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November 28, 2017

Presentation: A new kind of Civil Society.

When presenting My Projects for a Social Network with Chat and Game Systems that employ People that can learn, I am faced with the question about Educating People in the scope of Academic Merits.

Wondering if I have to be liked by the rest of the Universities or if I need Permission from the Government's Education Ministry to teach the things that I could. I realize I do not really need any of both and I could care less about Diplomas and Certifications.

It parts from a Principle that one Employs Youth with Youth First Job Salaries. Like any other Company in Venezuela that can employ Youth for First Time Jobs. I don't need to Educate People in order to hire People with a Youth First Time Work and People have to realize that.

But I do need Knowledge Bases because it is required for Group Work and Group Coordination, specially with lots of People that have little to no prior training. That Knowledge Base is not just a Deposit of Facts, it is also an Educational Source of Information that does not require any Special Educational Licence to be useful for the Employees. Some of the Material are made by Employees and Contributors as Tutorials on how to do specific tasks.

On the Internet Today there are even Public, Free Magazines and Web Sites about 3D Graphic Design that also include Free Tutorials and Knowledge Base Material. And People can just go there and learn, it's free, it does not require an Academic Licence and it does not grant a Diploma. But it is still very useful and educational anyway. Most if not all such material is in English, not in Spanish and none of such material is made in Venezuela at this time.

It's pretty cool that it is in English. But most Venezuelans do not know the English Language, so it's pretty useless too. And I need to make things that are useful for the Venezuelans considering that some Businesses can educate the employees on however the Employees want and can study in their free time to study. So why would the Venezuelan Government or the Venezuelan Universities deny a right to learn from a Private Enterprise what People that know English already have access to with no such obstacles? I can make Tutorials to improve the knowledge of the employees, and that does not require an Academic Licence, but I prefer that it gets Academic Oversight anyway, from the Academic Blue Clubs.

A Computer Capable of working with 3D Graphics in a quick way is very expensive and normal kids in Venezuela do not have access to that kind of Computers that are also quite expensive. And some of the Software is expensive too, for example VRay Rendering Technology for Autodesk 3Ds Max is quite expensive for a Venezuelan. And those are People that are learning, it's their first job in a Country that pays 10$ a month. So where else can they learn with that kind of Computer and Software? In a Private Academy? Not. 5 Hours there is more costly than a Full Month of Salary and they can't take the Computers Home to study.

I offer a Job, a First Time Job where the Youth can Learn as they work, using the Knowledge Base, the Tutorials and the Social Network Systems. But I offer just a First time Job, just like the Restaurant that sells Hamburgers called McDonalds offers First time Youth Jobs as well. And nobody is complaining they only teach how to assemble Hamburgers there. So why give Me shit about what I educate if I educate more than 100 times what any normal First Time Employment in Venezuela educates?

There is already a Huge First Time Employment Scheme by the Venezuelan Government where they learn how to be Loyal to the Socialist Regime and very few other things. They call that here, the Plan Chamba, which I call the Plan Chimbo Chamba. And I do not see anybody complaining that thousands of such Youth learn next to nothing useful for their professional life aside from small manual work and maybe some Diploma from the INCE Institution, none of which are related to Computer Technology Jobs (IT Jobs).

So some Trolls maybe come and call My Business the "Academy of DOOM!". Because supposedly the Students that come from it are ill prepared and with no chance to continue with their knowledge in their Professional Life. And I ask: "When has McDonalds been asked to contribute to the Academic Education of the Students?" and "When do Kids learn more than making a Hamburger at McDonalds without any complaints for Future Professional Skills?".

So why is My Business an "Academy of Doom" and not McDonalds or Plan Chimbo Chamba? Because I wanted to make Education more accessible?

I just offer Jobs at a Minimum Salary. The People then leave work and can study. They can live in the same Building Complex where they Work. I need them to have skills, and so I train them in such skills, which is normal for any company. But I should not get much more Academic Requirements if I am just training Personnel to do their work. Also I do not have to offer any Diploma or Professional Licence just to get the Social Systems working. In other words I need about as much supervision from the Venezuelan Education Ministry and the Venezuelan Universities as McDonalds, when I decide to go just for Knowledge Base Training and Optional Educational Skills that the Youth can decide to learn on their Private Free Time.

I work with Social Networks and Systems. Much of them are Socials Clubs. Once the Youth completes the First Time Job it becomes a Member of a Club where all other such Youth can share experiences and the Knowledge Base and help each other in their Professional Work and even help each other to find a Job if they do not have one. Those Social Clubs then become a part of a new kind of Civil Society, being understood that Civil Society is just the Structure that is made with Social Clubs.

Currently, in Venezuela there is no Civil Society or Social Clubs, hence most Professionals are left out alone to face a World with Internet where they cannot compete on their own with most of the learning material made in a Language they do not understand. In Venezuela the whole concept of Civil Society was confused with Oligarchy, hence crippling all the Professional Groups, causing some parts of the Venezuelan Academic System to collapse. So I will just call it Social Club Academic Society to avoid confusion.

I am not asking for a Job, I am asking for Support for a System about Civil Rights, which is not the same as Political Rights.

Before some confused Venezuelans come to attack Me on the base of ignorance I will use a term that can explain it to them in Socialist Terms and that is simply translating "Social Club Academic Society" as "Consejo Comunal de Profesionales" (Communal Council for Professionals) and that is clearly acceptable for the Venezuelan Socialist Party as well as the Traditional Civil Society that can now accept Professionals, hence it is a new concept that can work for all the Venezuelans that support Professional Support Centers to help the Professionals and in My case, the Computer Technology related Professionals.

Civil Rights leads to a Civilized Society for Computerized Professionals.

And that is what I am offering. A Civil Rights Systems.

As you can see, I am not asking for a Job.

Civil Rights Activists do not ask for a Job.

They ask for help for the Civilized Society.

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