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December 13, 2017

The Pope Francis Inquisitor. Trouble he asked for, and trouble he wants.
Papa Francisco pide cultivar "la propia diversidad cultural" a los latinoamericanos
Fuente: GV/AFP 12-12-2017 03:35PM

El papa Francisco pidió este martes a los latinoamericanos que "cultiven la propia diversidad cultural" y no se dejen "colonizar ideológicamente" durante la misa que se llevó a cabo en la basílica de San Pedro con motivos a la festividad de la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Se trata de la sexta misa que un papa celebra en el Vaticano por la llamada Emperatriz de América, patrona de todo el continente, cuya fiesta se festeja el 12 de diciembre.

La misa se celebró en el día de la festividad de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, el papa Francisco recalcó que "ella es signo de la gran riqueza que estamos invitados no sólo a cultivar, sino también a defender valientemente de todo intento homogeneizador, especialmente en estos tiempos".

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Francisco advirtió que al homogeneizar la cultura se "termina imponiendo, bajo slogans atrayentes, una única manera de pensar, de ser, de sentir, de vivir", dijo

"Se termina por invalidar o esterilizar todo lo heredado de nuestros mayores, lo que afecta también a nuestros jóvenes, que se sienten poca cosa por pertenecer a tal o cual cultura", explicó ante numerosos emigrantes latinoamericanos.

El papa lamentó que "nuestras comunidades indígenas y afroamericanas en muchas ocasiones no suelen ser tratadas con dignidad e igualdad de condiciones".

Asimismo, denunció el trato y la exclusión que padecen "pobres, desempleados, migrantes, desplazados, campesinos sin tierra, quienes buscan sobrevivir en la economía informal; los niños y niñas sometidos a la prostitución infantil, ligada muchas veces al turismo sexual".

I have noticed that the Pope does not ever mention the fact that Promoting Political Divisions is a Sin. He does not even mention the fact that Culture could have a Political Charge to it or be used for promoting Political Hatred and division. The move, what he said was without a doubt directed against the United States of America's Record Industry in a bid to provoke a greater rift between the United States and the rest of the Americas, such as Caribbean, Central and South America.

My complain is not that the USA has a presence, My complain is about the bad quality of that presence and I am not asking to remove the Culture that comes from the USA, which is what the Pope Francis is allowing to be understood. I realize that People want to know what a Big Neighbour is doing and that does not mean not appreciate what one is doing at home. We have to see the World around us, because we cannot be isolated.

I will not support any type of Cultural Control from a Religious Group that refuses to admit in Public that Political Polarization is not only a Cultural Problem, but also a Sin in the Christian Religion. If the Pope cannot say where the Sin is, then he cannot guide People properly in Culture. Simple as that.

Then he links Culture to Prostitution and Tourism in what apparently seems like a direct attack on Me and My Social Network Ideas in such a cowardly way. Well first of all, the Absolute Priority, Children. I am not doing Social Networks with Children so the whole topic in that sense is null because all My Public Social Network Communication Systems are rated for Adults, unless Specified by an Educational Authority. As a second point I have to mention the fact that the Catholic Church still has forbidden Women from Participating in Social Leadership in regards to things related to Universal Culture. I do not cause Prostitution by letting Women express confidence in themselves and the integrity of what they are.

My Web Sites and Systems have a strong binding with the Authorities and whenever possible with Women Right Groups in a way that is much stronger than the Weak Protections the Catholic Church had which allowed for the Mass Sexual Abuse of Children by it around the World.

I am a strong supporter for National Heritage and Cultural Diversity, but I am not an Isolationist that wants to block entire Cultures from the rest of the World. I believe in Unity among the Diversity and My Systems are made to reflect that without even having to call People to go have envy at the most prominent culture, which is exactly what the Pope Francis did. I simply create a System that already includes Heritage Groups and Controls so that the Appreciation for the Cultural Diversity is automatic, not imposed over an Ideology of Hate, Social Envy and Social Fears.

The Systems I designed are made to create a Racial Balance when needed, thus increasing Racial Tolerance in the whole System and in the wider society. For that I employ Racial Quotas on the Employment of Social Promoters, to ensure that a Race of People with a Prominent Presence do not get left out. But of course the best way to ensure that People will not be discriminated is ensuring that there will be no Religious Discrimination against People based on their Creed and no automatic discrimination on Women just because they want to exist in Integrity in Social Relevance, something that I repeat is not allowed in the Catholic Church where Women are denied the right to have any relevant position inside the Church.

The Pope is trying to seed Cultural Divisions and selfishness when he refuses to admit in public that Political Extremism with Division is indeed a Sin. And one has to wonder why he refuses to acknowledge that fact. Well I stand publically against both Political and Religious Discrimination with more Internal Controls for Civil Right Values than the Church has had with Children while the Pope Francis has been working at the Catholic Church. It is People and their Right Groups that have to decide their Culture, not someone calling to purge those deemed impure while they refuse to denounce the Greater Impurities of the Spirit.

That is why I have to ask the Pope Francis to respect Me and stop interfering with My Work in regards to reunifying Venezuela and strengthening the Central System.

People cease to realise the world they live in, for more comfortable news to hope for the best. They do not see the Porn Industry Portrays Women as Sex Objects, incapable of thinking. And the Church does nothing to revert that Sex Object Stigma on Women. I keep some of the Sexy without the Sex but give it a HUMAN SENSE to Women. Which is doing more than just nothing at all and waiting for Porn to continue to promote slavery.

The Objectification and Exclusion of Women is one of the reasons Pornography grew so quickly and out of control. The Catholic Church being one of the culprits. If we had a Society like some Evangelicals envision it, where Women can be Spiritual Leaders, you would see less Objectification, less Random Women and more Dedicated, Full Time so called "Porn Stars". It would also be a lot harder to enter the Adult Porn Industry, because the care for the Long Term Life of Women would be greater.

In other words, when you tell a Kid that Women are too dirty to be a Priest you are also telling them Women are too dirty to have a Decent Job in Porn, which then Multiplies the Pornography with no name and claim and thus the Sexual Abuse.

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