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December 06, 2017

My situation just got a lot worse and My Food Income has decreased substantially.

The Torture Situation in which Maduro has Me, the Psychological Torture and the Depravation of My Basic Human needs seems to be dramatically increasing in the Month of December. I am sure I will not have enough money to eat every day and will have to skip days of eating in order to survive.

Today is 06 of December, and I was told that I have been deposited only 250,000 Bolivares to last Me for all the rest of the Month of December. A Person in Venezuela barely has enough to eat with a minimum salary, and the minimum salary is 400,000. I will not be able to eat not even one time a day.

I called her to ask her to report the Emergency to My Mother and she says she would not do that because it's against her pride and the pride of My father. So I will not be receiving any help, not even 10$ from My Mother and according to My Step Mother, she can't even know I need the Money. When I ask her what can I do with 250,000 Bolivares so that it can last Me so long she repeatedly asks Me to talk to Maduro, the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and that is totally absurd, I have no way of doing that, and after all it is precisely Maduro's Fault that I am in such a very precarious situation.

I will not be eating tonight, there is no way I can eat not even once a day with that kind of income, there is no way I can survive with that. Maduro is trying to Murder Me.

I have very few options. Tomorrow I will try calling again and asking if I can go to My parents house to call My Mother for urgent help even if she said she would not do that because of her Pride and that My father would not do that because of the same reason. I do not see why she would reject Me making a call or at least sending a text message to My Mother explaining to her the dire situation in which I am. It is to note that My father is in Miami, Florida, USA staying for some days in My Mother's House. But she says she can't tell her anything because it's a matter of pride. I can just wait to call My Step Mother tomorrow and ask if I can go to make that call, to get help from My Mother at the United States.

I repeat, I was told that I get only 250,000 Bolivares for all the rest of the month of December and we are at the 6th of December. Just so you have an idea, half a Kilo of Pasta in Venezuela costs 45,000 Bolivares at the Local Shop.

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