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Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.
My Name is Randal Pinto Bianco, a Venezuelan. I am a System Integrity Overseer in the House of TRIBalance Cosmos. Also known as a System Eye.

The strongest System in Venezuela at this time seems to be possible in the Computer Department of the UnaSur in Venezuela. So I can work as a System Integrity Overseer linked to the UnaSur.

I am an Overseer before being a Programmer or being any kind of Social Representative or Politician.

I am a Cosmos Eye.

Everything a TRIBalance Eye sees during the time it is working and in the scope of Public Work away from Private Activity is to be shared Real Time with other People supervising and channeling it in an Accountable way. So that means that there is no privacy in the Computer of the TRIBalance Eye when a Computer was assigned specifically only for the TRIBalance Overseer Job, and that is an activity done by a Channeler.
State -5.

States are not meant to be 2 states at a time.
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Maybe Creativity needs Initiative.
And for Initiative, maybe it is needed to want to exist.
The Impetus Method.
I am a Victim in the most Brutal and Cruel Documented Case of Intellectual Theft, Exploitation and Slavery the World has ever seen, in all of Mankind's History.
The Page originated in the Dark Storms. 25 Oct 2017
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The Human Rights Siege Torture against Me is taking a Heavy Toll on Me. 16 Nov 2017
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Forced Half Hunger Strike due to Slavery. 04 Nov 2017
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Throw Tomatoes to the Mexicans and Eggs to the French. 18 Feb 2018
Kate Middleton with a Pickaxe and a hidden Sacrificial Knife. 19 Feb 2018
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Ideas for the Social System.
Presentation: A new kind of Civil Society. 28 Nov 2017
Presentation: Starting with the Art System. 28 Nov 2017

I don't have a Working Cell Phone for now.
My Home Phone Number is:
My Family Cell Phone is (Attention Isolina Ramirez):
My name is Randal Pinto Bianco.

As the World Starves Civil Rights in Complicity.

Witness to how the Venezuelan Government (Specially President Nicolas Maduro Moros), the USA Government with it's Supreme Injustice Court, the British, the Catholic Church Pope Francis and the Chinese contribute and conspire in the Enslavement and Suffering of the Venezuelan People.

As I am Starve to Death.

A Day to Day to Blog on the Torture I am being subjected to only because I dared question the Slavery that is oppressing the Venezuelan People.
09 December, 2017 Starving Civil Rights.


The House of TRIBalance has it that all it's Guest and Members have access to the Technology and Work of Me, the  TRIBalance Operator and Moderator. But those that are not Guests or Members do not have access to any of My Technology, Designs, Intellectual Property or Systems and Technological Solutions. Any improper use or any pirating of My Work will be considered an act of Intellectual Property Theft and responded with Legal Actions. My Work belongs to Me, it's Inventor and nobody has a License to use My Ideas and Systems without My Permission while the Copyright holds true.

Some of the Ideas that I currently own.
1) Virtual Cultural Hotels.
2) The Multimedia Chat System.
3) Cruise Ship Games with Social Clubs.
4) Space Ship Games with Social Clubs.
5) The Shadow City with Social Clubs.
6) The TRIBalance Club Systems.
7) The Related TRIBalance Style Maps.
8) The Impetus Relational Maps.
I know that in the Future there will be Virtual Museums, 3D Game Galleries and other Computer Generated Systems that will have the UNESCO Certification of Authenticity that require the ownership of the Material Exposed, be it intangible or not. Maybe I could, but I simply don't want to regulate about that at this time. It depends on the Heritage Institutions.

All My Material also belongs to the United Nations and I can comment on the Media at any time, even if it is Copyrighted.
The Prism is composed of Several Houses.
House of Purple Kate Middleton
House of Blue Delta Goodrem
Laura Pausini
House of Cyan Katy Perry
House of Green Emma Hewitt
Nadia Ali
House of Yellow Vacant.
Invited Special Guest
Tyra Banks
House of Red Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
Paris Hilton is not a Guest or a Member of this House. She was removed as such and has no access to any of My Technology or Work to use as her own. Also she lost any and all chance to make any kind of work with Me, but she can still get her right for a reply. She has not been suspended, she is simply not a member of this House any more.

For more reasons on why I removed Paris Hilton see:

True and Logical reasons why I had to throw Paris Hilton away.
Temporal Message: 17 of February 2018.

