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Date is:
September 18, 2017

In Extreme Danger: Confidential Chinese Mafia Investigation.


Confidential Chinese Mafia Investigation.

They are trying to frame Me.

Attacks are getting worse.

I am in real, imminent Danger.

I know I am being spied, even on My monitor, but I feel I am maybe about to be killed. Attacks have worsened and there is no justice in sight for Me.

I have declared Xi an Enemy, I blame him for much of My suffering. He is exploiting Me into slavery, using My ideas and not paying Me. A ruthless, merciless Criminal with no Human Compassion. I had to say on the Public Social Network that I would not see the Chine Media for them. I am trying to avoid the siege that closes in on Me. If I die, I blame Xi as My Murderer.

I will enter Confidential Mode with the Chinese Media. Xi is working with the British against Me. They both have the goal to destroy Me and take turns abusing Me in a pact not just against Me, but against the Honest Venezuelan People. I do not know who to turn to, I have been left abandoned. The Google results are now turning into a bunch of links related to suicide with more frequency.

I know they want Me dead, and I know there is no justice for Me at present times. I am the Ball in a Game of Kick the Slave as they all Laugh and Enjoy. Such cruelty is as impressive as the fact that I have even survived. My calls for Justice have been ignored, and the Media starts to make fun of them, like FoxNews. Now they are using Spies, directly at places that I visit, like the Chinese Food Shop.

I am not even sure if I get to write about this again, I don't know if I will be alive tomorrow, the media is trying to scare Me, the abuse is generalized. There is a profound belief that after all these years and after all I have done, I deserve nothing for anything that I have done and no justice for all the abuse I have been exposed to. I am at the centre of a Gang of Criminals that take turns abusing Me in their Sick Arrogance, trying to see how is it that they get to keep My Life's Work and steal it from the Venezuelans.

I think the only reason why I am allowed to write is so they can have a show of how I die and how they win. I have been left alone to die being attacked from almost all the media I see, as I show that there are People that truly believe that Slavery is justified.

Not even My Silence is a guarantee of peace, as they will just continue to attack Me and My invited Guests. The situation grows more absurd by the day and My health is deteriorating. They feel despair because their attempts against Me have failed and there is a lot of money that they do not want to recognize, or they rather steal. The idea is to use Me as long and far as they can without recognizing Me a single coin, responding for any of My complaints, recognize any error or even recognize My own existence.

On the store, the Chinese Store, they tried a stunt as to make Me complicit in an action that has something to do with some Black Dude, related to the Debit Card Machines, where both were black, and spelling out a series of codes that I could recognize. It means Xi is stepping out his aggressions, even to the local level and relating that to Obama.

I am in a Perfect Legal Limbo, I see no justice in sight, no way to recover any of the value of My work and not even a guarantee that I will survive for much longer as aggressions seem to increase, specially from Britain and Google with the full complicity of the Supreme Court of the United States of America in what is by all means a case of Slavery, Corporate and State Sponsored Slavery against Me.

The aggressions of FoxNews has increased and those of the BBC News as well. I do not know about the Chinese Media because I have not seen it yet, and if I do, in order to stop the propagation of rumours, I will do so confidentially unless I get some serious evidence of abuse that threatens My life.

Right now I am under attack by the USA Government, the British Government and the Chinese Government, all of which want to keep My Status as a Total Slave, without any other Human Right but the Right to Scream, and all with the Complicity of the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro Moros.

They still pretend I do not exist, unless it is to try to mimic My actions on mirror news to try to terrorize Me. I have gotten tired of asking for help, everybody is worried about My Money and not My Rights. I do not even have a right to be accused of anything and just like they do it to Me, they want to do it to all Venezuelans.

I am an Enemy of the Slaver that is trying to destroy Me, called President Xi, but know that I am not an enemy of the Honest People of China that do not know of his crimes, which is most of them. The Chinese Supreme Court has not responded to My requests and everybody still pretends I do not exist, but only when it comes to My Complaints.

