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September 15, 2017

Oh how Cute, now the "Royals" says it wants to Kill Me, and Me quiet, when?

First I Pop it's Ass.

I am no Native Kids that were Mass Murdered in Canada by the Queen of England Mary Elizabeth 2.
Philippine drug war: Profiting from death?

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is behind a controversial "war on drugs".
More than 3,800 drug suspects have been killed by police and other enforcement agencies in what rights groups call extra-judicial killings.

But for one funeral parlour the drug war has boosted business.
Video Journalist: Howard Johnson. Additional footage by Bernice Beltran.
7h ago Asia
No Boat Crash. Besides it's Bad for Reputation.
So how about some Japanese Ninjas?
Or, maybe messing with the Dutch Armada.
How about Messing with the Dutch Armada full of Japanese Ninjas? (Ouch!)
Racial Stereotyping Removed.
I will not accept Racial Twists.
It's just an Excuse to make fun at the fact that they Killed My Sister, Cherezade Yemaya.
Do NOT link to any of My Guests.
Looks like a Hit Man caught in the Twilight Zone.
The Osama Bin Laden Killer's kind of Hitman.
That was all a Farce Obama Invented, if you do not believe Me, prove it by asking him.
Well it's good to see People don't fall into unnecessary Racial Stereotyping to Hide Deaths...
Seems to Me that is says: Get rid of Obama.
I am down with that.
So much Bullshit is truly impressive. So more evidence that it is not...
I didn't ask for this.
But now that they are at it, they need to Fuck Off.
That image, for Me is Ancient History.
They knew it was there, they always hack My Computer.
Preserve the Same Ethics that I have Demonstrated and asked for in all My Work up till now.
The Security of Children is Top Priority.
Do not Propagate the Style Addiction Dementia. This is for Professional Scientific Research.
I don't need that kind of shit.
What time is it?

Those People,
those Pirates are reckless, shameless and almost soulless in their Pursuit for Power and Influence that is far away from the Accountability and respect they should have for the People and no Trauma can hide that fact in a World where the Internet is Growing and Adequacy is in constant Adaptation.

But they Kill People, and Threaten with Wars, and Threaten
People with Death all in part due to a Demented Pursuit to Steal My Work. It has gotten so bad they have went as far as threatening their own Child, with her Husband Complicit, a crime that cannot go unpunished.

The Princess will live, if the Normal Circumstances allow it, of course, if the Biological Process is Correct and it should be.

No resize needed.

Like Chat.

It has a
Fixed Capacity. No problem, I have the Cosmos, thus the Chat Systems.

Nadia would be Cool in Chat Systems.
But it happens to be that it does not say that People are
hurt in an unjust way. If that code is used as is, on the
Biological Terms, then it says that I can have Sex with all
My Guests whenever I feel like it!

Oh, but they twist it and Rather just put in Danger or even
Kill the British Future, at least while the British People can
tolerate so much Corruption in their Royalty. Maybe all their
heads have to roll instead. Which is a French Favorite.

And stop bothering Nadia Ali, she has nothing to do with
that. I want Google to stop Sexually Abusing Nadia Ali.
  From the Under Water Maidens.  
"Entre las diversas maneras de matar la libertad, no hay ninguna más homicida para la república que la impunidad del crimen o la proscripción de la virtud." - Francisco de Miranda (Venezuela). [Text Not Marked as Spanish in Code.]
  The Stone (Needing Progress).   

Hurting People is not the way to Debate.
It is a Crime.

For how much longer must we wait till the
British Police wake up and stop supporting,
massive, World Wide Scandalous Organized
Crime Ideological Corruption?

When will the British finally get some
Ideological Accountability from their
Corrupt Leaders?

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