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December 07, 2017

For how long will they continue the Farce they call "Debate"?

Debate about what?

What kind of debate is it? Is it an Ideological Debate? Is it an Economic Debate? Is it a Technological Debate? Is it a Cultural Debate? Is it a National Debate? Or shall we Debate about what the Debate is?

So lets wonder if it is an Ideological Debate. Ok, then ask all the parts to submit their Ideology. You will quickly see that the Shadow does not have an Ideology and it is based on two main things:

1) Gaining Power to get the Oil.
2) Keeping united based on the Impulse of Hate towards Maduro.
3) Promoting Hate.
4) Not wanting to solve any Social Problems.
5) No ideology anywhere to be seen appropriately.
6) Removing Chavistas from Government Employment.

I can tell you the Ideology of the so called "Opposition", it's called: "Quitate tu pa ponerme yo" (Go away because I will stay).

So lets wonder if it is an Economic Debate. Ok, then the topic is that all the Power, all the Money is in the Oil, which sustains the rest of the Economy and that represents more than 90% of all the Total Foreign Income of Venezuela. Our Internal Economy is also mostly around the Oil Industry. So if the Debate is about Politics and Debate then it should be about giving a fair share of Money to the Political Parties because Maduro is using the money of all the Venezuelans to support his Massive Political and Propaganda Machine. Fine, then where are they even mentioning the need for a fairer share of the Money? NOWHERE. So it is definitely not an Economic/Political Debate.

So lets wonder if it is a Technological Debate. Ok, a Debate about more efficient Technological Systems, something that is needed to improve the Services of the People and to better control where the money is spent while at the same time preventing corruption. Is the "Opposition" taking about that? No. Does the so called "Opposition" ever care about that? No, it does not, at all. It says it is to busy hating Maduro to care and Debate about Citizen Services. So I have to wonder: "Which is worse, the Maduro Extremists or the Opposition Extremists?". It's a tough question, really. After all it's all the same Misguided People, the Venezuelans.

So lets wonder if it is a Cultural Debate. Ok, a Debate about Culture, a Culture of Peace. That means creating New Artists that unify the Country and that keep away from Political Confrontation. That means crating artists that we all can admire and appreciate. That means working for a Culture of Greater Tolerance so that the People, at their homes can feel a greater union between the Venezuelans between the Poor and with little Power. Is the so called "Opposition" asking for that or even bringing that topic to the Debate Table? No. Really, just no, it does not care about a Culture of Connivance, it cares about conserving the Privileges of the Ruling Class in a State of High Polarization that will tend to exist as long as one Political Party can have the Oil and thus Power and the other one is Broke.

So lets wonder if it is a National Debate. Is it a National Debate? No. It's totally now a National Debate. It's a Dominican Republic Debate, with Mexico and with Spain, all of which are foreigners to the Regional South American Block called the Unasur. So not only is it a Foreign Debate for the Venezuelans, it is also a Foreign Debate for the Entire South American Community. If it was a National Debate, then why don't we see the actual debate on the National Television? Because it is not a National Debate, but a Media Circus designed to give influence to foreigners always assuming that we Venezuelans are totally incapable of solving our own Problems along with the South American Block of Nations. So we Venezuelans do not feel that Debate is our National Debate and South America certainly does not feel that is a legitimate way to solve South American Regional Issues.

So lets wonder if it is a Debate about the Debate. Ok, so it a Debate. Right. If it is a Debate then why are conditions placed first in deliberations and then after the conditions the actual debate? When do you start a treaty of Political Cease Fire only for minutes after the Political shots were fired only to fire the same Political Guns the next day? How can you ask for Debate about respecting Women if the first thing you do before even talking about the debate that day is go to your neighbour's house and slap the face of the neighbour's Sister and Debate participant? Ok so let's Debate about achieving something, but first and before we sit to debate about it, you have to prove that it was already achieved. What kind of Fool's Game is that? It's all a Big Farce!

The things they do not want to Debate.

We are a Sovereign Country, or at least that is what some say, that is what some pretend that is happening. In that sense all the content of the media we see should be supervised or reviewed by Venezuelans because We Venezuelans must have the right to study the media in Venezuela so that Social Sicknesses do not propagate.

And I am about to show you, the big farce of that fake Debate.

Ok, so let's Legally Start the Debate...
[System General Protection Error, Program Halted]
Oops... We can't, Debate Program Crashed even
before it began due to a Priority Mishandling! Oh
Crap, well, then no Crappy Debate Program.

