Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 31, May of 2014
A time for the light of honesty and Academy.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Nothing new on the media other than counter-intelligence & confusing noise. And death threats, gets boring :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It seems they are trying to scare you XD Or want Me to scare you. :I Bah nothing to be scared of.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt TRIBalance is totally transparent, there is no secret to hide in the way it operates. It's totally open.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And culture activities are hardly military :I LOL! My software stuff will be out in the open too.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Even the software to study the media, out in the open. I always work under the light. :) So no secrets.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt There is nothing to fear. No binding secrets, no dark secrets, no scary mission. :I No military secrets.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It's just a Transparent Academic System. :I You have no scary secret to bind you, in fact... It is safer than...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt working for Cosmopolitan or BBC even :P Or TMZ. You never do creepy, corrupt stuff to hide on TRIBalance. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Neither do I. Transparency is a pivotal feature of TRIBalance. It's NOT a military operation, nor a spy mission. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So there is nothing to be scared about. XD So there is no need for cowardice. Everything I do, I do out in the open.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Except maybe keep writing on My web site about what I am doing, frank and open accountability to authorities.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Like I have been doing up to this day. XD What else is new? :I LOL! As an Enforcer I am obligated to accountability.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt There is no way that you or Me can be called traitors under the TRIBalance. :I I took care of that. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And the system is made in such a way to make sure it remains that way. :) There is nothing to fear, no reason...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt to be scared. Even if I make a system to study the media, it will be OUT IN THE OPEN. :I I would just call it:

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt InfoJournalist version 1.3 XD A tool for Professional Journalists. :I What? :O! Journalists do not deserve software?

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Of course journalists deserve cool software! :I What the fuck is wrong with that? :I It's 100% legal.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That's new :I Media research software illegal XD Nah ah! Where the fuck does it say that? :I Nowhere! XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It's the content that is sometimes copyrighted... But not an info managing software for journalists. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Even if I do a system to study the media for police, the code will be out in the open. :I I will not manage...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt confidential data, I am a programmer. I will retire from the battle, I already said that. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt You see I am passing from the nomad hunter to the farmer stage. XD I now build tools to farm :D

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt My function is to battle against darkness, and that can only be done with transparency. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt I will not be an Intelligence agent, I am a new kind of agent :I An Academic Agent and it is the only way it...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt could be. Why? Because you see the UnaSur will not accept Venezuelan intelligence to control their systems. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So I must be just like TeleSur in the sense that I have to work for everyone in a multi-national, transparent effort

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt If the army needs My help, I can help by making software systems :) But they handle it. I can also teach.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt But I cannot handle confidential material, simply because UnaSur will not like that :I I do not do secret stuff.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Secret maybe to normal civilians, but not to police and other authorities, which means I am not above the law.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So what is the fear? :I I am an Academic Agent. My job is Academic Independence & excellency. :D Transparency.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So friends, I don't understand the fools :I Pff. They just think of wars & darkness, so they judge Me like that. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt No, no, rest assured Delta & Emma that you will never be able to do anything secret or risky on My part. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And I will not do anything that would put the UnaSur& the intelligence community in risk. My job is to light the way

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt I already spend all My youth on the war, sometimes all alone. It's fair I retire from secret stuff. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And dedicate myself solely to Academy fixing for My continent. :) The age of secrecy is over for Me. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Now I want to help academy, help the kids, teach them transparency, accountability & values. Help them make...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt software. Tools. :) Everything in the open. I will let police & military handle the secret stuff so it's fair...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt for the UnaSur & I guess the world too. :) I will pass from Intelligence agent to Academic advisor.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So I am retiring from Intelligence, from the war front. To help with the Academic light part of society. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt No more secrets, other than My web site accountability to Police & Military, like I always do. That is not secret.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Since there is no secret, it is far safer for you Delta & Emma :) There is NO military missions at all. XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt No way to be called a deserter. I still work with Military and Police Academy though. :) But openly.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That way I can have the security I need to settle down, I have had enough of danger. :I LOL! Believe it! XD

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt I am more helpful to security as an Academic Agent than a lone intelligence agent. Time for Me to educate :D

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Yes, it is fair! :I I have been left alone for far too long, I want to help educate so authorities do My job.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It's the best way to serve the army, not only of Venezuela, but of all the UnaSur :) Teaching Independence.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt My days of lonely battles and secret, invisible allies are over. I want to surface from the underground.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt It is time for the sun to appear in the horizon, with light of transparency & accountability. :) Independence.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So don't worry Delta, Emma, there is nothing dangerous with TRIBalance. XD It's a very honest work. :D

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt But you know those assholes by now. :I Their twisted brains always creeping the darkness & corruption.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Since their brains cannot even conceive what it means to be honest. Their world is secrets & death. :S

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt While My world is transparency light & life. :) That is why we are Angels. So today I will accuse BBC...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt once again and like always, of trying to profit from the fascination of death & murder. Psychopathy in the media.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That is how they think, they can't think of anything that is not secret, dark, corrupt and murderous. :S

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That is why they are the: "Bloody mates" :S They are deeply disturbed & deeply insane with crime.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt There is no darkness with Me Delta, Emma :) You are with an honest man full of light & accountability :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt You can travel the whole world, knowing you have no secrets to hide, that I do not live in shadows.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt For this is not the time for battles in underground tunnels, this is the time for the kids & Academy. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And it's the only way it could be, it's the only thing that the UnaSur will accept, it is what I have always offered

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt and I will not fail to My word, that the TRIBalance is honest work in the light of Academic understanding.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt The least scary place to work in, Delta and Emma, is in an Honest TRIBalance Academy. :) We have nothing to hide.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt In a world that can't seem to be able to exist without dark secrets and corruption. :I We are honest people. :)

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And if we have things to not show the normal people, rest assured police will be able to see it. :D No secrets to...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt the law enforcers. I am a totally law abiding citizen. :) And I promote respect to the police as well.

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