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December 16, 2017

A Personal Life in Itself is usually about the Freedom of the Self.

A "Personal Life" is the space where a Person is fully responsible and participative for the Actions it does and it's behaviour. Thus Personal Life is related to the Freedom of Opinion of the Person. A Person that is not allowed to have a Public Opinion and that instead is treated like a Painting in a Wall has no Personal Life, but a Public Image of Self Promotion of Silence and Censorship.

Personal Life is the Self, and it is present where the Self is able to be represented and is able to express itself. Thus the Chat Systems I program legally do understand the concept of "Personal Life" as the Integrity Space of the Users that is related to their Freedom of Expression and in that sense Private Chats marked as such cannot be interfered without all the Legal Protections on Privacy.

Personal Life is simply the Freedom of the Self, which is linked both to the Freedom of Expression and the Freedom of Responsibility. I am always in My Personal Life State when I am writing at My Web Site in the condition of Me Being Myself, and not a Corporate or Institutional Individual.

It is absurd to say that someone wants to claim a "Personal Life" Show when they can't even assume that they have Personal Responsibilities for their actions and a Personal Opinion to share their Personal Believes in Freedom of the Self, since "Personal Life" and Freedom of the Self is one and the same, sometimes. So someone that cannot have Freedom of the Self, does not have a Personal Life because without the Self there is nothing that is Personal. And so can be understood in a Legal Case in Court.

The "Personal Life" is just the "Self Life". Thus someone that makes a Big Show neglecting their own Self, their Personal Responsibilities and their own Personal Opinions are acting not in behave of themselves but in the terms and conditions that interest others aside from themselves. In My Systems areas where the Users cannot be themselves in Privacy are not called "Personal Areas" and failure to understand that Areas where there are Public Security Logs and Vigilance that were notified can lead to Legal Actions against those who falsely claim their "Personal Area" was invaded, thinking that Personal simply means the kind of Social Relations in a Society.

Guarantees that create a Space for a Personal Life.
1) The Person is not a Third Person by Default, but a First Person by being the Protagonist.
2) The Person is responsible for everything they say.
3) The Person is responsible for defending their Right to have an Opinion.
4) The Person is responsible for Correcting their Errors.
5) The Person is responsible for giving the Right of Reply to those affected by the Person.
6) The Person Protects and has Protected their Freedom of Expression.
7) The Person is not a Painting in the Wall and the Social Treatment of that Person is done on an Individual Basis.
8) The Person is considered to be Protecting their Privacy.
9) The Person is responsible for addressing complaints.
10) The Person must treat as Personal those who assume the responsibilities related to the Self. I am one Person, a Self, not an Institutional Interest or a Corporate Personality that tries to have Censorship of own opinion as a Public Policy to Defend.
11) There is no Public Personal Relation where both parts cannot express themselves on how they feel about themselves because "Personal" is related to the "Self".
12) The Term is a Legal Term and can be used in Court to Defend against, for example, Corporate Sieges of Powerful Corporations against the Rights of one User to being itself in the Defence of his Personal Rights, which is another name for Human Rights.
13) All My Guests are in Denial of their own Selves, because it is in the Interest of their own Human Right Abuses against the Personal Rights of the Users by promoting a Culture of Irresponsibility. Thus they are Publically denying any type of relation between Myself and their Personal Lives, which I have no access to anyway since I just observe the Mass Media with News allegedly for Public Interests and I do not see how in most of the current cases fomenting a Culture of Irresponsiveness and Irresponsibility can serve the Public Interest.
14) Someone who cannot own themselves cannot truly own anything and those that do not value the Self at all and shows disdain for it maybe should not be allowed to have any kind of Responsible Leadership, specially if it is about a Representative Leadership.

The Debate Topic is about Celebrities with a Personality. Meaning both a Celebrity Person and a Celebrity Institution have a [Self]. That is not how some Countries make Celebrities, that is how I require Celebrities to be. As you know Chat and even more Multimedia 3D Game Chat require a Personality and a Strong Sense of [Self]. Without their Self wanting to express themselves People would usually rather not Chat. I Promote Chat and Expression, so those are Chat Celebrities, not Silence Cultists.

Contrary to what it might seem from the way others behave around My Guests, specially Celebrities that claim to Break the Silence by Imposing a Culture of Corporate Irresponsibility, I need to know that they think on the [Self], and on the [Personality Self] (Persona) Level. And yes, even Celebrity Institutions have a none [Personal Self] Personality. That is even more evident on Actors in Movies.

I do not get any Joy at all in seeing Women hanging from Chains in the Ceiling half naked and prepared for Sexual and Emotional Abuse. Even less when it is made evident on the Underground Fake Porn Industry, even if most Big Women Celebrities seem to not care about that Sexual Abuse in the name of Popularity and Fame, even such Irresponsive Celebrities seem to enjoy that Sexual and Emotional Abuse at World Renown Internet Link Search Engines. To Me it is cruel and even irresponsible to have People without an Opinion, without a Voice, without a Self, without a Responsible Personality. Like if it were less than Human, like a Statue in the Park that cannot think for itself.

