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True and Logical reasons why I had to throw Paris Hilton away.

A Child Offender.

One of the few USA Cultural Institutions that should be Black Listed on the UNICEF and the UNESCO for Sexual Child Abuse. Relations with her can complicate My Credibility and Damage My Reputation as a Culturally Responsible Institution. Her Boyfriend is just as abusive to children as she is, only worse because he is a Coward that hides behind her skirt.

She refuses to clean her shit.

Paris Hilton is today one of the most notorious Underground Celebrity Porn Stars in the World, with more than One Million Active Links on her Porn Material on the Internet, but she refuses to clean even one of them, let alone the Millions of Links that she has in the Celebrity Rape-Fake Industry. That means Paris Hilton has no concern, at all, for the Cultural Environment and Passively, Deliberately and Submissively allows her Celebrity to be Raped every day in the Celebrity Rape-Fake Web Sites. That being so, Paris Hilton is a Threat to the Feminist Movements.

She is a known Racist and White Blond Supremacist.

Paris Hilton Fake Blue Eyes believes in covering her eyes because they are not appropriate for the Style she uses, and just as she covers the Skin Color of her Eyes, more so would she cover the People because of their whole Skin Color. If she is racist with her Eyes, more so will she be racist with entire bodies. The Black People know that Paris Hilton has a Racial Debt to pay, for all the Black People that were fooled and tricked into buying Racist Products.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not a Seductress.

She sold herself as an Enchanting Seductress, she is not and not any more at least. Now she says she is engaged in Marriage, which means that any Magazine, Newspaper or Online Media that Publishes anything Seducing about her now is committing an aggression against the Institution of Marriage. Which means it is far less worth it than just hiring (or making) a new and Single Celebrity.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not an Entrepreneur.

She sold herself as the maximum in Entrepreneur Spirit, but she has one of the Proportionally worse or inexistent Celebrity Fan Systems in the Whole World, with Zero User Support, no Fan Support, no Technology to even shows she cares about anybody other than herself. She is not only not an Entrepreneur, she lied to get investor money and Media Attention only to prove that she is incapable to keep up even with the Basic Demands of the Social Media Age.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not a Shop Keeper.

Paris Hilton says she owns Shops, but truth of the matter is that they are largely abandoned. I have seen her material for more than two years and I am not lying when I say that I have not seen from her a single publicity, none at all, coming from her about any of her shops. The Economy is better attended by People that actually care for what they have, and that work for success, not just leaving the stores abandoned to their own luck by the Shop Owner.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not a Singer.

She says she is a Singer now, but she refuses to act like one. She holds no concerts, she does not have any Celebrity Singer Fan Sessions or Web Site. She does not even have a Decent Record Label to back up her claim that she is a singer and she does not need to sing so she does not even take it seriously, thus hurting the market of the real singers that dedicate their lives to singing.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not a DJ.

She is devastating the DJ Market by imposing Rookie Level DJ Art and charging absurd amounts of money for it. Becoming the highest paying Rip Off of the DJ Entertainment Market and causing serious distortions in the DJ Market at Ibiza, home of some of the World's Largest Dance Clubs. And she does it in a way that is considered by Me unfair and disrupting in the Profession of Dedicated and Master DJs.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not a Fashion Model.

I have not seen for once Paris Hilton do any kind of Professional Fashion Modelling, not even for her own Clothing Products, which fair is to say she does not seem to care at all about. The only thing she shares sometimes is maybe a bottle of Perfume, and she does it in such a boring way that People could just be bored to tears because she starts with something modestly adequate and then just throws the entire campaign to the trash and abandons it just when People expect more details and incentives to buy it.

She is a Fraud in so many ways: Not a Celebrity.

So you say Paris Hilton is a Celebrity? Prove it.

Where are her Fans? For I have not seen any that belongs to any kind of Club or Fan Organization. I have not seen any kind of Fan Support System or any kind of Paris Hilton Fan Club or Paris Hilton Fan System at all, not even for the Products of the Paris Hilton Stores. If she does not have a single Official Fan Club System or Structure then she is not an Official Celebrity. Paris Hilton has no compatibility with any kind of User Support System, the links to her Email are broken or are Gmail Accounts that are abandoned at her own Web Sites and there is no Official Institutional Work to support any kind of Fans, so Paris Hilton is not a Licensed Celebrity.

She is trying to destroy the Social Merit Hierarchy.

