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Reality seen from the Eyes of a TRIBalance.
Date is:
September 22, 2017

Coherency and Legal Styles: No Styles for a Good Slavery.
Imperial Style Puzzles for Slaves that sicken Vs. Accountable Systems.
Oh is that so?

But isn't that what they always say about Me? That I do not exist.
Well, but you are seeing My Accountability, you are seeing My Web Site with Accountable Scientific Styles. So where are the Accountable Scientific Works about Scientific Styles of the BBC News and Mates? Well I can tell you that concern for Scientific Style Accountability at the BBC News, does not exist and not only that, they want Me, the Scientific Accountability to remain in the Dark.
Art can have many Interpretations of Styles, specially if it is an Artist like Katy Perry.
Oh don't you worry about a thing British Media BBC News Main Editor and CEOs, I am imaginary remember?

Yes, yes, I "do not exist", so why Cheese Complain?

Paris Hilton's Blue Eyes are just Fake, because of Racism.
The Paris Hilton Corporation owes the Venezuelans.
And we want to get Paid. And I say how.
A Non Corrupt use for that Map: Gallery Social Media.
Always keep it clean, sometimes Colorful.
A Corrupt and Murderous use of Styles to try to hide a Crime can help kill People.
Xinhua posted that right after I posted the Canadian Holocaust one.
I say it is trying to scare Me and it is Intimidating Me.
Notice that in their possible hate they forgot to put where the Earth Quake was, like a Shot to the Air, waiting to be a trap. Journalism Ethics Broken, without a Place. It's hard to play Football, with Me as a Ball, when they have a Broken Leg. And the Broken Leg is that the Ethics was breached when they did not place where the Earthquake was. Just a Shot in the Dark, like if Death was some kind of Candy that can be just thrown around carelessly.

I don't need to add more Painted States, because a Serious Ethical Fault is heavier, in Zero Space and I cannot use Styles to Justify an Ethical Aggression like the one that the Xinhau did Media did.
Xinhua can be SUED BY NADIA ALI.

This is not Game Material, this is about Legal Evidences of Real Crimes to help Prevent such Crimes from happening later on, even in Spaces like Chat and Social Network Moderation.
  I don't need to Add Ugly Death Smear Art on this page. It already has a lot of content anyway and it would not be fit for any purpose other than to disturb the Judges and Lawyers as I sue the Shit out of the British.
But then I went to Xinhua News and saw that:
So I did publish the Image I got from Google using the words:
"Dead Queen". Notice it says the word "take", I do not recall placing that word there but it does not really matter to Me, because the Purpose is to show the Pictures. Yet that "Error" could be evidence as well. Anyway, there is the Evidence that Xinhau is Aggressively Pirating Me and that I am right when I say that the Chinese owe Me, for they have not paid Me a single Penny for My Hard Work in Science.

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