And I have the Responsibility of protesting and/or preventing Cults of Silence while being exposed to Fake Porn Abuse. I also cannot build a Multimedia Chat in open Complicity with Graphical Abuse aided by Irresponsibility. I cannot protect a Siege against My Self, as long as Celebrities that are related to Me Insists on trying to Silence My Self and casting a very Dark Shadow over Freedom of Expression and by Expanding Fascism while trying to benefit from their own Sexual and Emotional Abuse, which they refuse to denounce. For example none of My Celebrities are protesting the Search Engines that are openly promoting Massive amounts of Fake Porn about them to the General Public of all Ages, including Children.

In Freedom of Expression, if you do not have yourself (YOUR SELF) then there is usually none and what you see is just Freedom of Obedience and/or Forced Convinience.

The way I see it?

Imagine a very Lazy Dude wants to walk it's Dog... So that Dude goes and puts a Collar on the Dog, gets a Chain and attaches it on the Collar and then the other side of the Chain it attaches to the back of it's Car. And then it gets on the Car, starts the Car and Drives the Car with the Poor Dog tied to it outside and behind the Car, on the Road. Of course if the Dog falls or is incapable of keeping up with the speed the Car will continue to Pull the Dog and the Asphalt would cause harm to the Dog, causing it injuries and possibly even killing the Dog. That is what happens when a Dog is taken on a ride, with no concern at all for it's Personal Self. It could get dragged and eventually torn apart.

I do not enjoy seeing People, and specially not Women in such a Sad State, as Dragged Dogs with a Brain as Stupid as a Plaza Statue. That is the way some Alarmist and Cheap Junk like to portray Women, but that is not the way I proceed with People and I do not enjoy Dragging People with the Force of My Car. All My Guests have a Life Boat that is pulled from My Cruise Ship, a Legal Security that protects their Voluntary Decision not to Communicate with Me and a Guarantee that I will not Tax them for enjoying My Ride.

My Guests are Silent because that is what they Chose. Not because that is what I caused.

Once again I repeat that any of My Guests are allowed to contact Me. They just need to send Me a Text Message to My Phone Number to Identify themselves and then call the number on My Web Page.

I will continue to Protest Statue People and Specially Fake Porn Complicity Statues.

Understand I represent the Freedom of Self with Personality, in Venezuela.

I am Venezuela's Central System Moderator.

Everybody that has an Institutional Image has to Balance their Institutional Personality with their own Self. And most of the time it is not easy to show both. There is Tolerance as to the way Personal Opinion and Institutional Interests are related, but what can clearly be seen is the visible intention to Protect the Self Being of the Users, to show at least some concern for it even if it does not show while acting out a role. It is to be sure to be seen somewhere as caring for the Rights of the Self of People, it is to be seen as caring for the Human Rights of People.

All the Celebrities I create are automatically linked to Public Human Right Organizations that protect the Self Being of People, groups like Human Rights Groups for the Protection of Women Rights to keep My Users safer from Sexual Abuse, Fake Porn Relations, Revenge Porn and Sexual Bullying. I do not Control those Human Right Groups, I only comment on them if I must.

It's a fact.

You cannot own a Chat System if you do not care about Fake and Revenge Porn. No Cop (Police Officer) would normally say otherwise. Ask the Interpol (A World) Police Force) if they would support any kind of Chat that does not care about Fake Porn and Revenge Porn.

The Real Red House of My Systems are the Police Offices I relate to, where I make My reports. And the Police have a mind of their own. Know what I am saying? I hope you do.

More reasons why I cannot control Real Red Houses. That is Police Space. I can report about them, write about it, but I cannot override it. All My Moderators are System "Orange", not truly Red Limit. Red Limit is the Interface I use to report any Real Crime to the Police.

And there can be A SHIT LOAD OF CRIME in Chat Systems. So it does require the Police to report crimes to. Crimes like Child Pornography, Extortion, Sexual Trafficking, Revenge Porn and Illegal Drug Selling, among others. So one needs to work with the Police, and the Police must work with and maybe trust the Central Moderator. Thus My Stance remains logical at all times. I do not support Fake Porn which can also be Real Emotional Rape. I do not encourage Revenge Porn. Simple, easy and definitive.

That stance is non-negotiable. So much that I do not even try to control the Legal Interfaces of the Red Houses to ensure even more Legal Security.

The Red Houses and Clubs in the Civilian System are really just Orange Houses. I do not have any Real Red Organisation, any Real Police Force under control.

I will see to it that no User is Suspended or Banned from My Systems by Default and that instead they are charged with Fines that they can pay or transferred to other System Instances. Like committing a Traffic Infraction. Being that they are banned only when the amount of infractions is absurdly high. That is to ensure some space so that the Users can adapt themselves, their [Selves]. And all sanctions against the Users must try to have a Preventive System and a Pre-Warning System.

Maximum Tolerance to the Users when Possible.

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