Lets see now, I type:
Print Error.Number & "/" & Error.Description.
And we get:
> Access Violation at MainDirectiveA78
So I type:
Print ErrorController("MainDirectiveA78").Description.
And get:
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Article 78:
Children and adolescents are full legal persons and shall be protected by specialized courts, organs and legislation, which shall respect, guarantee and develop the contents of this Constitution, the law, the Convention on Children's Rights and any other international treaty that may have been executed and ratified by the Republic in this field. The State, families and society shall guarantee full protection as an absolute priority, taking into account their best interest in actions and decisions concerning them. The State shall promote their progressive incorporation into active citizenship, and shall create a national guidance system for the overall protection of children and adolescents.

So the Program is telling Me that I cannot set up the Debate because of some COLORING BOOK? Preposterous! This is a matter of Utmost Urgency! It is about a National Priority, there must be some Access Privilege Error!

So I type:
Constituency, Savoir, Caudillo, SonOfChavez)

Set PriorityLevel("MainDirectiveA78") = 2
And we get:
> Command Successful. Status: "Fine, be that way. Pff."
So I type:
Install CrappyDebateAt.Time(NOW())
And I get that Superman's Underwear is still a Bathing Suit:

[System General Protection Error, Program Halted]

Wow! Dude, what a Power "Bug"!

Let's see:
Print Error.Number & "/" & Error.Description.
And we get:
> Access Violation at MainDirectiveA7
So I type:
Print ErrorController("MainDirectiveA7").Description.
And get:

Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Article 7:
The Constitution is the supreme law and foundation of the legal order. All persons and organs exercising Public Power are subject to this Constitution.
Duh. Ok, I ask for more detail.
Print ErrorController("MainDirectiveA7").Description.Detail
So I get:

Disposiciones Directivas

Artículo 7°
Prioridad Absoluta. El Estado, la familia y la sociedad deben asegurar, con Prioridad Absoluta, todos los derechos y garantías de los niños y adolescentes. La prioridad absoluta es imperativa para todos y comprende:
a) Especial preferencia y atención de los niños y adolescentes en la formulación y ejecución de todas las políticas públicas;
b) Asignación privilegiada y preferente, en el presupuesto, de los recursos públicos para las áreas relacionadas con los derechos y garantías de los niños y adolescentes y para las políticas y programas de protección integral al niño y adolescente;
c) Precedencia de los niños y adolescentes en el acceso y la atención a los servicios públicos;
d) Primacía de los niños y adolescentes en la protección y socorro en cualquier circunstancia.

So I type:
Show Location("National Guidance System", Official)

And we get:
> LOL!

So I type:
Show Location("National Guidance System", NextCompatible)
And we get:
Randal Pinto Bianco.

15 Years of Media Style Analysis.
Public Exposure.
Scientific Master Expert in System Core Styles.
Specialist in Civil Rights.
United Nations Compatible.
Legal Expert in Social Network Moderation Management.
Fair Use Licence recognized internationally.
Over 100 Credential Tests passed.
Social Network and Social Game System Expert.
Unique Access to World Class Intellectual Property.
Expert in reducing Political Tensions using Systems.
Expert Bridge with the Law Enforcement.
Ample Experience Promoting Transparency.
Ample Experience Promoting Accountability.
Ample Experience respecting Political Differences.
Ample Experience as a World Class Debate Promoter.
Fair Use Licence Authorized for his site for use of
very Relevant Cultural and Media Copyrighted Material.
Fair Use Licence Recognized in the United States.
Fair Use Licence Recognized in Europe.
Fair Use Licence Recognized by the United Nations.
Fair Use Licence Recognized by the UnaSur.
Pioneer in Game Technology Design.
Pioneer in Scientific Discovery.

And we could go on and on and on...

Press [Space for Next Page]

So I type:
Activate "National Guidance System", NextCompatible
And we get:
[System General Protection Error, Program Halted]

So I type:
Print Error.Number & "/" & Error.Description.
And I get:
> "Maduro does not feel like it. Says that only he
has the right to decide who."

So I type:
Email Support@Unisys.org "What is going on?",
"I keep getting Top Blocks!"

And later I get the Reply:
From @Support@Unisys.org

No Debate is possible without the Venezuelan Right to hold the Foreign Media Accountable since that is a Non renounceable Right of the Nation and also no Debate is possible without a CONSTITUTIONAL Central Moderator recognized as a Fair Use Licence User in the World and a National Guidance System International Compatible Operator. So says the Constitution, the Debate cannot compromise Sovereign Rights and the Constitutional Absolute Priorities.

