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USA Corporations that are used to abusing Children.

If they don't care much about abusing their own Children, how can they claim in Court that they have Social Responsibilities? Mattel, Paris Hilton and Porn Promoter Elite, E! Entertainment decided to Harass Me again, and

I am suing Paris Hilton and her Toy Dick Man for 10,000,000$ CASH

For I claim that the ONLY reason Paris Hilton used Barbie was exclusively to try to Mortify Me, and cause Me Stress in her sick and Super Cowardly Goal of hurting Thousands of People to try to hide her Corporations Fascists Abuses again Human Rights and in this case Specifically against Children Rights with the help of Paedophile USA Corporations such as Mattel (Paris Hilton cannot use that Toy Name without their permission) and Double Porn Contraband Enterprise E! Entertainment, which was the one that took Porn Star Kim Kardashian to the Children of the USA very linked with the Underground Porn Star Paris Hilton. So I am suing Paris Hilton for Psychological attacks not just against Me, but against all the Venezuelan Children.
They must be paying that Prostitute a lot of Money and a lot of Dirty Pussy Pimping so as to his weak morality to actively contribute with Corporate Paedophilia.

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