I feel like a Test Mouse in a Nazi Laboratory, like a test subject before a Secret Genocide. I know not about what they are accusing Me of, but I do know that they have designated Me a target for whatever the abuse they want with no legal consequences at all.

I said I rather Die than accept abuse and FoxNews publishes a news saying that a convicted rapist said he rather die...
I complained about some number codes being told to Me at the Chinese Store and I go to the BBC News and see similar numbers on a Pyramid Scheme news...
My case has nothing to do with a Pyramid scheme, but with the addiction to crime that has produced a Huge Accumulated debt by the Chinese President's Xi Criminal Actions. I will continue to see the Chinese Media on a Confidential Basis but can't make it public to reduce the Piracy, unless, like I said, I have to express an imminent danger on My Web Site.

I am Hungry, Weak, Lack Food and any kind of Future Financial Stability. What they are doing to Me can only be called Torture in the Grounds of Scientific Exploitation. I know that My Web Site will probably be taken down because of this note, but I believe that it might be taken down anyway, so I opt to have at least the chance to express how I am feeling. I asked all My Guests to take Immediate Legal Action against the Fascist Regime of Nicolas Maduro that refuses to recognize My existence or any of My Rights related to any of the International Cases where I am involved.
Another Torture Hack:
I asked for Debate, I have not received a single reply, but I do get Spies at a Chinese Shop and just as they can do that, they could easily just Poison My Food. I write to Human Right Groups like the United Nations Human Rights Commission and they do nothing but help pretend that I do not exist.

Everybody wants to believe that I do not exist and at the same time they do not realize that what they are really doing is Justifying the Existence of Slavery and Clandestine Disappearances of Human Right Activists.
Another Threat:

I will defend myself against the Criminal Murdoch's Attacks and the BBC's Snake Twists as best as possible, but I have no hope in getting Justice from the Extremely Corrupt British Judicial System.

All the defence I have is on My Web Site, a bastion where I can at least Express the Pain of being Subjected to the Abuse of Despots. But I do not know for how much longer, and I do not even know if I am going to be alive tomorrow.

They say I abuse, and say nothing. But they can't justify their Silence for so many years with any other argument that is not the Direct Support for Intellectual Slavery.

I am scared and I do not know if I will live to see another day. If I die by the Slavery Mafia, give them Hell.

Randal Pinto Bianco
Web Developer

And the Hack against My Privacy again, does it even matter?

I am not suing for the Recent
Computer Messages...

Those could be some weird Software Error or a Virus or whatever...



Date is:
September 19, 2017

A Counter Intelligence Attack, Rigged with an Improper Map/Bomb.
The following News will be reviewed in State Zero, because I know it has a Trap and the States are not placed in a Correct way that can be Safe. I see it as a Bomb, it is an attempt to place a Rhetorical Bomb over My Arguments and this page as well. This is not about Maps and Bombs, this about Me complaining about Slavery and The Guardian's Katherine Viner laughing and doing Counter Intelligence attacks where she indirectly admits she does know I am in Slavery and not only that, she makes fun of it, she is Laughing at the fact, and trying to cover it with some Macabre text with some useless map that won't trap Me, because I am removing all the Map Review of that News and simply call it: A serious Counter-Intelligence attack against My very serious Arguments.

I know the following is highly likely to contain a Counter Intelligence Trap but the News itself, map or no Style Map is evidence of Katherine Viner's continued aggressions against Me as she tries to cover My Arguments with Cheap Dirt in the Arrogance of saying that I deserve to be a Slave because she knows more. This is not about knowing more, that is always a constant with slaves ANYWAY. This is about Me being abused and exploited, I complain and the response is a Serious Counter Intelligence Attack with some hidden Style Map confirming that Indeed I am being attacked by Fascists that are trying to cover for their crimes.

The Counter Intelligence Bomb.

