Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 09, August of 2014
A new kind of chat.

I have an idea for a new TRIBalance which does not need any special web browser technology to work and can probably work both in closed operative systems like Microsoft or open operative systems like Linux.

It consists of three basic parts:

1) The view of what is going on in the immediate window (Which is in 3D).
2) The view of the stored text. (Which is just a simple Web page display of text).
3) The view of what is seen in the stored text window in 3D.

I will explain them in detail:

The view of what is going on in the immediate window.

This consists or a 3D window that can even be 3D HTML where the letters appear in front of the 3D camera. There is very limited scroll back to see things said a few seconds ago to keep in context.

Each line consists of several objects lined in an array, each object is a letter, the whole line is stored in an array.

As lines pass the tolerance threshold (which can be anywhere from just the lines that can currently be seen for computers with a simple graphic cart to about two or three screens of text) they are deleted as objects and from the arrays.

As new lines are fed, the other lines are moved up without having to recreate them if we are seeing the latest line.

The immediate window, in theory does not need to show more than the lines of text that can fit in the chat window.

Putting a scroll back function on that window is unnecessary and only complementary.

Thirty three lines of text are probably enough for moderately high resolution monitors considering there are components of web interaction on a web page display control on the sides of the chat window and the list of chat users. Regular, smaller monitors use less lines of text.

The view of the stored text.

This is simply a web page object that shows in a text form was has been said. It serves as a log as well. It has search capability.

It can have an update button to make it easier to program.

The view of what is seen in the stored text window in 3D.

After selecting the first line to recall from the log window, the program paints the letters in this 3D window like they were when originally said.

If the computer has a very low graphic memory the live 3D chat window can be paused and reset while the user is consulting the backlog of messages and repainted once the user comes back to the 3D live tab. If the computer has more processing and memory power it can have different windows not limited by tabs.

Why 3D is more fun.
1) It does not require any special web browser interaction technology in it's 3D parts.
2) It does not demand special web browser interaction technology in it's text part.
3) Can be easier to program in Operative systems such as Linux.
4) Can use 3D HMTL which is basically free as a new part of HTML protocol.
5) Letters can also be objects that can have cool, fun effects like growing in cascade, glowing, spotlight and many other 3D object effects.
6) In the worst case scenario an operative system compatible with Internet and 3D HMTL but with no web browser interaction the user could just be asked to input the number of the line they want to be the first line to see in the stored text 3D window.
7) The idea is to make something that can be programmed and that works in at least one open source operative system as well as closed systems.
8) It is not obligatory for it to use proprietary technology such as "DirectX", "OpenGL" can be used instead.
9) If the operative system does not provide a direct way to link the 3D window to the program, internal TCP/IP communications can be used instead.
10) It can incorporate fully working 3D emoticons in a 3D environment.
11) Does not require Microsoft permission, in fact it can be done in any 3D web compatible operative system.
12) The backgrounds are 3D so they can show special 3D effects like a city with morning, afternoon, and night times or simply moving the chat into a building or walking around/flying a plaza or any other place.
13) Showing 3D HTML is not patented. Showing text even less.
14) It complies with the TRIBalance principle that the concept must be able to be programmed in an existing Open Source Operative Systems.

So My chat idea is going to take the jump to the 3D era of the Internet with a fully 3D chat.

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