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Forced Half Hunger Strike due to Slavery.

I blame the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros.

My Food situation has worsened. I have lost like three Kilograms of Corporal Weight since I last complained about Malnutrition, My body feels weak and My Mind feels weaker. I am being hit by the consequences of a very long term Malnutrition problem that has not even started to be solved. I am hungry and sick because I am hungry.

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro still denies that I have Human Rights and has ordered to block all My requests for help because he hates Me and he hates Me because I have Freedom of Expression that he cannot control, so he just rather see Me die, denying all My Rights for Justice in the face of so much Abuse, Negligence and Legal Abandonment I have been forced to endure.

My Health Situation just gets worse. The Malnutrition is hurting My General Health and weakening My Mouth Gums, producing Bleeding every single day where I have to brush My teeth seeing Blood. My Legs that were once strong are now being consumed for Fat by the Body and are getting very skinny. The Belly I once had is rapidly fating into what feels like a Hole in the Stomach. I am slowly being Hungered to Death in what I could only describe as Slow Torture.

I asked for help from the Venezuelan Supreme Court and it was denied, by orders of Maduro. I asked for help from the Venezuelan Public Ministry and it was not only still denied, but they also went as far as to want to arrest the General Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz as a Criminal and she had to flee the Country. My request for help is still valid for any who is working as the Director of the Public Ministry, but it has been denied, once and over and over again as many times as Nicolas Maduro Moros wants it to be. That is why I do not go to Caracas to ask for help, because I already did, and it is still denied.

I can barely even upright on My Chair, I am technically in Half a Hunger Strike and My Health is rapidly decreasing, also My food sources have dramatically worsened and now I find it very hard to get Proteins. Maduro knows I am here, Maduro knows the suffering I am made to endure and he does not only not care, he supports that torture, he grants permission for that torture and he contributes directly to that torture. And I am being Tortured by the Dictator and Oppressor Nicolas Maduro Moros.

I am obviously in no condition to be working normally, in fact I receive no kind of pay but I am exploited, not just by the Industry of Venezuela and out of Venezuela, not just by the International Media such as the Media Xinhua, but I am also being exploited, utilized and left to hunger by some supposed Human Right Organizations and International Law Groups. Legally Speaking they had to declare Me a "Justified Slave" to sustain the Cruel Regime and Torture that I am being subjected to and that is why I am what you might call "The Beautiful example of Legalized and Justified Slavery" for a partially Immoral and Criminal World Leadership. I have to stress the fact that such Legal Figures and Tortures are Strictly Illegal under the Venezuelan Constitution. I have not been charged of any crime or informed of that being so. All I know is that I have no Legal Human Rights when it comes to Legal Defence. The New Law against hating Maduro cannot condemn Me because that law requires there to be Discrimination and complaining about the irresponsibility of just one Person is not discrimination. Discrimination requires actions against Entire Groups of People, like Maduro does by using the Venezuelan State Money to support just his Political Party and Followers, preferably.

Given My General Weakness and Health Problems as well as trouble to Concentrate Properly, My Work has been forced to a Halt at least until I get more money to buy Food and it in a more normal way. That is why and due to reasons outside My control I had to make this statement along with a simple Phrase that sometimes work and mostly probably works all the time in a Court of Justice such as the International Crime Court:
Being Lazy is not a Crime. But allowing Torture and Denying Basic Human Rights to People under Hidden Legal Corruption and Cults to Fascist Corruption in order to practice for imposing such Tortures on the rest of the Population is a Crime Against Humanity. I can't be accused in Court for Being Lazy, but I can accuse a Human Right Violator for Denying My Right to Exist as a Legal Subject.

I have to declare:

Forced Hunger Strike.

I will not be working on My Normal Projects for now until My Food Situation is resolved at least enough so that I can work with the Minimal Resources to work with Human Dignity. I do not feel well, I feel weak due to many years of malnutrition which has gradually got worse, and that is very understandable. So all the Current Projects including My Presentation Material to the United Nations at Caracas are now Suspended until further notice because it is not just a Forced Hunger Torture, I am also protesting for not only My Rights, but for the Rights of all Venezuelans that want one Country for all.

If I lift the Half Hunger Strike I will inform so on My Web Page.

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