I fully dedicate myself to system creation and certification, thus to the perspective of the people accustomed to see Me fighting, I have retired. Isn't that so much better than risking a system meltdown? Oh well, humans have a terrible time reasoning things or even getting into terms with reality.

The fight is almost over for Me, I want to system engineer now and only a TRIBalance can do that on a true Cosmos TRIBalance System.

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