People work, they climb the ladder of Social Success with their work, if they work more, they get more opportunities and that is what in the United States, the Country where Paris Hilton is from is called the American Dream. But Paris Hilton is trying to shit on that noble idea of hard work for earnings by engaging in a relation with some Low Life Actor who's main accomplishment was to fake a role at some cheap movie, being prised for his ability to fake a role in the arts of Hypocrisy. Linking all the hard work and earnings to some low life with no Social Merits, thus Destroying the Social Rank System and the Social Fairness in Society. I would understand she marries a Reputable Doctor, or a Famous Engineer, but she chose to just give away her Non-Social Fortune to a Socially Worthless Adulator, as People see it today, as Paris Hilton has shown him to be who can't even find the courage to wear anything not Black.

She is considered a Traitor in China.

She began some strange moves to open up a series of Production and Distribution lines in China, in some Youth Organization for the Chinese, when the Chinese were far less careful of what they were doing and did not consider the risks, allowing for gateways of Corruption. Just some months later she was seen trading Hugs and Love with one of China's most prominent mercenary Anti-Chinese Government Activists and she was as Cold as Ice, to do both, hug and try to stab her own Super Client, which was going to be China, which I doubt would be fooled again. Thanks to that case I have a Serious and Huge Legal Action against China for allowing such Corruption in the Scope that it was to seriously hurt My own reputation.

She does not work.

If I have seen a so called Celebrity being lazy, that would be Paris Hilton, probably the most lazy Person I have even known of, with any kind of Social Responsibility. Every photo, every day she appears is a day without any sense, without any logic, with no real Purpose, with no real use and done without much care, using the cheapest means available and the less education possible, filling her Social Media Accounts with little more than senseless and worthless Trash that just about any other Female Model can do better, with more Dedication and Passion. There is just no feeling Professionalism with Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton is not a Professional.

No Academic or Scientific Value whatsoever.

Paris Hilton is a Zero to the left for all the Academic Institutions in the World, including the Academies and Universities of the United States of America. No Responsible Teacher would mention anything about the Cultural Institution Paris Hilton in any Educational Way other than use her as an example of bad management of the Entertainment Industry. The Common usually links Paris Hilton's Success due to her having sex in what Paris Hilton calls an unwanted video that she refuses to ask for it's removal because she knows she is benefiting from that so called Video Rape. There is nothing to see, at this time in the Academic and Scientific Sectors other than My Observations, about Paris Hilton, marking a gap between Education and an understandable Entertainment Industry.

A Big Fail for Men, specially the Men that got her known.

Paris Hilton was risen by teasing Men, specifically by Sexually Arousing Men, using Media Outlets for Adults or that should be for Adults, like FoxNews Nudity News and Playboy Magazine, aside from her Famous Porn Video. She abused Men many times.

1) By saying she did not authorize her Porn Video, but at the same time proud to allow it to gain more fame and refusing to ask for it's removal.
2) By attacking Children when she was not supposed to, and using Barbie Dolls to extend her Sexual Perversion even further to Young Men and Women, to Girls and Boys.
3) And now by wanting Men to be aroused by a Married Women, thus being used to attack and promote attacks against the Institution of Marriage in the United States.

I say we Men have been grabbed and fooled by our Dicks for far too long and it's time we pass the page and see another Fresh Babe we can be safely aroused by.

Perhaps a Babe that really cares about her Job and that works hard as she contributes to a more fair Society based on Work Merit and Dedication, not Opportunism and Deception. That is why My Yellow House is open for a new Guest, one that is willing to prove that at least they care about a Decent Working Society that wants to be Her Fans,  treated as such by a Cultural Institution that is dedicated to working for and with the Fan Base.

There is usually no Celebrity if there is no Fan Base System, and that is the case for Paris Hilton, she is at least Scientifically not a Celebrity at all. She has no Celebrity Fan System at all.

Paris Hilton is Purposeless to this House.

Any Magazine, Media or whatever that deliberately promotes Paris Hilton while she is holding Me under siege is a Target for My Vision and can be put to reprimand at My Web Site. Along with several details of the comments I have made on this page. So if you proceed to promote Paris Hilton, you are likely to be added to several Black Lists around the World due to simple and pure Debate Considerations about Appropriate Cultural Organizations and much of it is related to how to get good Cultural Products from the USA again, what the President of the United States coined as "Make America Great Again" for those readers that come from the USA.

I extend My invitation to Debate about Cultural Quality to USA Media Critics such as [Media Matters] and [Crooks and Liars] to see how with Debate, instead of Hate, we can find ways to find motives friendship and not reasons to repudiate, and that is the Primal Core of making the USA not stink like ass again.

Paris Hilton is no longer a Guest at My House.

She serves no purpose. Too much trouble and too many People willing to work better. It's just not worth all the trouble and it is about time to promote something better. Sadly I cannot add Tyra Banks to Main Yellow House because of the high risks involving Barack Obama interference. So I guess I will just leave the Yellow House Vacancy Open.