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros was not welcomed at the Summit of the Americas, that will be held in Peru. But he says he will still go anyway, by force. I want to make My position on that very clear now, before anything regarding that is blamed on Me, and that is:
1) I am not responsible for Maduro's Actions.
2) Maduro would not be a Dictator if he cared about what the others think.
3) He just wants to create a Storm of Hate to avoid recognizing that I exist.

Some of My Historical Badges, as in Present Times:
A Member of the Club of Observers on how the U.S.A. does not recognize Civil Rights in the International Law when supporting it's Corporate Interests.

And I am still under the Most Brutal Intellectual Imperial Siege known and recorded in History.

A Siege against the Venezuelan People staged by the United States of America's Imperial Supreme Court of Corporate Impunity.

I am already suing the United States of America for
a tentative Combined Total Minimum of
A Member of the House of Prevention against Genocide and the removal of the Impunity for those that cause them.

An activist against the Starving of Civil Right Activists by Murderous Empires.

As a Victim of Imperial Slavery and induced Starvation Myself I vow that the Crimes of The Imperial British will not go without Justice. I am suing the British Genocidal Queen and her System for about
A Member of the House against the Cruel Practice of Despotism, Slavery and Civil Rights Removal justified as Sports.

An Activist against the Justification of Intellectual Exploitation and Slavery of the People for great economic gain while consuming the victims and abandoning them. I am currently suing the Chinese President Xi and China for about
A Member of the House against the Intellectual Profiting and the Support of Torture against Civil Right Activists in the Name of Christianity.

An Activist against the deliberate exploitation of Intellectual Slavery and the Suffering of Civil Right Activists for the profiting of those who would benefit from the sacrifices of those that Defend Spiritual Integrity. I accuse the Pope Francis as a Imperial, Colonial Slavery Justifier that tries to profit from the suffering of those who like Jesus Christ, defied the Imperial Slavery advocates. (Pharisee).
A Member of the House against using Celebrity Institutions as War Machines, for War Siege and Infiltration Purposes.

An advocate for the Right of Every Country to be able to Study, Research and get Support from the Foreign Institutions that want to influence the Local Population in a respectful way and according to the Laws and Principles of Sovereignty. An Activist against the Silence of the Civil Right Abusers and Cultural Executioners for the enslavement of the Population for the Purposes of Silencing the Critics.
A Member of the House against the Circus Exploitation of Civil Right Activists in Cruel Shows for the Purpose of Justifying Slavery, Colonization, Pausing and Stifling Civil Rights and Intellectual Theft.

An advocate for the Abolition of the Cruel Practice of subjecting Civil Right Activists to Intellectual Coliseums where they are to be the entertainment by being attacked by Imperial Lions and Corporate Gladiators. In My case it is Me, alone, that am being subjected to a Gladiator Circus of Huge Corporative Abuse.
A Member of the House against Impunity in Corporate and Imperial Crimes Against Children.

An advocate for the Accountability and Efficiency of the Child Protection Institutes in the Defense for the Right of Children to enjoy an environment appropriate for their Mental Health and Adequate Development as healthy Members of a Decent Society. An advocate against the use of Children Toys, marketed as such to Promote the Sex and Porn Industry. I am currently suing some U.S.A. Corporations for such abuse against Children and against Myself.
A Member of the House against the Advocates for the Underground Porn Fantasy (Fake) Rape Industry against Celebrity Institutions and Women Empowerment Representatives.

An Advocate against the Justification of Fantasy Rape against every and any Woman Celebrity that achieves fame while Empowering Women and those that would passively accept and even encourage such Sexual Abuse against Female Representatives of Women Empowerment and Gender Equality.
A Member of the House of Protection and Support for Civil Right Activists.

An Advocate for the elimination of Illegal Obstacles and Illegal Human Right Sieges against Civil Right Activists and an Advocate against the Impunity in Crimes, Harassment, Isolation and Psychological Torture against Prominent, Proven and Reputable Legal Civil Right Representatives.
  A Member of the House of Technological Integration for the Purpose of Regional Integrity and Independence.

An Advocate for the Creation of Regional Systems between Regional Countries in Regional Institutions Legally Recognized for the furtherance of the Prosperity, Development and the Common Well Being of the Countries Involved. I am one of the Founding Fathers of the South American Union of Nations in the Technological Aspects of Ideology and System Center Support.
A Member of the House of the Stigia Discipline.

The TRIBalance does not normally distribute "Pain Killing" Philosophy that Reduces Compassion by Default. So please do not use this Platform for distribute that kind of material.
Solutions for Venezuela.

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