A Point of Debate you do not hear about, ever, in the Current News of the Present Times.

Venezuela has the Right to have a Central Operator, it has the Right to have a System Central National Guidance System for all the Venezuelans. It is not only a Right, it is a Constitutional Mandate so it is a Legal Obligation. But it does not have an Official Public Central Moderator. The only Person in Venezuela that the know how and the Licences to operate in the World is Me. That means that only I can study the International Media on behave of Venezuela's National Rights as a Sovereign Country.

If I did not have those Permissions, and considering My Web Site is literally Full of highly Copyrighted Material that belongs to Powerful Corporations that have between all of them Hundreds of Lawyers, do you think My Web Site would still be operating? Of course I have the Fair Use Licence, My Web Site would not be possible without that International Licence.

So Venezuela as an Entire Country has only one Central Moderator that is recognized by the International Community and even if complaining, by the Maduro Regime and that is Me, the Scientific Analyst of Venezuela that the World has come to know after more than 15 years of Hard Work and after passing hundreds of tests and trails.

But then I complain about the abuse of a USA Corporation and nobody cares. And then I complain about the abuse of British Corporations and the British Royalty and nobody cares. And then I complain about the abuse of the Chinese and nobody cares. So I am the only Authorized Voice of the Venezuelans to study the Media as seen by the Venezuelans, authorization granted by the Legal International Community only to make it official that they don't give a Damn or a single Penny for what we Venezuelans think about the Media we are forced to consume. In other words Venezuela as a Country is being treated like a COUNTRY OF SLAVES. and all My Complaints, My Worries, My Concerns, and even My Torment produced by the Abuse of the United States Corporations for example, in the name of the Rights of the Venezuelans are just a Joke that make the USA Supreme Court Laugh like if it was a Funny Joke from a Slave Clown from an Inferior Land full of ignorant People that deserve no respect. The USA, Britain and China obviously want to treat the Venezuelans like ANIMALS unworthy to complain about their abuses and get a decent reply.

The Debate we do need.

On the Ideological Debate.

I don't need to hate Maduro of for that matter anybody to have My own Ideas and Systems. So as a Center of Opinion I am much more solid and consistent than self called "Opposition Member" in Venezuela. I go not hate the Chavistas, I love them just as much as those that are not. I am one Person at this moment and I complain about one person, and that is the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. But that does not mean that I hate the Chavistas or that I am willing to massively discriminate them. It is totally con the Contrary, I complain to Maduro about the Privileges based on Political Discrimination that he is setting up with the Money of all the Venezuelans to mark those that are preferred, due to their Political Loyalties with a Special Political Discrimination ID Card which grants a Status of being above a Normal, Constitutional Citizen, a Political Privilege that is not specified in the Venezuelan Constitution.

In other words it is Maduro that wants to lift Discrimination Walls Between Venezuelans and it is Me that wants to see One Country, United, without Electronic Walls for the Chosen Politically preferred, like Venezuela's Founding Father, Simon Bolivar Demanded. And Bolivar's Words are Law, in the Venezuelan Constitution. I do not discriminate the Chavistas, who were originally sympathizers of Hugo Chavez Frias, Venezuela's Previous President. Maduro was placed the by the point of a finger by Chavez. So as you can see I am clearly not from any of the Political Extremes, which is what is needed to be a Credible Central Moderator.
Now, the so called "Opposition" asks for just one main thing, and that is to Defeat the "Chavistas". And the so called "Chavistas" as for one main thing and that is "to ensure that the Opposition never returns to Power". What kind of Debate is that and for who? I offer a Different kind of Debate not based in hating other People, but about how to start making Central Moderated Systems to help Reunite the Country and Revive the Venezuelan citizen Central Economic Machines including Tourism and the Industries of Technological Development.

So which do you think is not a Fake Topic for Debate, Option A or Option B?
Economic Debate.

I introduce Transparency and Accountability to the Economic Machine and thus reducing that Corrupt at Birth Idea that all the Rich have to be Corrupt and that all those that want prosperity are Evil, and thus help reduce Social Resentment. I want People to Build Fortunes together and then enjoy their fortunes as a Collective Together, like for example a Tourism "Posada" (Mini Hotel) for Social Network Prize Winners for Electoral Prizes with votes awarded by the People.