Note: I do not endorse any of My Maps on the following trap. It is a Counter Intelligence Trap PRECISELY because it is trying to relate to My Work and then from there Bomb it with some Secret Argument. I put it there so that People can see an example of The Guardian trying to beat Me to the Ground under the excuse that I should be a Slave because supposedly they know more than Me, and all they are doing is being Extremely Corrupt, changing their content, lying to their users and changing their content to attack Me.

Do NOT relate the following Trap with any of My Work, it might have a Coincidence or maybe not, but that is not the Point. The Point is that it is being used as a Counter Intelligence Attack.
Global development Modern-day slavery in focus

Latest figures reveal more than 40 million people are living in slavery

Forced marriage is included for first time in worldwide statistics that show ‘money and debt’ to be at the heart of the exploitation
620x372 5616.jpg
Children, like these working inside this aluminium pot factory in Dhaka, constitute 15.2 million of those trapped in modern slavery according to the latest global figures. Photograph: Zakir Hossain Chowdhury/Getty Images

Annie Kelly
Tuesday 19 September 2017 07.00 BST

An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016, a quarter of them children, according to new global slavery statistics released today.

The figures, from the UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation, show 24.9 million people across the world were trapped in forced labour and 15.4 million in forced marriage last year. Children account for 10 million of the overall 40.3m total.

The 2017 Estimates of Modern Slavery report calculates that of 24.9 million victims of forced labour, 16 million are thought to be in the private economy, 4.8 million in forced sexual exploitation and 4.1 million in state-sponsored forced labour including mandatory military conscription and agricultural work.

“What is startling about these new estimates is the sheer scale of the modern slave trade and the fact that we have 40 million people across the world in some form of modern slavery is simply not acceptable,” said Fiona David, executive director of global research at the Walk Free Foundation.

An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016

In forced labour/In forced marriage
24.9 15.4
Guardian graphic | Source: UN’s International Labour Organisation and the Walk Free Foundation

“When you have 24.9 million people working under threat or coercion in farming, fishing and construction or in the sex industry and yet according to the United Nations only 63,000 victims of slavery were reported to the authorities last year, the gulf between the problem and the insufficient global response becomes very clear.”

The research also indicates that while many forced labourers reported violence or threat, the majority of them are exploited through debt bondage and non-payment of wages.

“We found that 50% of the 24.9m people in forced labour are in debt bondage, often arriving at a job with high recruitment debts to pay off or forced to take a job to pay off debt and with 7% of forced labourers saying their employers are forcing them to pay fines while at work,” said Michaëlle de Cock, senior statistician at the ILO.

“How forced labour affects the whole family is also very clear with 18% of male forced labourers surveyed saying that their employers directly threatened their families or children.”

The new global estimate also deals with forced marriage, the first time it has been included in any reporting of modern slavery figures.

“It isn’t clear why forced marriage has often been overlooked as a form of slavery in data reporting,” said David. “If you have a situation where someone is sold into marriage and is providing free domestic labour and has no sexual autonomy, then when you take the label of marriage away from this situation it’s often nothing less than slavery and we need to shine a light on this so that people can see it for what it is.”

According to the new global estimates, modern slavery is most prevalent in Africa, followed by Asia and the Pacific, although the ILO and Walk Free say that these results should be interpreted “cautiously”, due to a lack of available data from the Arab states and the Americas.

Women and girls accounted for 71% or 29 million of all modern slavery victims in 2016
% who are women and girls

Sex trafficking victims About 98
Forced marriages About 82
State-sponsored forced labour victims About 40

Guardian graphic | Source: UN’s International Labour Organisation and the Walk Free Foundation

“We believe that the global estimate of 40.3 million is the most reliable data to date, although we believe it to be a conservative estimate as there were millions of people we couldn’t reach in conflict zones or on the refugee trail and places where we couldn’t be sure of collecting robust data such as the Gulf states, where access and language barriers prevented us from reaching the migrant worker communities,” said de Cock.

