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States are not meant to be 2 states at a time.
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The Impetus Method.
The Page originated in the Dark Storms. 25 Oct 2017
The USA Mattel Corporation authorizes Paris Hilton Corporation yet again. 16 Nov 2017
The Human Rights Siege Torture against Me is taking a Heavy Toll on Me. 16 Nov 2017
A Venezuelan Law that protects Hating Colombia and the United Nations. 30 Nov 2017
Forced Half Hunger Strike due to Slavery. 04 Nov 2017
The Venezuelan Hostages Sequestered. 05 Nov 2017
My situation just got a lot worse and My Food Income has decreased substantially. 06 Nov 2017
The Truth about Venezuela and the Fake (Non-Central) Debate. 07 Nov 2017
For how long will they continue the Farce they call "Debate"? 07 Nov 2017
Corporations or State should not Punish Children Directly. 10 Dec 2017
The Pope Francis Inquisitor. Trouble he asked for, and trouble he wants. 13 Dec 2017
Ideas for the Social System.
Presentation: A new kind of Civil Society. 28 Nov 2017
Presentation: Starting with the Art System. 28 Nov 2017
As the World Starves Civil Rights in Complicity.

Witness to how the Venezuelan Government (Specially President Nicolas Maduro Moros), the USA Government with it's Supreme Injustice Court, the British, the Catholic Church Pope Francis and the Chinese contribute and conspire in the Enslavement and Suffering of the Venezuelan People.

As I am Starve to Death.

A Day to Day to Blog on the Torture I am being subjected to only because I dared question the Slavery that is oppressing the Venezuelan People.
09 December, 2017 Starving Civil Rights.

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