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Month **, 2017

The Human Rights Siege Torture against Me is taking a Heavy Toll on Me.
I know where to go and how, but I am under siege.

I have no invitation for any Dialog in Venezuela, even if I am the only one that has serious arguments.

I continue to be the Top Central Moderator of Venezuela, and I see totally no intention on Maduro or the so called "Opposition" to allow greater space for Center. Meanwhile I am being stepped on by USA Corporate Abuse, making it very hard for Me to find any solution that could avoid a war.

For example I have the know how to create Greater Democratic Systems that are not based on Ideological/Political Hatred.

Instead of Support, I get attacks based on Microsoft Technology that disable My Audio and My Image Processor.

That means ZERO INTENTIONS, none at all, that more Democratic and Centric Systems exist in Venezuela. Favouring Instead the continued escalation of tensions in Venezuela.
That which you see there is the same Principle, the same Logic that allowed the Genocide Queen of Horror, the British Queen Mary Elizabeth 2 to Murder thousands of Canadian Natives, Mohawk Children in the Face of the World, and as they died they too were under a Silence Shield of seemingly almost INFINITE CRUELTY. And one by one they DIED LIKE FLIES as the World did nothing or knew nothing.

The same hunger those children felt, the same siege, I feel it now.

The World wants to be complicit with the next Major Mass Murder in History.

All Systems that could help raise some kind of Central Peace in Venezuela are under A VERY SEVERE SIEGE. If it is for myself, I AM BARELY ALIVE and suffering Acute Malnutrition.


The probability in such a sense, of a Civil War is 100%.

I want to make the maps. But My eyes are dizzy. I see Shades of Light even as I see the same Monitor. Kind of like if I am seeing a collage of different intensity images of the same monitor.

I feel too weak, even to make a Map and if I do I feel so tired I have to go to sleep quickly.
Just yesterday My theory was proven again.

There is a concerted effort, a real, deep effort to Destroy all traces of Center Ideology from Venezuela in order to precipitate the Crack in the System that would initiate a Venezuelan Civil War.

I was attacked by two USA Corporations, by Mattel and by Paris Hilton PLUS I was attacked by a Hack which was Microsoft Based. It proves that someone does not want any kind of Professional Moderation to defuse the Extremist Tensions in Venezuela, and that includes them...

Like Kennedy would have said:

I have more than three years that I do not know what it means to eat three times a day.

Have I been accused of any crime?

Could it be that they cannot see Me?

Or is it a concerted effort to Starve Peace to Death with the Complicity of so called "Human Right Organisations", just like the Queen Elizabeth 2 Murdered Thousands of Canadian Natives in CATHOLIC SCHOOLS?

We all die, because we are all Simple Mortals in these bodies we use.

But some die remembered as Altruistic Heroes for the Future, as Light of Wisdom and Knowledge. Others Die as DISGUSTING AND REPUGNANT COWARDS that hide from the Facts and Truth like Worms in the Cruel Dirt which they will become when their stinking corpses feed their own Worm Greed.

Dying a Martyr is not so bad, when one does not seek to be one and is forced to do so. I am a fighter for Life, a Life free from Slavery, Fascism and Oppression.

"And I know, and I am clear, and I look at it bravely...

I won't last long like this.

My Health is deteriorating fast, sometimes I can't even find the strength to sit down correctly. I have Frequent Dizziness, Cramps in My Legs and I bleed from My Mouth every day due to Dental Problems and Malnutrition.

I know soon and as it is, I will soon die.

But not before I leave a Memory that would GIVE THEM HELL FOR CENTURIES TO COME!" - Yours Truly, the Human Right Clown Slave, or the Witness of Human Rights for Clowns.

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