The Central Economy with the Central Moderated Systems allows us to export Social Network Services that are not currently possible under the Nicolas Maduro Regime due to fears that he might use the Social Network Services to Discriminate the Users and Propagate the justification of Political Splits and ID Cards of Loyalty's Benevolence in other Countries.

The Central Moderated Systems allows us to work in Systems outside of Venezuela and thus generate Employment and Education and the Central Moderated Systems allow, among other things the establishment of hundreds of Educational Jobs for Students and Professionals in the Labour Outsourcing Market considering Venezuela has a very Low Cost Labour.

Technological Debate.

The School for Work Pay, the Knowledge Base Systems and the Multiple Software Companies created with Programmer Clubs help train People and assign People to hundreds of New Technological Jobs, both at the Central Company and at the Wider Society. For that I have devised a System where the Students can study and they get paid while they study for working at the Central Systems as Artists, Fashion Models, Chat Promoters, etc. It is one less Kid on the Street without a Job or Study and one more Study and Job that the Government does not have to subsudize.

The Idea is to initially create a Raw Data System that can be used by multiple Applications using the same Data but in different presentations. Each Solution with a Club and each Club a Different Company, thus helping to develop the Venezuelan Software Industry. For example a Social Network System that has the same Central Data but ten different Software Presentations to use that Social Network that requires a Special Software. The Different Clubs can get creative and create different kinds of solutions with the same Base Raw Data.

The Solutions Include the Multimedia Chat, new Online Video Games, New Social Networks with Profile Pages and New Social Media even inside the Games themselves, so new ways to use Freedom of Expression.

Cultural Debate.

The Cultural Debate is about the Central Moderated Systems. Systems where the Political Extremism is purposely reduced, and the Political Parties are also consulted about it. It is Systems where People can share and learn without feeling that they need Special Privilege Political ID Cards while perceiving a National, Unified System.

In the Art Picture Gallery it can also include Galleries and Directories of Tourism, Fashion, Traditions, and of course, a top Priority for the Future, the Ecological Preservation, Ecological Scientific Admiration and Citizen Nature Loving Galleries. On the Game Sections it includes Game Art and Topics related to the Country's Culture, Traditions and creates Heritage as well.

In the Central Culture System new Singers are created with a PROHIBITION TO DO DIRECT PARTISAN POLITICS. Not because they renounced to their Political Rights, but because they will seek, to get famous, the approval of all the Users regardless of their Political preferences and offer their Art as Non-Politically based. So it would be wrong if the Artists later turned out to be for just one faction of the Country, in a Central System after deliberately misleading users on purpose only to gain fame and then dumping a huge part of their Fans for Political Influence Interests that are not supposed to be part of the Art they do, as Universal and National Artists for all Venezuela.

National Debate.

My Solutions do not involve interfering with the affairs of other countries and do not ask for other Countries to interfere individually with Venezuela so that is definitely a Point of Debate about Sovereignty. If I go to another Country with the Systems they will know that I am not there to tell them what to do, to control their People, to Spy on them or to interfere with their Politics and that is something Nicolas Maduro Moros, the Venezuelan President and the Venezuelan self called "Opposition" cannot offer.

I normally want to work with the Central Regional Block as the Moderator Institution, so in that case I would be transparent and accountable and linked directly to parts of the South American Regional Block, called the UnaSur. The Solutions will enjoy the UnaSur Certification and People would relate to some parts of the System as promoted by the Region Integrity Block, thus making the South American Union Stronger, more liked, more useful and more interesting while at the same time it helps coordinate the Local Police Forces of all the South American Countries for a better and safer Development, Operation and Moderation of Social Network Systems.

The Unasur is also linked to the Mercosur, which Banned Maduro but I can create Central Moderated Systems that can comply with their Impartiality Standards in a credible and reliable way.

Debate about what the Debate is?

