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December 07, 2017

The Truth about Venezuela and the Fake (Non-Central) Debate.

Fake elections.

People have to understand that in Venezuela almost all the Money comes from the same Source, it comes from Oil and the Oil is controlled by the State. So that means that all the Money is controlled by the State. The Political Party of Nicolas Maduro controls all the Money, and thus it makes no sense to even go to elections, and that is why I do not vote. It's all a sham, Maduro uses Money that comes from all the Venezuelans to support most only his Followers and his Political Party. Nothing can compete with that in any normal condition, so you can say that Democracy is just a joke in Venezuela. There is no Democracy here, there is a Clown who to blame for all the wrong things, and that is just about all that represents every single Person that thinks that Maduro is wrong in his Policies. We do not have Freedom of Speech, we have Freedom of Clown.

Fake Dialog.

I want to denounce that fake thing People call the supposed Debate with the so called "Opposition" as a Crime. It is not enough to say that it will not work, it has to be called a Crime in the Degree of a Massive Fraud. Not only will it not work at all, but it will also buy time to further the Deterioration of the Venezuelan Society and accelerate the Division that could cause a Civil War in Venezuela. It will not work, because it cannot work at all.

It cannot work because like I said, almost all the Money in Venezuela comes from the same source and those that have access to that source will always be Super Powerful when compared to any other Political Movement specially now that so many People are being subsidized with Oil Money and Maduro just grows the expenses to pay for Dozens of Thousands of Political Sympathiser Employees who are told that if Maduro should leave they would be left with nothing. So Dialog about what? You Dialog when it is between two Equal Sides, but that is not the case in Venezuela. In Venezuela it is one Super Rich Party that Controls the Oil and pays for an Unsustainable Social Benefit System and the rest who are so poor they only serve as Diversion Clowns when they try to compete in any Democratic Argument.

The Country that seems headed to a Bloody Civil War.

One side has the Oil, and spends too much and way more than it can to Buy People's Will for the Cause. And when it spends it purposely lowers the Price so it cannot be paid for any other Government that is not Destructively Populist. For example the Metro Train Ticket is more expensive in the materials used to make the Ticket and more expensive than the cost of the train ride itself and the Phone Bill of Cantv, the Telephone Company of Venezuela is just but a few Cents of Dollar. So the Companies are purposely made so that they cannot work under any Fiscal Conservative Government that wants to fix the Bleeding Economy.

The Side that has the Oil, in this case the side of Maduro sees the Economy Collapse and as it does it spends even more on reducing the amount of People that receive the Social benefits to those that seem loyal to him. And the less Income, the more reduced is the Privileged Group and the more unlikely other People can join in to enjoy those Social Benefits. Some Benefits will not be paid as income is reduced and those benefits are reduced first from those that seem less loyal. Eventually there is left a Smaller Group with a far steeper set of conditions to prove their Loyalty, thus creating a National Socialist Regime based on Motherland Patriotism and Ideological Puritanism in a Country which almost all the Heroes are War Heroes...

The Central System Siege.

At the same time a Legal Void is created for Human Rights Sports, which also serves as a serious deterrent and warning for all those that want to Defend Human Rights in Venezuela. That Human Right Chocking is surprisingly supported by the United States of America, the British and China with the Scary and Suspicious Silence of the United Nations Human Rights Council whom even if they do not prove they are involved, they certainly do not seem to care the least the bit. That Legal Void where there are no Civil Legal Rights is what you see Me in. That is what the Venezuelans are told to expect in respect to their Civil Rights.
1) I have no Human Rights other than to protest My Torture.
2) My Torture is then Celebrated when it causes some Discovery as My Work is sometimes Excellent and Masterful.
3) I have no Legal Representation or any kind of Legal Protection for My Human Rights and Civil Rights Work.
4) Any and all USA Corporations have the Right to Abuse Me, Rob Me, Harass Me, use Me for Experiments and even Threaten to Kill Me with no Legal Consequence at all. The British and the Chinese also join in the Massive Abuse.
5) I cannot be liable for any kind of compensation for any Damage, Pain, Torture and Psychological Abuse that I am subjected to and that strongly demoralizes other Venezuelans.
6) Maduro has an order in place to refuse any Legal Assistance that I might have and I do have a Pending Request at the Public Ministry that is almost one year old and it still is blocked.
7) I was not informed of Me committing any crime.
8) I am literally an Intellectual Slave in the Game Zone Civil Rights Zero.
9) I am currently being Starved to Death as a warning to those who would dare think differently and along any of My lines by indicating that not only it will not receive National Support, but it will also not receive any International Support.
The Siege on the Civil Rights in Venezuela.

The Debate that Venezuela needs is not about the Political Factors, since as you might observe, the Party that has all the Oil and Money will always try to abuse of it's Power to gain the advantage and the other Party will just complain they don't have all the Oil and Money. That is quite obvious. The Debate that needs to be made is about Depolarisation and the Creation of Civil Right Zones where all the Venezuelans can exist in Coexistence without Institutional Political Polarization Extremism. The Debate is not about which Political Faction is right, the one that has all the Money or the one that does not, the Debate is about how to create Zones that are not Politically Extremist.