There is no reversal of My Logic as long as Paris Hilton is related directly to the Sex Slave she uses not just as a toy, but as a vengeance tool against Me. For I can tolerate one error, but I am not about to tolerate complicity. That means that all access to anything I own in Intellectual Property and Opportunities is completely closed for Paris Hilton as long as the Aggression continues. That means no Chat, no Boats, no Ships, no Virtual City Tech and no Virtual Hotels Tech for Paris Hilton from this House. At any rate, those things are for people that deserve it, that work and promote and do hard work and most importantly: For People, for Celebrities that really care about their Fans and what they think, specially in a Country of "We the People".

About the Guests at My House.

Being a Guest is by no means obligatory and any Guest can solicit to be removed from the House at any time. Also I can suspend Guests at any time without any previous notice. I take it that being a Member of My House is a Two Way Privilege, a Privilege for My Guests and a Privilege for Me. When that Privilege Relation is broken by things such as Social Fraud, I am entitled to break the Relation and remove all the Privileges by all of us Granted, and that includes all the Fans that are a part of My Systems on various Celebrities.

If they want out, don't let Me stop them. The Door is wide open for those that want to leave.

A Love born out of hate towards Accountability and Responsibility.

And I am supposed to be the God Father of that Hate? No thanks.
Populism is such a Cheap Move that ends up destroying the notion of a Fair Society based on Honest work and Merit.

Shame on you if you buy Paris Hilton Products, designed with no merit, for those that are not worth a consideration.

You can count on Me for the Preservation of the Honest and Accountable Social Ranks in Society, for the Conservation of Education over Generations and for the consideration of the Distinction, Prestige and Class of those that are there to lead society by being Role Models for the youth and Role Models for the People, examples of hard and Honest work with Democratic Merits.

For I do not sell Vegetables in a Cheap Market Stand, or Plastic Toys in a Cheap Bazaar without caring for the Effort of Distinguished People to stand out as Moral Lights to Guide the People into a Decent and Inspiring Life as Honest and Hard Working People with Merits. When I say Luxury it is not a Pie for the Pigs, it is not a Cheap remedy to make Vulgarity Stronger, it is a representation of the kind of Leadership and Example that is needed, the distinction and a higher order that has a Purpose, a Purpose that is not designed to rag and trash the things Society Craves.

I am a man of Prestige, that believes in Merit and Opportunity, examples for those less fortunate so they find the way into a more Decent Society by those that are willing to serve as examples to Virtues and Values. That is why My Products are in Consideration of a Higher Order, for Distinguished Members of Society, for a Luxury that is often just the Concentration of things that have the attention of Society, without the trashing of resources and the Provocation of Vices.

Luxury as I understand it is just the High Concentration of Purpose in a Small Thing, and that Purpose should be related to the building of a better and more just Society for all, specially the Poor, who deserve to have Leaders and Examples of Proper Behaviour that can lead all of Society into a better and more Civilized Society for all. When the Purpose has a meaning, the intention of that Luxury must have a reason to be, in a Fair and Honest Society. The Idea is not to trash the resources in an insulting way, the idea is to Concentrate the Purposes, sometimes, to benefit Society and attract those that need something to pay attention to beyond and with the Ideals. The respect for the Local High Arts is also a Main Component for My Concept of High Purpose, which can be confused sometimes with Luxury.

So if you believe in the Idea of a Society based on Honest and Hard work in what the USA often calls "The American Dream", where People work hard to achieve their Goals in a Society that wants to recognize Human Values and the Value of a Democratic Social Merit System based on Work and Education then you can count on Me to support a Society that can be seen as Fair for the Poor and Rich alike, always trying not to offend the Poor but Guide them to examples of how We together can focus on a Better and more Civilized Society than at Present Times.

If you believe in an unfair society, where hard working People pay attention to some Lazy Woman with very Bad Quality Cultural Products that is overhyped by the Media in a very unfair way just to throw it all away and give it to someone that has no Social Ranking at all, as an insult to so many Hard Working People that have worked and studied for many years to be somebody, then you fall Low for the kind of Cheap and Classless Populism that Paris Hilton Promotes.
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money
"She Works Hard For The Money" - Donna Summer

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

Onetta there in the corner stand
And wonders where she is and
It's strange to her
Some people seem to have everything

Nine A. M. On the hour hand
And she's waiting for the bell
And she's looking real pretty
Just wait for her clientele

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

Twenty eight years have
Come and gone
And she' seen a lot of tears
Of the ones who come in
They really seem to need her there

It's a sacrifice working day to day
For little money just tips for pay
But it's worth it all
Just to hear them say that they care

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

She already knows
She's seen her bad times
She already knows
These are the good times

She'll never sell out
She never will
Not for a dollar bill
She works hard

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right
She Works Hard For The Money lyrics Universal Music Publishing Group

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