So lets see, about their other Debate, the one which has them in another Country enjoying Luxury and Five Star Hotels while living the good life in a Tropical Island...
1) Demand that the "Opposition" forces the USA President Donald Trump and the European Union to remove all the sanctions against Venezuela making it evident that this is just a national issue and nobody else should interfere between Venezuelans when complaining about Venezuela. Well, it makes no sense to Me.
2) Demand that all the People Jailed that are deemed to have any Political Role to be freed, no matter what the reason the so called politician was incarcerated in a Venezuela with a Huge Chaos in Accountability Systems and with a very high chance that they were all so corrupt that if they had worked as they did in Politics in the USA or Europe they would certainly be in Jail.
3) Create a National Electoral Contest and invite a Rival, call it the Constituent Electoral Match. The other part decided not to assist and did not. Then just claim a fair victory in a contested and fair election when only one side even went to vote. Then Demand at the so called Debate Table that the side that did not even participate recognizes that the Electoral Contest was won fairly.
4) Observe the Cantv (Venezuela's Central Telephony Company) Web Portal, and also the Main Internet Provider. The Forum Link is broken, the Chat link is broken and with a lie that it will open later, the Business Associates Section has a broken link and there are only 3 links and the broken link is a Cantv Link, the Postal Cards Section is broken and the Web Email System is Broken and Cantv's President is Maduro's Communication Ministry. Then Demand, at the Debate that the Opposition Stops the Economic Sabotage and the Economic Problems while not caring that the Central Systems of Venezuela are Broken, Malfunctioning and causing an Economic Chaos. So be responsible for the Problem, and then Demand the others fix it without you allowing access to anything.
5) Venezuela does not have any kind of State Sponsored Online Store to acquire much needed products and the lack of Online Stores make it more tempting for the Stores to Speculate with prices and it makes it far more difficult for the People to acquire the Products they need, sometimes having to visit several stores just to buy a Car Part while having to waste Time, Money and effort in Heavy Traffic to get the part and that is if you even find it. So there is no Online Commerce yet, so go and blame the "Opposition" and Demand that they immediately cease their so called "Economic War".
6) Create a Food Delivery System only for those that are identified and considered linked to the Preferred Political Group and Politically Indoctrinate the Food Distribution so you cannot acquire affordable food without some kind of Political Indoctrination or Discrimination. Do not make Online Stores to ensure People get just a few items and then you can ignore if they want to sell it or not and instead, due to the high Government Corruption cripple the Economic Freedoms of People so that they cannot even sell their own Food because that little bit of food could have come from a Corrupted Government Food Distribution Center. Then, after you made sure that most of your Political Supporters get the Cheap Food, and when the other People that are not in the Food Political Scheme come, say there was not enough food because People are stealing the Food from the easy to corrupt Government Food Distribution Centers. Then immediately blame the "Opposition" because you gave most of all the food only to your Sympathizers and to top it off, threaten to jail anybody that in dire need would want to sell the little bit of food they could get because the Government could not install Digital Thumb Print Sensors to make sure each person only gets a limited about of food. Then take someone to jail for selling 2 bags of Rice and Demand at the Debate that those "Opposition" stop their "Criminal Activities" (Bachaqueros are "always" of the Opposition).

The Huge part of the Venezuelan Population that
was not invited to the Debate.

The Ni-ni.
Those Numbers can vary wildly in Venezuela, but facts are facts when it comes to stating that in Venezuela there are Literally Millions of Ni-Ni (Not identified with any Extreme Group). Up to 30% according to Dataanalisis. Those Ni-Ni do have a representation however, and I am the Main, Central Ni-Ni of Venezuela since I have most of all the Core Ideology and Systems to keep that Central Area Working Correctly and can Maintain it from an Ideological and System Point of View.

I as the Main System Central Ni-Ni to Political Extremism must Demand the Warring, Immature and Extremist Sides to cease in their Aggressions against the Basic Pillars of a Decent Debate by for example not demanding Conditions before Debating about the Conditions or asking for things that would allow Debate only if that thing is already satisfied, which then means there is no point for the Debate.

I have an Idea to bring that Debate to Ground Level and have all parts respect the People, not so much the 5 Star Hotels and the Fancy Trips to Enjoy the Good Life. And that is by requesting the Moderate Venezuelans to make Demands of their own.

Go Ni-Nis, the Moderate Venezuelans to the Different Extremist Factions, specially in the likes of Maria Corina Machado with is practically the Strongest Incarnation of the self called "Opposition" and ask them to Suspend all Dialog with Nicolas Maduro Moros until a Venezuelan Credible, Reputable, Authorized and Legal Central System Moderator is Free to Work and do it's Job.

That means to SUSPEND ALL DIALOG WITH MADURO until Me, the ONLY Central System Moderator in Venezuela is set free from this Cruel and Torturing Prison where I do not even have a Legal Condemnation. And then we can debate not about who gets the Oil Money, but how to build Coexistence.



Continuing with the Obvious Anti-Central FARSE and FRAUD should be a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and those crimes do not expire.

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