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September 21, 2017

I am not a Chinese Slave and I am not a Disappeared Crashed Plane.
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  Posted by Katy Perry.  
I long for the Day I can be fully friend of the Chinese People, after Xi Stops Exploiting Me like a Slave.

This Page should not be Influenced for any reason until Xi responds to My Complains, recognizes his Errors and pays his Debts to Me, because it is Fair, it is Just and it is Righteous. This is My Defence too, and those of the Venezuela People, who do not want to be disappeared playing the Illegal Games of an Irresponsible Despot.

So he says I do not exist? Well if that is so then let him pretend this page does not exist as well...

The Attempted Disappeared by Xi.

I reserve the right to modify this Page, and Xi shows he reserves the right to abuse Me when he feels like it, pretending, in front of the World, that I do not exist for Human Rights, learning how to disappear, so he can better practice it in China, and disappear Chinese People as well.

This was by no means intended to be an Aggression against the Chinese People, whom I respect and consider Friends, in an Honest Friendship, but Xi has done Me wrong, and it would be wrong if I hide it, it would be to risk harm being done to the Chinese People. I respect the Opinion of the Chinese Supreme Court and it's Law Enforcement Officers, I respect all the Chinese that do not Exploit Me like a Slave and recognize My Human Rights and the Rights of the Venezuelan People.

Before going to run to tell anybody about this as a possible aggression against the Chinese People, first ask Xi if I exist and if I do, if I exist, then I should be informed... By the Chinese Supreme Court in the Scope of Full Legality and with Proper Legal Proceedings. The only way it should and could be, at this time.

I have no Incoming Green System Links with the Venezuelan Systems. I have no Moles, I have no outside Influence that I know of, from any Venezuelan Source unless I have indicated it.

I have not been pressured in any way, guided in any way that I know of, or have been indirectly led to do things. I have always been a Green Link Reference to Venezuela in the Service of Venezuela but have not received a single influence that has changed the content of My Web Site or any of My decisions that I know of.

The Venezuelan People are not to blame or be Directly Praised for My Actions, as they did nothing more than allow Me to be here with minimal help and hunger. There is no hidden path, there is no Secret System Green Entrance, there is no direct Spy Intervention from Venezuela other than some isolated noise that look faintly like some kind of coordinated coincidence, except for one occasion I was shocked by the amount of coincidence on what I was writing on a Chinese Person's Store.
Without Green System Links, all the News above that are related to an Underground Tunnel access are invalid. I am currently having no Direct or Indirect System Relational Link with any part of the Venezuelan System from the Venezuelan System itself and that is precisely one of the problems:
That My Complaints are unanswered. So as you can see, if there is no Legal Defence, there can't be any legally recognizable Green System Link in any Court of Justice. I have not seen and thus do not recognize any kind of Venezuelan Influence over My Work in a Direct Form, all I have seen is small and unrelated sparks of Coincidences that I simply place inside My Private Area, refusing to let it Interfere with My Work.

For example today a Person that lives in My House asked Me to run a Web Based Program that does Auto-Farming. I just placed the Game in a Separate Desktop on the other Computer using a Multiple Desktop Software and switched back to My Normal Desktop on that other Computer and that has nothing to do with My TRIBalance System Links. I explain, the Programming Language Interface where the Programmer Codes is one thing, but the Run Time Program is another very different thing that has nothing to do with the Original Programming Language Interface that created it. I do not confuse Pre-Compiler with After-Compiled Time when I program. So even if they did try to Interfere with My Work, it would not pass to Compile Run Time.

That means one important thing (somehow the word "Important" was changed to "Importing", but I fixed it)(I do get Hacks):

The President Xi of China is attacking just one Venezuelan, Me. To try to Break Me and then Steal all My Influence or say that My Work was thanks to him to gain Leadership when that is unfair because I practically live in Slavery and he has not paid Me a single coin. All his Machinery Involved, all those People he uses, to unfairly exploit just one Man, because the rest of Venezuela as far as I know was not involved. And that is one reason why I ask for the Consideration of the Chinese People that believe in Honesty and Fairness.


For the crimes of:

1) Espionage.
2) Tunnelling.
3) Trafficking My Private Information.
4) Conspiring to Destroy My Reputation as an Independent Analyst.
5) Death Threats.
6) Illegal Death Gambling.
7) Illegally Involving Me in a Criminal Game Extension Cord.
8) Asking to Involve Me in more illegal Games than I am a Victim of.

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