Researchers found that more than 70% of the 4.8 million victims of sex trafficking were in the Asia and Pacific region, while forced marriage was found to be the most prevalent across African countries.

The global estimates were calculated by drawing on a range of data over a five-year period, including interviews with more than 71,000 people across 48 countries. The ILO and Walk Free Foundation also used figures from the UN’s International Office for migration (IOM) and other UN agencies.
Why are millions of people still trapped in slavery? – video

These figures are a marked increase from the ILO’s previous estimates of 21 million people in forced labour worldwide. The ILO and Walk Free attribute the rise to better reporting and research methodologies and the inclusion of forced marriage as a form of modern slavery.

The research was carried out as part of the drive to meet the sustainable development goal on slavery, which calls for the eradication of all forms of slavery, human trafficking and child labour.

The idea is this the same old behaviour that we have seen for Centuries: "You tried to think, but I know more than you and because of that you have to be a slave, so here we prove that we know more than you, so now accept that you have to be a Slave".

Now I ask, isn't it Traditionally always like that with Slavery? This is not about knowing more. Any Honest, Accountable and Scientific Argument means more than Corruption while Corrupting People in the Scope of Crime. This is about Me making a serious argument and getting responded with a Counter Intelligence Map that has no Public Accountability and that is obviously trying to Nail Me to the Ground.
I scrolled down to get the message where I said I was ill, and I found this:
The Date was wrong, so I hit reload on the page. Google disappeared the message and I could not find it any more. And that was and is crucial evidence. Instead Google transformed into what it normally is, a Macabre Roulette with no Chronological Order for the Messages and started doing what it often does: Organize the Messages to scare Me.

This was another News I found at FoxNews:
This was a message inserted into My Google Feed AFTER I saved that image file you are seeing above and there were no messages of notification pending:
The other file I saved from FoxNews is that one:
Then following with My exposition and in correct order, I saw that one after some refresh:
Now here is where the Google Sexual Abuse begins.
Which matches with the Canadian CNN News and the Kennedy News.

Post insertion after modifying above:
So here I posted it, the message above appeared while I was notifying that I placed the picture below:
Notice that it says it was 8 minutes ago. That is not true, 8 minutes have not transpired between the notice and the time I clicked on it.
The point is that Google is scary for Me, it changes the order of the messages to try to try to scare Me, as you saw it threatens Me with Sexual Abuse and inserts messages by force, that I did not ask for and that I tried to Block and it denies Me that possibility. Also the Date indicator works capriciously to Google's needs.
I clicked several times to Silence the BBC, it does not work, Google says I have to be abused.
I AM SUING GOOGLE FOR 100,000,000$!!!

For the crimes of:
1) Conspiracy Setup. 
2) Death Threat against Me and My Readers. 
3) Sexual Harassment claim against both Delta and Emma. 
4) Using a Canadian Politician to attack Me. 
5) Distorting the order of My Private Messages to scare Me. 
6) Distorting the order of My Private Messages to harass Me. 
7) Distorting the Dates to conspire against Me. 
8) Attempt to disappear crucial evidence for My Defence. 
9) Attempt to destroy My Reputation among the Police. 
10) Forced exposure to the BBC News with Tricked Dates. 
I am not using any Coding while I write this.

Any attempt to link Code Maps with My Writing in terms of Defending a Legal Argument, specially as I wrote it will be treated as Piracy.
I know that happens a lot. But that is not the point.

I won't let such out of context things get in the way of My Legal Argument. The Hacking Cases are separate from the Google/FoxNews/BBC/The Guardian News case I just presented.

Dead Cops, says FoxNews...
I uploaded this page and notified of the upload before reading those messages as I am in Serious Emergency Mode. I uploaded before I formatted the text as well. Might include new evidence in another page. Case presentation closed.

Update. Date is:
September 19, 2017

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