Proyect Rapture
Update page of My progress in 3D Technology.
The technology here also includes Chat Technology.
These are Chat Screens:
Update at October 02, 2014
I set up a small complex program to handle the control of all the toons (Characters) and the can walk and also have an idle animation.

This is the female toon walking:

The walking now works correctly. Many clones of the same toon can work as well. Each clone is a copy that is fully integrated in code with individual behaviors. They can be added or removed.

There are the clothing I made available to My toons in the game I am making, I put frontal and back images of both female and male toons:
I chose to have a job for the female toon as a Police officer since there are almost no games where the player is a Police officer. I chose a formal wear for visiting museums and galleries on both sexes. Both female and men have casual wear to walk in a house, being the female one the dress that does not have shoes. The female has an action dress, I needed it to be a body clothing to see how the base toon mesh is animating and avoid parts of her body to go trough objects, but the clothing can. For example when sitting I want to see that her body is seated on the chair, not the suit mesh.

The hair can be chosen from code before loading a toon.

Now that I have them some nice clothing I can start doing some more programming while being able to show updates and My progress.

Fixed the limit of walking.

Fixed the walking so that it does not continue walking if the point of click is too close to the toon.

Fixed the camera.

Camera now focuses on the toon that is moving.

Click Box added to toons.

An object to click was added to the toons:

Normally those boxes are invisible. They can be recreated at run time and eliminated when nobody is looking at the toon, thus saving computer resources. Clicking on the invisible boxes now makes the clicked toon the active toon that the camera will see.

Saturday October 04, 2014

Screen Raycast.

Take a look:

That Gear is placed over the Sphere facing the camera. The Gear is a 3D mesh, a plane, with a png image, with transparent parts. For now the Gear appears when I press a button, over the Sphere and the Gear is always the same size.

Notice the Gear:

The Sphere has moved, but the Gear moves over it, with the same size the Gear always has.

That is done by "Shooting" a "Ray" from the Sphere to the Camera. Between the Camera and the Sphere there is the Hud, which is the Purple Frame. I put a "Box Collider" on the frame to allow it to be hit by "Rays". Once the "Ray" hits the "Screen", which is the "Box Collider" of the Frame it gives Me the position where I should place the Gear. Then I command the Gear to have the same rotation as the frame.

The tricky part is that by putting a "Box Collider" around the frame the clicks ceased to work correctly, so I had to use something called "Raycast Layers" to tell the "Ray" to ignore the Frame's "BoxCollider" and continue to the camera when the user is clicking on the toons or walking.

Take a look at what I plan to do:

That is a "Circular Menu". As you can see there is a Grey Button in the center, that would be the Main Button for locating the rest of the Buttons around it. The "Circular Menu" follows the toon as it walks. That menu is used to determine the actions to be taken on a toon. But right now all I have is the initial position to make the rest of the menu around it.

You can see that menu working (after downloading the Unity 3D Plugin) at:

The path I think I will follow.

Social interaction.

I will finish the first action in the menu, which will be to switch characters.

But for that I need to create the appropriate button meshes.

I will also set at least three button activities for the standing toon, all by itself.

Then some six or more social interactions between two toons, standing up based on relationship variable values.

To make it more interesting I will not allow romantic or love interaction between people of the same sex to give Me more challenge.

Also I will set a variable, activated by the menu that can block a toon from all romantic interactions.

To make it even more challenging I will set that females can have a "lesbian" button that allows them to do love interactions with other females. Such option does not appear on men and there is the challenge, dynamic menus that change according to the needs and relationship levels of the toons.

An Angry, Happy, In Love, Friendship state on the menu itself that reports the level of each value.

The first real game for TRIBalance 3D systems.

It will be a turn based game that features two players for each team. There are two teams.

It will be a field similar to a tennis field in the sense that there is a division between the space of each team.

Each team is a single player.

The sport will be Paintball.

It's basically a gun that shoots paint.

The shot will have two features, the pressure of the gas plus the detonator material. The detonator always will shoot the ball of paint, but the pressure of the gas increases the distance.

It's a bar that moves up quickly and the player has to press the mouse button at the time it considers is right for the shot.

A paint shot that is too powerful for a close slot will leave less paint on the target player than a shot measured for the correct distance.

A toon that is painted at a sufficient level (say 100 paint points) walks out. The winner the is last team standing.

The ball can hit the target if it is in the way or it can have an animation that makes it crash against the floor and leave a colorful stain.

There are different kinds of detonators with variable forces.

The color of the balls is random.

Each side takes turns moving and shooting between their remaining players and when done the animations take place and paint is shot.

All TRIBalance mini games are initially turn based in order to use IRC chat servers to do the initial testing and it offers a game experience that is lag resistant.