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December 24, 2017

Merry Void Slavery: A Christmas not worth a Dime.

They called from My Father's House to see if I wanted to travel to the City, travel through the City and then to another Town, in a Chaotic Public Transport and then walk to the House, about 2 Kilometres away.

I was told I should go, because there was food, and well, you know I should go because I am starving and thus, surely that is a way to convince Me... Or control Me. So yeah, I have to go, they can't pick Me up, after all they have done enough for this humiliated and isolated loser that is worth nothing to them, most likely.

You know something? I am not going anywhere, I will not accept the Food Extortion and I am denouncing the Humiliation. Be it that someday I will be free, and I will be able to treat them in a just matter for their abuse. I am the only other direct member of the Family around the City and they did not come to pick Me up as a message that they don't care about Me, in fact, I am so sure they are so sad that this what they call a total loser has to eat their precious, expensive food. Well I will save them the problem so that they can better eat their selfish food, the same they tried to use to control Me.

So they called Me to see Me Crawl and Beg for some Food as the Venezuelan Corrupt Void Enforcers Enjoy it with great happiness, to see Me humiliated and controlled with a Loaf of Ham Bread or an "Hallaca". I have known little about any morally wrong food more DISGUSTING!

I rather be alone than with those that use Me, abuse Me, are complicit with My Abuse and that want to smile thinking they can control Me under the cruelty of Manipulation by Hunger. And so I will not go anywhere they call home, because that place is not My Home, My Home is the Void and Devoid, the People that do not exist, and at least they care a lot more about hot showing how cruel and manipulative they are. They will be happier, knowing that this what they call a Piece of Shit is not causing them more expenses or eating their food because after all they worked for it and of course I do not work for them, so I deserve far less. And I am sure the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Moros would agree, the same one that has Me nearly Starving, the same one that dearly enjoys seeing Me being Humiliated, probably happy at the fact that I am in a Forced Hunger Strike and seriously debilitated.

I do not have to accept Extortion and Humiliation when I do not want to and I chose not to accept an invitation to see Me Crawl for a bit of Bread, and when I said I am in a Hunger Strike, I meant all the way is that is necessary. My Food consumption has been dangerously low and My Health is deteriorating even faster now. I have had days of only Half a bread a Half a Can of Beans for all the Day. They know I am suffering, they know I am being tortured by Hunger and so they know they could try to extort Me with Food, and they will know they failed. I am not going to crawl and accept Humiliations in a so called Christmas Party to discuss what a Total Loser I am to them and specially to the irresponsible Human Right System of the Nicolas Maduro Moros Dictatorial and Authoritarian Regime.

I am not going anywhere it seems, and I do not
want a Fake Christmas, a SLAVE'S CHRISTMAS.

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