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December 09, 2017

Starving Civil Rights.

On the Day of My Torture, for Denouncing Civil Right Abuses.

Today is Saturday.

All I have yesterday was just 1 Bread and 1 Bread alone, with nothing to accompany it. I could not and cannot afford any more. Tomorrow all that I will eat is 1 bread and a little Tomato Sauce. I did not put Tomato Sauce in yesterday's Bread because due to hunger I had to eat the Bread on My way home.

I have to stress the fact that the Chinese Torturers of the Chinese President Xi are happy to see Me suffer as I am also being tortured by Pressure from them to Silence Me because Xi does not want to recognize any abuse against Me and does not want to pay Me, same for the Criminal Imperial Supreme Injustice Court of United States of America. I still have the right to report My Pain, Torture and Psychological abuse though, for the record of History.

My Job is now to report on the Complicity of World Leaders on the Slavery and Civil Rights Starving of the Venezuelan People.

And Maduro says: "I hope he dies, so we can take over and resurrect all that bunch of Money for us".
Presidente Maduro: Recordamos al Comandante Hugo Chávez por su entrega a la patria y al pueblo
Publicado el 08/Dic 2017 a las: 9:31 pm Por: VTVDMD

Caracas, 08 de diciembre de 2017.- “En el Día de la Lealtad y el Amor al Comandante Hugo Chávez, recordamos su vida de entrega absoluta a la Patria y por el Pueblo, para cumplir con el proyecto del Libertador Simón Bolívar, de hacer a Venezuela libre y soberana”, escribió el Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, en su cuenta personal de Twitter.

El Jefe de Estado acompañó el mensaje con un video que describe las diferentes luchas que enfrentó el Comandante Eterno, para retomar la bandera del Libertador Simón Bolívar y la bandera del pueblo para comenzar una nueva era, la Revolución del Siglo XXI.

“Fue como una resurrección lo que hemos vivido. Aquí había un continente dormido, un pueblo dormido, como muerto y llegó el Lázaro colectivo y se levantó, a finales de los ochenta, los noventa”, expresó el Comandante Hugo Chávez en diciembre de año 2012. /CC

Nicolás Maduro ✔
En el Día de la Lealtad y el Amor al Comandante Hugo Chávez, recordamos su vida de entrega absoluta a la Patria y por el Pueblo, para cumplir con el proyecto del Libertador Simón Bolívar, de hacer a Venezuela libre y soberana. https://youtu.be/m9EfcD5TRno

As you can see, that text has a strong Religious Content. Now I might get complaints as to why I accuse Pope Francis. Just observe My situation. I am denouncing abuses on Civil Rights and I am being starved to Death. Now, it was not so long ago that the Catholic Church starved thousands of Native American Children to Death in Canada inside Catholic Schools, with the Crime being covered and concealed by the United States of America and specially the British Royal Crown, as the Catholic Schools were under her Supervision since Canada is still a British Colony and has the British Queen as the Canadian Queen.

So if they were capable of Murdering Thousands of Innocent Children in Catholic Schools, do you think they would not do the same to a not so Innocent Civil Rights Defender as Myself?

The Pope said he would contribute to the Venezuelan Debate and all he did was confirm that he would continue to receive Money at the Churches of Hypocrisy, because I, the Central Moderator and the one that is really giving out the Professional Debate Arguments have not seen any work done or any contribution of the Pope Francis towards any Real Solution in the Venezuelan Debate about it's General Central System Collapse.
One, Two, Three, For. On the Reclamation Zone.
One, Two, Three, For. On the Reclamation Zone.
The United Fruit Company.

The Reason that the USA is Besieging Me is because I represent the System Center of Venezuela. The Freedom of the System Central in Venezuela, the Independence of Venezuela is seen as a Threat to the Imperial Colonization Interests of the USA against the Interests of the Brazilians and the South American Union of Nations. They need the Center Systems in Venezuela to be Enslaved in order to ensure the Continuity of the Total Internet Colonization of Venezuela by the Imperial Espionage Corporations Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So in the scope of those Imperial Interests, they set aside Civil Rights to defend Slavery and Colonization Interests and that is why the United States of America does not want to Pay Me for any of it's abuses, specially when that could mean that it's Imperial Espionage Corporations might find obstacles in their Monopolistic Control of the Venezuelan Internet.

All that you may have written about Me getting any help soon is a lie. And I hope People realize that. It's a lie as sure as saying that Google would be happy I set up a Search Engine that has the Moral Decency to demonstrate that it does not enjoy sexually raping Celebrity Women with Fake Pornography.

For how long have I been denouncing serious problems of malnutrition? Well the Food intake of One Good Mean a day and only one meal a day was possible up to December of the last year. Back then there was the oversee in the Public Ministry by Doctor Luisa Ortega Diaz. I was moved to this Torture House with Spies on late December and I wrote to the Public Ministry asking for an Audience on January of this year. That means that technically I have one year of severe food instability, most of it while under malnutrition and even if one year has passed of Me complaining about serious hunger problems I have not gotten a single reply from Nicolas Maduro other than he blocking My Action at the Public Ministry, at the Venezuelan Supreme Court and at the Venezuela Communications Ministry.

And Maduro will continue to block any actions I try to make to make a Decent Amount of Food for Me to be able to live a Decent and Dignified Life with My Human Rights. That is why I do not even bother to try to find a Job.

I am well aware that Maduro wants Me Dead and killing Me with Starvation seems to be the easiest way, while hoping that I grow desperate and crazy as My Health Deteriorates.

And China's President Xi Applauds that, as well as the British and specially the United States of America's Criminal Imperial Interests Supreme Injustice Court.

I guess you can see that.

The World cannot continue to be so Criminally Irresponsible.

I am a Path that People will see different from the Path that got them into a Dark Age of Unsustainability. I will be Light in the Darkness, the Path between the Thorns, the New Hope that the Past they Blame for all their troubles attacked with Cruelty. Similar to the way that the Religion of Jesus Christ did the same during the Decline of the Holly Roman Empire. But I am not Jesus, I am a TRIBalance Cosmos.

There was not need for Me to be Starving. I should be working on Future Sustainable Systems, but they chose the Path of Violence, something which I do not support but cannot avoid because that is what they chose.

How can one ask them to please stop trying to Starve Civil Right Central System Moderators? They want Slavery and willing to Kill for Slaves. I can just continue to Support Debate, for the wellbeing of the Peaceful Survival of Humanity and I am not moved by Revenge.

But some of them want Slavery to maintain a System that will be unsustainable anyway. What a Human Collective Self Destructive, Greedy and Selfish Behaviour.

At any rate, Maduro is the Main Responsible of what is happening to Me in terms of Me being Starved to Death. That is undeniable, even if he does get pressure from the USA, the British and China. All of which refuse to pay Me anything. So please don't tell Me that I should have gone to the United Nations at Caracas, it's a miscalculation or
a lie. Maduro feeds on Social Resentment and he simply wants Me silenced. There is not much the United Nations can do about that, since they seem pretty much useless in Venezuela at the Present Dark Times and I am sure most if not all Venezuelans would agree with Me on that.

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