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The Page originated in the Dark Storms.
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October 25, 2017
This was the complete first Home Page of the Singularity Book:
I am being Tortured by the Despotic Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros, the COWARD who doesn't have the Courage to call Me.

Currently I have no Internet I am once again being Censored, Aggressively. Espionage on Me is on an all time high and it began when I made My First Highly Advanced Map, now they are using Torture on Me to Validate their own Madness.

It appears he wants to see if I am worthy of having My Human Right of Freedom of Speech and Internet by Torturing Me some more, to see if My Sanity can persist or to get some Evidences that Point to Me not worthy of having My Human Rights, aside from the fact that he strongly denies My Existence.

It's always the same thing... I complain AND THE RESPONSE I GET IS MORE TESTS AND TORTURES!

Evidences without existence?

I am being starved, My food intake is Dangerously Low even after I reported to be suffering from what appears to be a Mild Anorexia, Maduro instead of assuming his responsibilities just steps up the Torture in an insane arrogance, the same Insane Arrogance of a Despotic Dictator and a Caudillo.

Which Public Tribunal in Venezuela is going to Judge Me for crimes that are not specified in the Venezuelan Legislation? In Venezuela there is no Crime for incorrectly drawing a Style Star.

So Legally, as I am being Tortured and Starved, while he is trying to take advantage of My Vulnerabilities...

Legally nothing I do at this Dangerous
State of State Abandonment that I am under could serve as an Evidence of any kind for any Judicial Process except as My Evidence of being Tortured in an Illegal Way, both Nationally and Internationally. Also remember I am suing the Venezuelan State.

Fanatics are one part of the Problem.

State -5.

It appears that in Venezuela there is a very Gross misuse of State -5 and specially State -5 With Purple Common Limit (Monitoring). That makes the whole country fall into a Fanatic Madness while the Venezuelan System is not able to properly monitor it's own Systems, provoking a chaos in Social System Services like a lack of Internet Social Networks, Internet Chat Systems, Online Stores, User Support Centers, National Web Search Engines, Adaptive Technology Academies, Internet Tracking of Public Transport Units and other things that require a High Monitoring.

I want to go to the United Nations to present a Human Right System but that would require Me to travel to the closest City for 3 to 4 days to get a hold of 10,000 Bolivares every day in order to get enough to travel to Caracas while at the same time I am very Poor and cannot afford eating outside. My Food income was reduced to 10,000 a Day, to make sure that I find it hard to Print the Material I need and go to Caracas.

We have a very Cruel Leader and that explains why Venezuela is in such a Mess and we Venezuelans can't even have the Freedom to obtain Paper Money in our own Cities, so we have to travel to other cities to get a very small, rationed supply of Money so that we can use it to Pay for Food and Transport, producing a Heavy and Deep Damage to the Economy because even Money is Rationed in Venezuela, let alone Freedom of Expression not based on Fanatic Polarization, such as the one I use.

Maduro hates Me, and he Hates Me very, very much because I do not want to be his Hate Shadow and because I do not want to Kneel to his DESPOTIC AND DEMENTED GREED FOR POWER. That is the only thing that explains why he treats Me the way he does. And he is the Direct President of the same Telephone Company that cut My Service without even explaining why since CANTV says it does not know why it is not working, but they are testing...


I have no Plans about leaving Venezuela. I am more Venezuelan than Maduro because I do not hate half of the Population, like he does. He uses Me as a Shield to protect his Madness, asking those that oppose him to ideologically defeat Me first, before they go complain to him. And they can't, so he laughs and abuses.

I rather DIE than to Kneel to the CRUEL AND DESPOTIC DICTATOR MADURO and his Chinese Despot Pirate Friend President Xi!
There is no way I would leave the Venezuelans that want Freedom anyway. I want Debate with ALL VENEZUELANS. while Maduro wants to lift DIGITAL WALLS for Political Privileges based on Discrimination. I serve all Venezuelans, regardless of their Political Tendencies. Not that Maduro lets Me have a Decent, Dignified Life anyway.

We Venezuelans will be Free.
Once again I ask ALL MY GUESTS to SUE DESPOT PRESIDENT MADURO. If they do not, then we Venezuelans must protest Legally and around the World against ALL of My Guests and their Supporting Corporations, all of them, including Sony and Warner.

It's the least that they can do to Help the Venezuela People regain their Freedom, so we can at least even have normal access to Money and a Proper Salary for those that care about the Venezuelan National Unity. Because it is only One Venezuela, the split Venezuela based on Political Privileges leads to a Civil War. And the World must not allow it. I want MORE PRESSURE ON MADURO till he releases Me.
Those that Support Despotism in Venezuela are not to be Welcomed by the Venezuelan People.
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I don't have Internet at Home, at this time.

I did pay it and the Telephone Company says everything is in order from the Company's Office. But Support says it does not know why and sent a Ticket Request for Support asking Me to wait.

The Venezuelan President is the Main Director of the Venezuelan State's Company CANTV. So I make the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros responsible Me being Censored.
Go and Test this, "Tarjeta Politica del Chapeo", Dictator Maduro's CANTV:
I want more Sanctions against Maduro until he releases Me as the Central Moderator for Venezuela.
I want Economic Sanctions against CANTV.
I want Economic Sanctions against the Venezuelan Banks for Rationing Money, which is against Economic Freedom.

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