The Debate is about how to Reduce Extremist Politics and give more Space for the Civilian non Political Ideas and that is the Civil Space. To Defend that Civil Space there has to be some Protections for the Civil Rights. So the Debate has to be about how to Reduce Political Extremism and Polarization, not about which Political Party is wrong or right when the System is wrong in itself because all the money comes mostly from Oil and that who Controls the Oil has the Money and Power. But then we get no Balance of Power and that is precisely the issue. So why waste time on a POLITICAL DEBATE on a Country with no Balance of Power? Here Politics is as simple as: "Oil Wallet, you have it or you don't".

Obviously what Venezuela needs is a Growth of Central Civil Space and Central Civil Rights that are made to avoid Political Extremism since the Extremism is always tempting because one Pole of the Politics has all the Power and Money and the other does not and has to Shadow Complain. So one side of the Balance is always up in Power and Money and the other side of the Balance is always Poor and Complaining it does not have power, at this time. So why try to Debate about some Equilibrium if the System itself is made and designed to be imbalanced made even more evident by the Fact that all the Oil can only be owned by one faction?

Why would you want to buy a Bed to put it on a Sinking Boat that has a 45 Degree Angle into the Water and how would you know the Bed isn't just going to slide down into the Water if there is no Column or object to sustain it's weight? Those objects are Precisely the Central System Objects and those are not present to avoid the sharp Political Inclination towards Political Extremism. So the real solution would be Central Civil Rights Systems designed to reduce Political Extremism, since Political Balance is not possible at this time because almost all the Money comes from Oil. Simple.

So why don't the Venezuelans simply create Central Systems?

The Venezuelans do not simply create Central Systems
because such Systems have two Peculiarities:
1) It is not what Maduro is doing or can do, since he can't call for reducing Politics in his own Political Party in the current circumstances.
2) Maduro would see it as a Challenge to his Totalitarian Hegemony Rule so in order to make it Trustworthy it needs total Transparency to Regional International Organizations and the United Nations for Arbitration.
3) Even if they do want to try, Maduro would point at the Scarecrow, at the Horror Example of Suffering, at the Pole with the Slave tied on it suffering defenceless for even trying. He would point at Me in front of them and tell them: "See him, he has 15 years on it, a World Class Genius and nobody cares he is Starving, you think they would care about you? You don't stand a chance and you will only be abused by the International Corporations!"
4) Hence Maduro uses Me as an Example of Cease and Desist from making any Civil Right Based Central System and the United States, Britain and the Chinese contribute to that demoralization. So we get no Central Systems and thus Political Extremism and Polarization remain very high.

Why would the USA Support the Siege on Central?

Simple really. Central Systems are also the Place where Social Networks are made for all the Venezuelans, where the National Software is made for all the Venezuelans and where the Knowledge Bases are created for all the Venezuelans. The Central Software for all the Venezuelans, it would also strengthen the national Industry and most noticeably the Cultural and Fashion Industry.

But the United States Supreme Court is not interested in that, of course not. Because the United States wants to spy on Venezuelans with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The USA does not want any competence to it'sSpying Power and it also asks the Chinese not to implement any such Systems here and the Chinese comply. They Comply because they do not want to hurt the Imperial Interests of the United States in their own backyard so they make an Imperial Agreement to properly share the Colony Sheep. Central System Space means Competition to the USA Corporations, so they can't have that can they?

So the USA and of course the USA Supreme Court knows that if I am recognized as a Valid Central Node that would mean a National Competence to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google and a real Challenge to the United States Spying Agencies that revise and check everything we post at their Web Sites. So it rather not, because it is not good for Facebook, it is not good for the Spies and it risks creating Independent Technology that is not under the control of the United States. So they Lock Me in a No Civil Right Game Zone, remove all My Legal Civil Rights and use Me to deter any other that would want Technological Progress (and competence with the USA) in Venezuela. In such a context it is totally understandable that the reason the United States Supreme Court does not recognize Me is because it wants to keep Venezuela Technologically Enslaved and My Freedom is not seen as productive for the USA Influence and Espionage. Even if it risks creating a Civil War and a Future Humanitarian Disaster, a Very Serious Security Risk and a Terrorist Nightmare.

Venezuela is under Siege, under Imperial Siege and that Siege is to avoid it having Central Systems with Technological Independence. Which in Venezuela means: Avoid the Compliance of the Law of InfoGovernment. It is to note that when I wrote to the Communication Ministry of Venezuela about that, Facebook threatened to Ban Me.

What is so surprising about Slave Colonies for Empires?

I don't see why People should be surprised.

As you can see, My Slavery Condition does make sense, it makes total sense. The United States, Britain and China do not really care about Human Rights or International law, they just care about the Business of their Corporations and that has been proven in My Case. But I think it is an Almost Suicidal Imperial Approach as we are in the Borders of an Unsustainable Epoch, so if Venezuela Breaks and to top it off the Oil runs out, we could be talking about War and terrorism for more than 100 years, added to the Problems Colombia and specially Mexico will have then, possibly destabilizing Brazil and Mexico and eventually taking the Terror War into the Continental United States.

So it might seem that they are winning on the Short Term, but they might be excruciatingly collapsing in terms of Security and Stability on the Long Term. Such Blind Sighted Greed is also Typical to Dying Empires.

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