Evolution Rapture
This page is to show the program I am doing in 3D Technology.

The idea is to develop enough to make a software interesting for the users.
I know My fair share of 3D Technology

This page is to show the progress being made by Me in 3D technology.
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Other links with tecnology.
The Kitty Software.

The Knowledge Base and FTP Mini Blog Platform.
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that is being developed.
Unity 3D 5.5.2

Unity 3D Game Engine and Visual Basic .Net.
Click here to learn how to control a 3D Game Engine (Unity 3D) with Visual Basic .net.
Fallout New Vegas.
Modding Resources.
D:28-M:05-2017 How to create a Companion.
Visual Basic/Visual Studio 2015 .net

Element Clicked in WebBrowser.
How to determine which Image with ID.

Other links that have to do with the new system
3 June 2017 The Game Sex Lab.

Sistemas Evolutivos.
Sistemas Evolutivos Gemas.
Ideas sobre el Diseño de Medios de Comunicación en una Comunidad Virtual.