Proyect Rapture
The Game Sex Lab.

Sex Behavior Research Center.
Because Sexuality is a part of Human Behavior.
Virtual has less Controls, but still needs to be studied.
In today's Tech it becomes easier to Mod Games. Some Technology, like the new 3D Virtual Environments do not
have limits on People skinning and animating their own Toons.

The Mods Multiply in a wide range of them but tend to be limited to the kind of Mod, being the preferred one that takes the most attention.

All Games should track where the Mods made for their Games or with their Games are when it is possible, to know which Mods to reject first and have some priority order.

To know which Mods are most harmful to the Game and it's style means not only to see the vulgarity in them, which is easier, but those that change the style and form of the Game. Even the Sexuality Compatibility of the Game must be studied, to better determine which Mods are more offensive to the Game's Interest or that hurt the Game's Story Line and Ambiance.

But there must be rules when it comes to Sexual Behavior Labs with Games, as the Game Developers confront the
Sexual Imagination of perhaps Hundreds of Sexual Modders.
Code Number 1: All the Sex Lab Content is NOT for sale and is exclusive to Authorized Personnel only.

If for some reason the content is sold or given away for free to the Common Market as a Product by the Developer
then it is not under the protection of a Common Code of Ethics among Software Developers.
Code Number 2: The Lab Material must not use the face of any known Market Person, be it real or Virtual. It is allowed to place the faces with a Pure Black Texture to quickly cover Identities when delivery speed is important.
Code Number 3: Any Person that makes any of the Sex Lab Content for exclusive Members freely available without consent shall be banned by Every Single Game Developer that uses the Sexual Conduct Lab Code of Ethics across the Industry.
Code Number 4: Sex Lab Access cannot be sold or rented. It is used on the scope of the Trust a Developer Grants on some users and
such users also need their Privacy beyond just the Game Developer's Solutions.
Code Number 5: In some cases it is simply not possible, given the local laws to censor an entire Modder's Resource that has Sexual
Content. But the Modder's can be given guidelines as to what material is less or more offensive to the Game
Solutions so even if it cannot be Censored, at least it can give guidelines for a less harmful use in regards to the Game's Moral Code Behavior and Storyline.
Code Number 6: Catalogue the Sexual Mods that are made for the Game as seen on Public Galleries that might be out of control for the Game Developers to know what is out there and better study how to avoid Game Vulnerabilities.

It is not enough to ignore them, those must be studied to know where they are, what they do and how they change
the Game, limited to the available time and resources to do so.

Sex is not an Alien Behavior in the Users, it is a Natural Behavior and as such it has to be studied.
Code Number 7: In the extent that it is possible, limit the ability to Mod Animations to just some areas of the Game with a higher
Privacy Rating and not in the General Areas where privacy is not to be expected. That helps clean the Game

Some People are always going to want to see their Toons fuck, but that does not mean allowing them to Fuck the
Game. Privacy Areas must be set up for the Custom Mods.
Code Number 8: The Game must behave in a Mature Way, showing the Users that it knows about Sex and that it tries to stay clean in Sex in a Healthy Way, specially when it is a Game played by Adults. Too few references to Sexual Health can help provoke even more Sexual Abuses with the Game.

The Game has to behave like it takes Sex Maturely like a Grown Adult in Adult Games and not pretend it knows
nothing about Sex and just help promote more Sexual Abuses with the Game than necessary.
Code Number 9: The Sexual Desire of Users is sometimes like Hot Lava. The Developer must try to find ways that such Lava is Channeled correctly to avoid preventable burns that could hurt the Sexual Health of the Users and even the image of the Game.

In that sense all Adult Games must promote some kind of Channel to link Sexual Health and Responsibility with the
Sex Actions of the Game and it's Related Mods, specially when there is a Community of Modders.

For example the Game would want People that want to see Toons have Sex focus on a Toon surrounded by Safe Sex
Material than wanting to see Sex with a Toon they rescued from Raiders that was tied up. The Game Lab has to see
the heat and try to understand where the "Lava" would flow and if that flow can hurt the Story and Credibility of the
Code Number 10: It is thereby false that creating a Game for Adults that has some type of Violence without a Sex Lab Channeling is
necessarily being a Puritan, it could happen that far from being a Puritan Behavior it just might help propagate even
more Sexual Misconduct than a Game that does take Sexual Behavior professionally since where there is some
type of Direct Violence for Adults to see there has to be a responsible approach to Sex.
Code Number 11: Game Sex Labs share a Code of Private Research and they must behave like they are using a Private Asset and Technology. They all share the Common Goal of wanting to research in Peace and thus they all reject having their
Research Space invaded, specially when no visible and known face is used.

Thus demonstrating that there is no respect for that Research Space for one Developer is demonstrating there
is no respect against all the other Developers that also have Game Sex Research Centers.

The Developers have the responsibility to not give excuses to breach that Privacy by avoiding the use
of known faces and not offering the Research Tools as a Product. Thus any Developer than breaches that
Agreement is outside the Research Code of Ethics.
Bethesta Fallout Games are Violent Games that do have Sexual Content.

Thus a Yellow Salt Club has to be present.

Failure to understand the nature of the Heat can lead to badly burning the Users and thus Harming Society.